KCSO adds community response page to its website

Content has been added concerning law enforcement response to racial issues

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office recently updated its website with a new community response page to address questions and concerns regarding the response by government and law enforcement to issues such as racial issues and police use of force.

The new page will provide KCSO’s policy manual, a list of frequently asked questions with answers and an annual report published by the sheriff’s office of professional standards concerning use of force data, response to 911 calls and vehicle pursuits, as well as complaint allegations that involve officer conduct and the outcome of internal affairs investigations, according to the sheriff’s office.

The page will be continually revised to add additional information, more questions and answers, and statistical data as it is compiled, according to a news release distributed by the sheriff’s office.

“The addition of the community response page directly correlates to our drive for increased transparency of the sheriff’s office,” the release stated. “Our standards are high. As a professional law enforcement agency, there can be nothing less.”