Great Peninsula Conservancy to host nature tours in August

Tours occur at Ueland Tree Farm, Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park, and Banner Forest Heritage Park

The Great Peninsula Conservancy is announcing its August nature tours across the Kitsap Peninsula with executive director Nate Daniel.

The event series will be taking place at three community green spaces and parks throughout the county.

“This is a chance for me to learn from the people who walk these trails every day and take that back to the organization,” Daniel said in a press release. “As we head into the next decade of our conservation mission, we want to focus on the best ways to serve our community and connect more people to the land.”

Daniel believes getting the community out into these environments have endless benefits.

“Studies have shown that spending time in greenspace is both physically and psychologically healthy. We believe teaching people about what shares these wild spaces with us can lead to more appreciation and awareness of the value of these lands and that will in turn lead people to become better stewards of the land.”

The people that come to these nature tours will be taught about the wildlife species that live in these areas including birds, mammals, insects, plants, fungi and slime molds, per Daniel.

“We’ll go a step beyond just identifying things and talk about the ecological interactions among all these living creatures as well as how geology plays a role in what can thrive in the west Puget Sound. It’s basically a fun nature walk.”

Here are the dates and locations of the three nature tours.

Aug. 7: Ueland Tree Farm, Bremerton

Aug. 14: Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

Aug. 21: Banner Forest Heritage Park, Port Orchard

“We chose these properties because they are pretty geographically spread out over the area Great Peninsula Conservancy works,” Daniel said. “We want all residents to get a chance to join us, learn a bit about where we live, and we want the opportunity to listen to the public and see what people’s conservation goals and concerns are.”

The newly appointed executive director wants to make these tours a reoccurring event in the years to come.

“We are going to see how these three walks work for us this fall and then we will be planning on a more robust schedule for the spring, summer, and fall of 2020.”

All tours will run from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. and will start in the main parking lot of each location. You can RSVP online at