Judith Ryan photography showcased at Villiage Green Community Center

Throughout the month of October Judith Ryan’s photographic collection will be displayed in the Hallway Gallery at the Village Green Community Center in Kingston.

The gallery is a retrospective look at Ryan’s 41-year career, capturing the essence of both nature and people in the Pacific Northwest.

Ryan launched her photography career in Kingston in 1978, after graduating from the University of Washington with degrees in communications and art. Her senior year two of her photo essays were published in the Seattle Times along with multiple stories in local newspapers.

Following graduation, Ryan transformed the back porch of her home into a photo studio and used her 10-acre farm to hone her skills in portraiture.

In 1986, Ryan opened a Studio in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. The studio was a total 180 from her little home studio. With 1,000 square feet and a three-dimensional canvas that allowed her to display, create and conduct business.

In addition to portraiture, which included everything from family photos to boudoir portraits, Ryan also did event photography, such as weddings and business galas. For 12 years she covered City of Hope’s yearly fundraiser for cancer research, coordinating with four other photographers to photograph well over 1,000 people.

From 1997 to 2015, Ryan held dual careers in photography and real estate as well as volunteering for the local Sierra Clubs “Cascade Crest.”

Since her return to Kingston in 2016 Ryan has continued her busy and creative life. She wrote a column for Kingston Community News called “My Kingston Life,” and taught classes in writing and photography. In 2019 she produced the photography for the Kingston Calendar and is working on events for 2020.

(photo courtesy of Judith Ryan)

(photo courtesy of Judith Ryan)