Kindergartners at Mullenix Ridge Elementary School share their holiday wish lists and traditions

With Thanksgiving dinners consumed, families have turned their attention to the looming Christmas season.

And we couldn’t think of a better way to get into the holiday spirit than talking to kindergartners to learn what they’re asking Santa Claus to leave under their Christmas trees.

Here’s a sampling:

At Mullenix Ridge Elementary, Mrs. Georgeson’s kindergarten class of 22 youngsters between the ages of 5 and 6 was our sample group.

With two absent and unable to participate, 20 of the 20 students in class raised their hand when asked if they believed in Santa. And what were they asking the jolly old man to bring them?

Here is how the kindergartners responded; they also shared with us their favorite family traditions during the holiday:

Evlyn: Barbie stuff.

“Every year we go to the mountains and play in the snow.”

Danner: Ninjago Legos.

“An elf comes to my house, and me and my sister hunt for the elf every day. My mom says he is supposed to come in five days, and that was two days ago.”

Ashlie: “A power wheel that’s a black truck.”

Cayleb: a “puter” (“In kindergarten we call computers ‘puters,’” Georgeson said.)

“I like decorating the tree.”

Camden: All things Spiderman.

“I go and see Santa.”

Lilly C.: iPod (“Just for me, and I wouldn’t have to share it.”).

“We decorate every year.”

Emma: Cars that a kid can drive (“With four seats because we have four kids in my family.”).

“We make sure to put up decorations and the icicles on the tree.”

Tristan: Batman stuff.

“We put up our Christmas tree.”

Jackson: “I want a ukelele.”

Nevaeh: princess stuff.

“We give Santa cookies and the reindeer pizza.”

Jozie: “My mom and the whole family makes mashed potatoes.”

Logan: A frisbee ball (“If it goes on the roof as a frisbee, it will roll off just like a ball.”).

“I have candy in little pockets that I get to eat every night. But if I’m bad, it has coal.”

Tre: “I want all of the video games.”

Ethan: A phone.

Molly: To go to the Great Wolf Lodge.

“An elf comes to my house and I have a small stocking he uses as a sleeping bag.”

Avery: A new doll house with a car.

“I always help my mom and dad with food.”

Lily H.: Mouse play set with a toy mouse, not a real mouse.

“My dad makes pancakes on Christmas morning, and I help.”

Sophie: Shopkins.

Kaiser: A play watch to tell time.

“We put up our Christmas tree.”

Katelyn: an iPad to play learning games.

“We make cookies. Santa ones with red frosting and pepperonis for eyes.”

“Do you mean peppermints for eyes?” Georgeson asked.

“Yeah, and marshmallows for a mouth.”

All 21 students said they put out cookies for Santa and treats for his reindeer.

Here are their favorite cookies to share with Saint Nick: chocolate cookies, Santa-shaped cookies, chocolate chip cookies, heart shaped cookies, pepperment cookies, oatmeal cookies, fudge and coffee.

Merry Christmas, kids. We hope your dreams and wishes come true.

Kindergartners at Mullenix Ridge Elementary School share their holiday wish lists and traditions