‘Frozen in Time’

OC photographers display their work at photo show.


Staff writer

Olympic College’s best photographers put their work on public display Wednesday evening, at the Sixth Annual Olympic College Photography Student Show in the school’s Haselwood Library.

The event was sponsored by the Olympic College Photo Club, Olympic College Bookstore, Artist’s Edge, and Sanchez, Paulson, Mitchell & Schock Law Offices.

The show’s theme was “Frozen in Time” and entrants, all current and former members of Laurie Usher’s photography class, were challenged to capture a single moment in time.

Tim Dolen, a high school student in the “Running Start” program at OC, won Best in Show.

“There’s definitely more to life than my part-time job and school,” Dolen said of discovering photography. “I’ve found my passion.”

Dolen’s winning photo was taken with a Cannon ID Marks 3 at a motocross event, which he attended for fun.

“I do a lot of sports photography,” he said. “That’s what I’m into.”

Dolen’s winning photo captured a motocross rider, head-on, about to fly off a jump. Dolen said the picture set up perfectly, and he was just happy to be there that day.

“Between hiking, biking and being in watch of the next best waterfall, there’s always something to do on the weekend,” he said.

Eight categories were judged at the show: nature, people, general, photojournalism, capturing Kitsap, creative techniques, animals and architecture/industry.

And the broad spectrum of categories allowed every participant to excel in their areas of passion. Each participant was allowed three entries.

“It (the event) helps you realize you’re doing something that’s being recognized,” said Jeremy Standifird, the winner of the creative techniques category.

“It feels really, really good,” he said. “It’s an honor.”

And the photo show brought photographers together — young and old — to share, discuss and critique their peers’ work.

“I’m semi-retired now,” said Emil Heinze, winner in the nature division. “I’ve found this as something I’d like to explore. It was a good experience.”

Winners of the show included: Tim Dolen (Best of Show); Ronnie Croley (Best of Theme); Emil Heinze (nature); Sofia Poe (people); Troy Martin (general); Kathy Fletcher (architecture/industry); Jeremy Standifird (creative techniques) and Sharon Byerly (animals).