Is your pet licensed?

June is Kitsap Humane Society’s pet license month

SILVERDALE — June is Pet Licensing Month at Kitsap Humane Society — and if you license your pets or renew your pet license before June 30 through KHS, the nonprofit agency said your name will be entered to win one of three prizes.

The incentives include a $60 gift card to Bremerton Bar and Grill and one of two baskets for your dog or cat filled with pet food, treats, toys and Kingston High School swag.

About 75 percent of lost pets never make it home and many of those pets end up at the shelter. Without a license or microchip, KHS officials say, the Silverdale organization is unable to reunite them with their families.

Dakota Braun, 14, has a dog named Mowgli who recently slipped through a gate and ran away.

Braun hopped on his bike to look for Mowgli but the dog was nowhere to be found. Someone ended up finding Mowgli and took him home. The individual then posted Mowgli’s picture on the Kitsap Lost and Found Pet Search page on Facebook.

KHS staffer Kelleen Thaxton saw the post and contacted Mowgli’s finder to see if he had a pet license — luckily, he did. Thaxton was able to reach the Brauns through the license and help Mowgli reunite with his family.

You can license your pets or renew their license on Kitsap Humane Society’s website at

For more information about pet licensing or KHS, visit