Ferry Fare: Farewell Mike

May Ferry Fare

Farewell Bookey

When Mike Bookey put his hand on the helm at the Port things happened; he had that magic. Our green space has doubled, this summer we’ll have a kayak dock and performance stage … also a dry place when waiting to be picked up. And there’s the famous Bookeymobile, our electric car for visiting boaters. The Ferry Committee knew Bookey best for his foot ferry work. While Nels Sultan’s persistence was and still is instrumental, Bookey ran with the ball. He was an incredibly able advocate. When meeting with Legislators and the governor his common-sense business plan, judgment and sincerity were amazing to behold. We’ll sorely miss him though I expect he’s busy getting some important project in order for the Almighty.


Your pressure on our legislators and the Governor, and that alone, saved us from draconian service cuts and fare increases… at least for now. As of writing this the legislation isn’t final and there’s still room for fare mischief. The first week in June WSF will hold a Kingston public meeting to go over the legislation results. Stay tuned for details, dates and times.

Bridge Closure:

The 124 vehicle Kitsap is on Kingston-Edmonds with Walla Walla moved to Bremerton for the closure. Sun.-Thur. the 8:40PM Edmonds boat (the Kitsap) goes direct to Port Townsend leaving there at 11PM to return. This drops the the 9:20PM and 10:40PM Sunday departures from Kingston. At Edmonds this drops the 8:40PM Sun-Thur. departures and the 10PM and 11:20PM Sunday departures. Phone reservations for the “moonlight express” to Port Townsend are required for commercial vehicles and recommended for passenger cars. You may call 7 days in advance but call no later than a day ahead 1-877-595-4222 or 888 808 7977.

Hood Canal Foot Ferry:

WSDOT sez to get the free ferry from Lofall to South Point passengers and bicycles should take the shuttle bus from the new ferry parking lot in downtown Port Gamble. They don’t want people being dropped off or picked up at Lofall although I don’t see what’s to prevent it. There’s free transit from the parking lot to town on both sides. Check the WSDOT Web site for details or pick up a handy wallet info cards at the Chamber of Commerce downtown.


Getting on board: If you’re responding to a family or personal emergency (i.e. death or severe medical problem) tell the State Patrol directing the traffic. If your situation qualifies they’ll move you to the head of the line. Have a phone number that can be called to verify the situation. If the WSP isn’t there tell the toll booth operator. You can also call WSF at 1.888.808.7977 and they’ll put you in touch with the terminal manager. For an acute situation like going into labor call 911 first and they’ll make the arrangements. They can also arrange for a family car to accompany the ambulance. As an ambulance may be needed to handle the situation while on the boat WSF may ask you to call 911 when you get there anyway.

Long Term Priority Loading: If a non-critical condition doesn’t allow you to wait for a ferry you can still get priority boarding for up to 90 days. Most doctors have the form you’ll need. If not call WSF and they’ll send it to your doctor and then send the authorization to the terminal. You’ll also need a copy to show at the toll booth.

Handicap Access: If you need your car positioned to get a wheelchair out or have direct access to the toilet or elevator let the toll booth operator know when you arrive.

Accidents on board: Crews are CPR/First Responder certified and have the necessary equipment. Contact them any way you can, hailing a crew member, asking the galley to call the bridge or using your cell phone. The bridge will announce for any doctors or nurses on board to help and arrange for an ambulance. They may turn the boat around to get it back to the terminal.