Just three new positive COVID-19 results in Thursday’s KPHD update

Kitsap Public Health District confirmed another small batch of positive test results on Thursday afternoon, reporting three more at its 2 p.m. update.

The 123 positive tests reported since March 8 have been spready fairly evenly throughout the mainland of Kitsap County. 35 have been reported in Bremerton, 31 in South Kitsap, 25 in North Kitsap, 21 in Central Kitsap and 11 on Bainbridge Island. One death has been reported.

Updated total and negative testing numbers have not been available this week due to delays at the state level. At last count, there were 1,944 tests performed and 1,840 came back negative. This number is likely much higher.

Through April 6, approximately 12 percent of residents tested had been hospitalized. Not all hospitalizations are due to the coronavirus; some have been due to coronavirus-like illnesses and did not necessarily have a lab-confirmed positive test associated.

The age breakdown for confirmed cases is as follows:

0-19: 5 (4 percent)

20-29: 19 (15 percent)

30-39: 12 (10 percent)

40-49: 23 (19 percent)

50-59: 32 (26 percent)

60-69: 17 (14 percent)

70-79: 10 (8 percent)

80+: 5 (4 percent)