High school sals and vals take center stage

Here’s a look at the future goals and aspirations of Bremerton High School’s valedictorians and salutatorians. These four seniors will walk across the stage in tonight’s graduation ceremony set for 7 p.m. at Memorial Stadium.

Valedictorian: Ellie Davis, 17

College: University of Washington

Parents: Charlotte and Robert Davis

Post high school goals: Pre-dental studies and possible neurobiology. “I plan on becoming a pediatric dentist in the future.”

Influenced by: “I would say I’m most influenced by my older sister. She was salutatorian for her graduating year. And my parents and all of my teachers at Bremerton High School have always been encouraging.”

Best memory: “I’ve gone to every high school dance — all of those have been a blast. All the pep assemblies have been the best.”

What motivates you? “I’m very motivated by happiness. I want to find my own piece of happiness. I want to do well and find my own corner of the world. For me, that’s been focusing on my academics.”

Favorite motto: “One time my drill coach told me to ‘remember to take the solos in life.’ I always tried to hide in the shadows. Be proud of who you are.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “To be yourself and to find what you’re interested in and what makes you happy. It all depends on what you want to do.”

Valedictorian: Kyle Radabah, 18

Parents: John and Cheryl Radabah

College: University of Washington

Post high school goals: Mathematics major with an emphasis on statistics.

Influenced by: “Definitely my sister, Kara Radabah.”

Best memory: “I was voted prom king. It was unexpected for sure.”

What motivates you? “Definitely my faith. It’s a really big thing for me. Helps me get through those late nights of homework, I suppose.”

Favorite motto: “This is something my mom says all the time: ‘It’s not about if you fall down or not, it’s if you fail well.’”

Best thing I learned in high school: “To respect other cultures and other opinions. I’m really Republican and others are super liberal here. You’ve got to learn from others’ views.”







Salutatorian: Anthony Asencio, 18

Parents: Rebecca and Joe Asencio

College: University of Washington, Seattle

Post high school goals: Biology major with a concentration on genetics.

Influenced by: “Probably the band director who was here last year — Sara Weyrick. My sophomore year she asked me to try out for drum major. It really opened up everything for me. It gave me a leadership position and confidence.”

Best memory: “Disneyland with the band my junior year. It’s a place where I feel like I do belong. It was just an escape from the academics to do something expressive.”

What motivates you? “Learning. It’s my goal to know as much as possible. I want to know as much I can about the world we live in. I’ve done so well in school because I enjoy learning.”

Favorite motto: “…Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I  took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “Time management. Not to go crazy. I’m taking four AP classes this year and the workload is huge.”

Salutatorian: Kelli Edwards, 17

Parents: Lisa and Aaron Edwards

College: Northwest College of Art & Design

Post high school goals: Graphic designer, B.A. in fine arts.

Influenced by: “Mr. Priest. He’s been my mentor for the last couple of years. He actually went to NCAD, too. And my parents are supportive, too.”

Best memory: ”I think my favorite memory was senior night for the football season because I was on drill team. All of us seniors were recognized and our parents were there.”

What motivates you? “I’m really focused on doing the best I possibly can. I like pushing myself. If, at the end of the day, you can say you did your best, that’s pretty good.”

Favorite motto: “Love life. Be brave.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “To keep going no matter how hard it is. You have to push through.”

Top graduates from other high schools in our area will be featured in the coming weeks.