Indianola goldsmith creates custom jewelry at home

Recycling in an earth-friendly way is golden, even in the jewelry business.

Since about 2000, David Weinstock has run a goldsmith business out of his home in Indianola where he makes custom jewelry out of gold, silver, platinum, rubies, stones, etc. All the gold is re-recycled.

“I’m making people symbols, something that is special,” he said. “We put it through the fire and make something new. I listen for what it is that matters to them. It’s not about me. I just kind of complement what’s needed. That’s the piece I enjoy. I do pretty much anything anyone asks.”

Weinstock said each piece is different so the design process and time it takes varies.

“Some are more complicated and some I have to find the right stone,” he said. “I can often make things in a day or two; it’s more about scheduling them. Sometimes there’s a session or two to decide on the design. Quite often, I’ll be carving it in wax as a model. Then I cast it and work the metal and set stones … On average, if I’m not busy, it takes a couple weeks.”

The goldsmith of over 40 years said he hardly ever sells his jewelry in stock since the idea is custom jewelry for each client. Currently, he is the lone employee, although he has had apprentices over the years.

“I don’t have a storefront so it’s usually word of mouth,” Weinstock said. “There’s always just the right amount of people walking through my door.”

Weinstock is also a certified Somatic Coach, an international trainer of Nonviolent Communication and an Aikido practitioner for 35 years. He offers individual coaching, workshops and classes locally and around the world to help clients develop their abilities to self-direct, self-generate and navigate through the complexities of life with greater clarity and integrity, his website states.

Before moving the business to his home, it was previously in downtown Kingston for about a decade and prior to that, it was on Bainbridge Island in his first solo shop for about four years in the late 1980s. His first goldsmith business was in Snoqualmie where he worked in partnership with a jewelry store.

“Basically, I did all the custom work, and she did all the paperwork,” he said.

Weinstock was born in Michigan and grew up on the East Coast in places like New Jersey. An art class he took in high school where he made silver rings gave him his first glimpse into making custom jewelry. He hasn’t looked back since.

“I’m an aesthetic learner,” he said. “I didn’t have much art growing up. I enjoyed the process, and I would give the rings to different people, and they enjoyed it. I got a lot of satisfaction out of doing something I enjoyed that made other people happy. I did it pretty well given the limited learning.”

During summers, Weinstock would take odd jobs for silversmiths and goldsmiths to gain exposure to the industry. After college, he received an apprenticeship with a four-generation custom goldsmithing firm in Michigan.

“I sat back to back with the old masters, which I was very fortunate to do,” he said. “As much as I could take on they would give me.”

For more information, call Weinstock at 360-689-2641 or email him at