Fire station site approved

Commissioners deny location appeal.

“The Kitsap County Commissioners gave the go ahead Monday morning to North Kitsap Fire & Rescue to move forward with plans for a station on South Kingston Road. Commissioners denied an appeal of the hearing examiner’s decision to approve the conditional use permit for the site filed by a group of Tulin Road residents. The residents say South Kingston and Tulin roads are too dangerous for emergency vehicles to travel on. In an appeal filed June 27, the group called the satellite location adjacent to the water tower on South Kingston Road hazardous. Tulin Road, a narrow winding street with hills, blind corners and no shoulder access is totally unsuitable, the appeal stated. Commissioners pointed out, however, that residents did not attend the hearing examiner’s meeting and state their opposition to the site. Commissioners could only look at evidence presented during that meeting. The hearing examiner did address safety, said Commissioner Chris Endresen. The permit has been issued provided that measures are taken to improve visibility along that stretch of road. This isn’t the ideal site for a fire station, but in the Kingston and Indianola area, there are a lot of winding, narrow roads, Endresen said. But, she said road conditions should not affect fire and ambulance service for that area. NKF&R officials were pleased with the decision. We’re obviously concerned about safety, said assistant fire chief Dan Smith, who attended the meeting. He said the designs for the station include lowering the crown of the hill by two feet to increase visibility and putting up signs to let drivers know an emergency vehicle is on the road. The station, which incudes sleeping quarters for five, three apparatus bays, a pump station sewer treatment and stormwater facility, was part of a $5.5 million bond issue approved in May. In other business county commissioners appointed a group of citizens to look at the county’s pet ordinance. Billie Eder, Richard Koch, Ralph Duncan, Nancy Lanning, Diane Webber, Diane Dagley, and Donna Reinhard make up the group. They represent a variety of animal-focused organizations and will gather input from the citizens regarding the pet ordinance. “