Damaged Kingston roadway will prevent emergency response

NKF&R: crews cannot respond to calls for service along Washington Boulevard

Residents living along Washington Boulevard in Kingston could be out of luck in an emergency, thanks to continued erosion of the hillside along the road.

In a statement emailed Monday afternoon, North Kitsap Fire & Rescue stated that crews evaluated the roadway Feb. 9 after a landslide blocked roughly 100 yards of the road. The roadway was cleared Feb. 8, but upon further examination, NKF&R crews discovered the hillside beneath the roadway was continuing to slough away.

“Unfortunately, given the condition of the road and the size of our ambulances and fire engines, we are not able to drive to any houses past the damaged section of road and will not be able to provide you with emergency response if you live past this point,” the statement read.

According to NKF&R, the damaged section of roadway is located near the beginning of the road, just beyond the point at which the roadway transitions to private property. A community meeting has been slated for Thursday, Feb. 13 at 7 p.m. at the NKF&R headquarters station located at 26642 Miller Bay Road NE near Kingston.