Gun store suspect arrested in Las Vegas

17-year-old Chrissayn Borweick to be extradited to Kitsap County to face charges

PORT ORCHARD — Chrissayn Borweick’s Las Vegas experience came up snake eyes Thursday night.

Borweick, 17, has been on the lam since last month after Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office issued a $750,000 warrant for his arrest on first-degree burglary charges stemming from his participation in the overnight theft of 98 firearms from a Gorst gun store on April 29.

The suspect, believed to be a Burien resident, was arrested as the primary suspect in the burglary by U.S. federal marshals and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers. He was taken into custody on the Las Vegas strip near Hooters Hotel and Casino, according to Kitsap County Sheriff’s Lt. John VanGesen.

Borweick is expected to be extradited to Kitsap County to face charges for his role in the burglary of Boerner’s Firearms, on State Highway 3 West in Gorst.

Sheriff’s Office detectives said earlier that more than a dozen firearms stolen in the crime have been recovered.

VanGesen told Q13 Fox News that an informant tipped off law enforcement about the minor’s whereabouts.