Fentanyl fatality linked to Bremerton man

A Bremerton man has been arrested in connection to the death of a Wyoming man police say received an undisclosed amount of fentanyl in the mail from the suspect.

An investigation by the Wyoming Bureau of Criminal Investigation identified a 34-year-old local who police say sent the victim the highly potent drug. The victim died after ingesting the drug, a Kitsap County sheriff’s news release says.

An arrest report details the man’s criminal past, including multiple convictions for assault, possession of stolen property, burglary, drug possession and delivery charges.

Warrants for two counts of delivery of drugs (fentanyl) and one count of manslaughter were issued by Carbon County, WY.

On June 3, the report says KCSO detective Tim Flint located the suspect’s car at a Bremerton address on NE Pine Road. Officers made contact with the homeowner, who said the suspect “would come to the house infrequently” but did not live there.

After further surveillance of the residence, believing the suspect was inside, officials initiated a “knock and talk” contact at the residence June 5 with assistance from KCSO. The individual allowed police to enter as the suspect was inside. Another individual, who later indicated she was a former girlfriend of the suspect, attempted to deceive officers by saying he was not there.

Police proceeded to find the suspect hiding in a closet toward the back of the residence. The suspect was arrested and handcuffed, with officials noting pieces of tin foil with burn marks, which indicated potential drug use.