Here we go again: SKSD bond goes to the ballot

One of the most ambitious bonds to go before South Kitsap voters in recent memory was officially approved for the November election by the South Kitsap School District 4-1 board June 7.

The $271 million bond’s advance to the ballot occurred one month sooner than expected and has remained relatively the same since its introduction to the public. The bond is altered from a previous goal to build a second high school and is instead geared toward reconstruction and remodeling of five main school sites, including South Colby and Olalla elementaries, Cedar Heights Middle School, a combined site for Explorer Academy and Discovery High School and renovations to South Kitsap High School.

This will be the SKSD’s latest attempt to pass a bond in a district that has not seen a school bond pass in over 30 years. As in years past, the bond must pass via a supermajority vote, meaning 60% approval.

Director Jeff Daily was the sole vote against the bond. On top of past complaints concerning the bond’s size, clarity and lack of preparation, he added the bond would continue to maintain the nervous feelings held by South Kitsap’s voters who have seen various projects change drastically in cost and intent. He later took his stance a step further, refusing to sign the bond resolution.

“I’m not going to vote for this if you’re not going to build South Colby,” he said, using the elementary school as an example to further his point.

Members of the public shared mixed thoughts. Chrissy Wiley spoke in favor, saying, “There are those of us in the community that think that much more should be done, but this is a great start, and it’s something I’ve been waiting for…since I graduated from South Kitsap.”

On the other hand, Gena Cole opposed the bond, saying education standards have not been properly addressed within the district. Furthermore, she gave her promise of a vote against the bond after she said the district skipped over any mentionof Memorial Day on its website. Memorial Day is acknowledged on the district’s social media page.

“As far as Memorial Day, almost two million soldiers have died fighting your freedom in our US Armed Forces…and your website chose to turn a blind eye towards patriotism,” she said.