Fire hydrants to get the royal flush in Port Orchard

Fire hydrants will be flushed next week as part of a semiannual preventative procedure.

PORT ORCHARD — There will be a royal flush of sorts in Port Orchard the week of Feb. 26 to March 2.

The fire hydrants for the City of Port Orchard, that is, will be flushed over the course of the week as part of a semi-annual inspection that allows the public works department to flow each hydrant and to perform preventative maintenance. Each hydrant will be turned on to allow full flow.

Residents will notice water flowing along the street at times, according to the department. In addition, the large flow of water will stir up any naturally occurring sediment in the water mains. The annual inspection flushes this sediment from the water system.

Department officials said that customers will notice sediment in the water at their house faucets during the week. If it occurs, users are advised to turn off the inside faucet, then allow water to run from an outside bib or the cold water tap of the bathtub until the water runs clear again. Hot water is not to be run to clear the pipes. Officials said the water should have only to run a few minutes before it is clear again.

The city treasurer’s office will apply a small credit to the water bill at the request of the ratepayer, if necessary.

Residents with questions about the procedure can call the public works department at 360-876-4991.