Huddy attends last council meeting as commissioner

Newly elected councilmember Mike Simpson will be sworn in Jan. 2 and serve District 6

After serving a four-year term for Bremerton City Council’s District 6, councilman Richard Huddy participated in his last council session Dec. 18.

Before officially ending his term, Huddy and fellow councilmembers had to endure one of the longest council meetings in recent memory, almost exceeding five hours. As the session wrapped up with council reports, the long night didn’t deter the special occasion to give thanks to Huddy’s years of service.

“I appreciate your service,” Council President Eric Younger said after presenting Huddy a plaque recognizing his service and contribution to the City of Bremerton. “You were my vice president last year and I enjoyed working with you in that capacity. I will miss you. Thank you Mr. Huddy.”

After receiving the honor, Huddy gave a few words of thanks during his council report.

“I want to thank the staff for their responsiveness and support during the time that I’ve been on the council, I’ve enjoyed working with you,” he said. “Thanks to the District 6 voters, residents, and businesses for their trust and support. Best wishes to newly elected District 6 representative Mike Simpson as he begins his service to the residents, businesses, and taxpayers of District 6 and the City of Bremerton. I wish you the very best.”

Other members of the council also offered up their thanks and recognition to the outgoing council representative.

“He is a very smart guy who asks really good questions,” District 4 Councilmember Lori Wheat said.

“I just want to thank Richard for his continued years of service and fighting for residential streets and sidewalks, and being an advocate for your community,” District 3 Councilmember Kevin Gorman said. “I appreciate it and I’m sure your community appreciates it too.”

“While we don’t always agree, we agree to disagree,” District 1 Councilmember Pat Sullivan said. “In the four years, you have inspired me with your advocacy for your district and all residents of the city, especially your focus on local streets and sidewalks. Thank you for your service.”

Recently-elected Councilmember Mike Simpson will take over for Huddy at the next council meeting Thursday, Jan. 2 (after press time for the Central Kitsap Reporter, but prior to publication) when he will be sworn in along with councilmembers Leslie Daugs and Lori Wheat, who will also be starting new terms.