Few candidates mean few races for primary election

A dearth of candidates filing for office means the primary is going to be almost nonexistent in Kitsap County.

All positions up for election have a candidate, but since there is only one that person likely will be elected in November, unless a strong write-in candidate prevails, which is very rare.

In races where there are only two candidates, they both move on to the general election.

Notable officials who are not seeking re-election are: City Councilmembers Michael Pollock in Bainbridge Island; Quinn Dennehy in Bremerton; Shawn Cucciardi in Port Orchard; and Andrew Phillips, Connie Lord and Jeff McGinty in Poulsbo. Two prominent school board members are not running: Nancy Moffatt in North Kitsap and Jeff Daily in South Kitsap.

“I will continue to strongly advocate for academic excellence and the truth. The real purpose of the district is to educate your students for productive careers and lives. Real businesses want competent workers who take care of themselves. So, academic success first, then other things,” Daily says in an email.

He added he is proud to have been a SPED teacher at South Kitsap High School and a board member. “I ask that all of you use your free speech rights to effect change in this difficult, complex, and changing world that affects all of our students.”

In another notable race, in Port Orchard, Mayor Rob Putaansuu is being challenged by Rawlins Maye. And on Bainbridge Island, for City Council, Dick Haugen is taking on incumbent Kirsten Hytopoulos.

The only contests that will see a primary are:

North Kitsap School District, 4-year term

District 2: Mike Desmond (incumbent); Natasha Fecteau Minger; Luis Castillejo; and Drew McDonald.

District 4: Terri Schumacher; Teresa Case; Beverly Godfrey; Adam Salazar; and Bill Longworth.

District 5: Barbara Waggoner (incumbent); Stacy Mills; Thomasine Bowen; and Melanie Miller.North

South Kitsap School District, 4-year term

District 2: John R. Berg, (incumbent); Jaime Cross; Megan Higgins; Paul L. Nuchims; and Glenn Goddard.

District 5: Jay Villars; Larry Mann; and Rhonda Edwards.

South Kitsap Fire and Rescue, 6-year term

Position 3: Mike Eslava (incumbent); Robert P. McGee; and Brent Rotter.

Port Orchard City Council

Position 5: Cindy Lucarelli, (incumbent); Heidi Fenton; and Jessica Hallman.

Central Kitsap School District, 4-year term

District 3: Drayton Jackson, (incumbent); Rob Sanders; George Campbell; and Jim Gross.

District 4: Meghan Hein (incumbent); Eric Rolenaitis; Jason Gilham; and Josh Wexler.

Silverdale Port Commissioner, 6-year term

District 2: Douglas Kitchens (incumbent); Rick Slate; and Brennan Mayfield.