Fishline food bank finally gets a facelift

POULSBO — There’s food on the walls of the Fishline Food Bank now, as well as on the shelves.

POULSBO — There’s food on the walls of the Fishline Food Bank now, as well as on the shelves.

As part of the building’s remodel, volunteer Sue Skelley painted the inside walls with onions, lemons, carrots, tomatoes, and other wholesome snacks in bright colors.

“If we can make this a place that’s welcoming and clean, it’ll help things all around,” said executive director Tricia Sullivan.

That’s not so easy a task either — the building, which holds both the food bank and the thrift store, has been standing since 1943.

The new decorations on the wall are just part of the building’s remodel, which was fueled by a $50,000 community block grant by Kitsap County and a $5,000 donation from Key Bank.

The most eye-catching change is the building’s new roof and sign, the latter of which was donated by local entrepreneur Bill Austin.

Before the changes, Sullivan said, the staff was plagued by drips of water through the leaky roof. Not anymore.

“It was dripping all over,” Sullivan said. “And we haven’t had a drip since (the new roof was installed).”

The new roof is a big change, but not the only one.

In the last few months the inside of the building has been repainted; the carpet has been replaced with tile; and the partitions have been torn down — which has helped create more efficient storage space.

There’s more to come, Sullivan said. The third stage of the remodeling project will include stainless steel tables and new shelving to better hold and repackage bulk foods, like the 50-lb. bags of flour and sugar the food bank sometimes receives.

Volunteers and staff would also like a to purchase a refrigeration unit to hold perishable items like milk, juice and sandwiches that are often donated by local grocery stores.