Department budget presentations continue for Poulsbo

Department budget presentations continued at the Poulsbo City Council workshop Sept. 14, consisting of Housing, Health & Human Services, Planning & Economic Development, Police, Prosecutor and Public Works/Engineering & Building.

Housing, Health & Human Services

Functions: Created in 2020 to strengthen the city’s safety net and improve services for low-income/vulnerable residents. The department focuses on four main areas: deeply affordable and transitional housing; low barrier behavioral health services; services for low-income people; public health (in coordination with Kitsap County).

Accomplishments: Nordic Cottage project; management and expansion of Fire CARES; development of new volunteer program: Senior CARES; state and local work on 988 and co-response programs; “Information Point” for residents, first responders and agencies.

Goals: Expand Fire CARES to a county program and create sustainable city program; establish and develop Senior CARES program; complete Nordic Cottage project (two new sites in development, expand Emergency Rental Assistance program); establish Emergency Preparedness coordinator position; and increase city readiness for crisis events/disaster.

Budget overview for Health and Human Services: Total expenses $463,000 (salaries and benefits $368,000; contracted positions and services $80,000; $10,000-$20,000 for training, travel, supplies, etc.). 2023 grant revenue is expected to be $358,000.

Budget overview for Housing: Total expenses are $138,000 (salaries and benefits are $38,000, contracted positions and services are $100,000). Tax and grant revenue is $675,000.

Funding requests: part-time administrative support ($40,000 for 2023, $42,800 for 2024); Community Support specialist for Fire CARES ($70,000 for 2023, $128,400 for 2024); Emergency Preparedness coordinator ($70,000 for 2023, $128,400 for 2024); Senior CARES volunteer initiative ($10,000 for 2023 and 2024).

Planning & Economic Development

Goals: 2024 Comprehensive Plan, including Highway 305 Corridor Subarea Plan (complete plan update by December of 2024); housing, including affordable (dedicate staff to research, write, adopt and implement regulations to increase housing types while encouraging affordability); adopt Historic Preservation program; maintain high-quality customer service (providing timely reviews and accurate and available information to further planning, economic development, code compliance and city‐wide functions.)

Budget impacts: Daily operational costs (advertising, communication, small tools, overtime, travel), increase of $7,500. Staffing costs (promote staff (‘23); retain Karla Boughton (‘23‐’24); retain Amanda Negi (‘23); GIS specialist (‘23‐’24); increase ‘23: $193,114; increase ‘24: $154,943.


Accomplishments: Reorganized command structure to support organizational growth; promoted a fourth sergeant; hired two entry-level officers; hired three lateral officers; negotiated a successful Collective Bargaining Agreement; responded to 8,706 calls for service in 2021, with 6,299 so far in 2022 (YTD increase 19%); responded to 424 public disclosure requests in 2021, with 317 YTD in 2022; relocated detectives office to a new city-owned location to provide more space; engaged more in social media platforms in 2022 with a 75% increase in followers; successful and safe Viking Fest – first large public event since 2019; secured over $125,000 in grants.

Funding requests: Navigator (fully fund one FTE, supplies, training, licensing and moves to Range 21F same as Fire Cares Program; $139,000 ongoing); detective sergeant position (not an additional FTE/cost also to promote an officer to patrol sergeant; $7,500 ongoing); two patrol officers per year (two FTEs per year, supplies, training; $208,000 ongoing); police administrative specialist (one FTE, supplies and training; $104,000 ongoing); designated marksmen program (cost to purchase equipment and train an officer; $5,686); wellness program (wellbeing related to first responders; $3,000 ongoing); office dock setup for Mobile Computer Terminals (replacing need for desktops; $5,725); three handguns for admin, $2,525; firearm replacement (annual transfer to capital account for cycled replacement of handguns and rifles; $8,945 ongoing); officer in charge (provide ability to have designated supervisor for entire shift; $4,500 ongoing).


Functions: Prosecute all adult misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor violations of state and local law, such as driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs; domestic violence; assaults; sex offenses; drug offenses; harassment; malicious mischief; theft; cyberstalking; and indecent exposure.

The department also serves as the city’s legal advisor on all criminal matters, civil and traffic infractions, and crime-related property forfeitures; protects and ensures the rights of crime victims; provides regular legal updates and training related to criminal matters to local law enforcement; promotes and foster education about criminal justice, crime prevention and victim’s rights; work with agencies, officials and community business leaders to create partnerships to improve quality of life in Poulsbo; ensure compliance with all laws, ethics and best practices for an attorney, and specifically those more stringent obligations imposed upon a prosecuting attorney.

Challenges: increases in population, tourism and development bring more needs for services; staffing changes/additions in the police department result in increased caseloads; opioid epidemic/mental illness; enlarged need for victim services and family support; community outreach and education; changing case law, statutes and best practices requiring review and revision of city code, policies and procedures, along with internal training; and limited staff.

Goals: Further streamline processes between prosecutor, police department and court; complete transition to case management system and begin paperless process; review and update city code to comply with changes in legislation, case law and to provide a means to address expanding criminal activity; develop and implement alternative strategies to address pressing issues facing the criminal justice system and the city; expand outreach to the citizens to assist in understanding criminal justice systems and tools available to them; research and apply for grant funding.

No funding requests were made.

Public Works

Operations accomplishments: moved administration from the Quonset Hut to Viking Avenue; Neighborhood Streets Preservation Program established; new west side water treatment plant in operation – reducing manganese in the city system; daily system operations for water, sewer, storm, streets, solid waste 24/7; boardwalk maintenance project complete for Viking Fest 2022.

Engineering accomplishments: Johnson/Highway 305 construction complete in 2022; west side water treatment plant; safety project complete 2022; $600,000 grant for ADA improvements; sewer strategy and comprehensive planning; development review team supported five plats and two large apartments.

Goals: PW shop site plan, design and construction – estimate 24 months; Lemolo Pipe (Johnson to Norum); Noll North and Middle; water system plan; transportation plan; storm management plan; solid waste business plan update; paperless by 2025; downtown street and utility improvements plan; neighborhood streets; operations management systems; continue to grow and invest in our people so that we are a stronger team.

Engineering requests: staff (Engineer 1, $128,819 for 2023 and $130,503 for 2024. Office Clerk II, $20,853 for 2023 and $20,655 for 2024), functional plans (Storm Comp Plan $40,000, Parking Study $45,000) engineering vehicle replacement (moving toward hybrid, $40,000) casual labor increase ($11,700 for 2023 and 2024), operating budget increase ($2,492 for both 2023 and 2024).

Building budget requests: Staff (Office Clerk II, $20,853 for 2023 and $20,655 for 2024; ICC code books ($2,500); operating budget increase ($1,200 for both 2023 and 2024).