It’s 82 years in prison for murderer Kalac

PORT ORCHARD — Convicted murderer David Michael Kalac was sentenced Tuesday, May 16 to 82 years in state prison by Kitsap County Superior Court Judge Jeanette Dalton.

Kalac was convicted last month of murdering Amber Lynn Coplin, 30, in her residence in South Kitsap in November 2014. The jury found him guilty on charges of murder, first-degree domestic violence, theft of a motor vehicle and possession of stolen property.

The trial jury agreed last month that there were two aggravating circumstances in the murder convictions. Those were: The crime had a destructive and foreseeable impact on persons other than the victim, and there was an egregious lack of remorse on Kalac’s part.

Because of those factors, the court was able to exceed the standard sentencing range of 31 to 42 years in prison.

Kalac also was notorious for posting images of the murdered Coplin, his ex-girlfriend, to a site on the internet.

During the trial proceedings, Kalac’s defense team argued that while the defendant did commit the murder, his action was the result of severe alcoholism and was not premeditated. Kalac’s attorneys asked he be found guilty of first-degree manslaughter.