Gas prices swing back up again in Kitsap

Drivers in Kitsap County feel like they are back to square one after a number of complications paired with scheduled maintenance led to a recent spike in gas prices locally.

The average gas price in the county topped the $5 mark once again as of Sept. 27. Just a week before the average gas price in Bremerton was $4.50 per gallon.

The sudden hike has people like Matt Vaquer, who delivers part-time for Amazon, losing money on the job. “I typically go through about thirty gallons a week, and this car holds ten gallons, so three fill-ups,” he said. “The more it costs, the less money I make.”

The increase in prices at each station has varied across the county. Most stations increased around 30 cents per gallon, while others increased by as much as 50 cents and are still climbing.

Kimberly Hall of Port Orchard said she was not surprised by the increase, saying, “The lower price was only temporary. However, I don’t think it lasted as long as they (the government) thought it would.”

AAA says that costs have been driven up at higher rates on the West Coast recently due to a combination of refinery and supply chain issues, including fires and scheduled maintenance.

The increase also has voters concerned for the future, as the gas tax in Washington state is expected to increase in 2023 and beyond.

David Baum is one of the many Kitsap residents pointing their fingers in Gov. Jay Inslee’s direction and calling for change. Baum said, “Inslee could care less about the hard work of people in this state.”