CKHS vals and sals share future goals in life

Here’s a look at the future aspirations of Central Kitsap High School’s top graduates. In total, there were two valedictorians and six salutatorians.

Here’s a look at the future aspirations of Central Kitsap High School’s top graduates.


Valedictorian: Abigail Morford Wilson, 18

Parents: Sarah Fisher and Matthew Wilson

College: University of Washington (Honors Program)

Post high school goals: “I am really excited to be a part of the c21 program at UW, through which I will be going to Leon and Madrid in Spain this summer for a little over three weeks. Giving back to the community has been and will always be important to me, so I am excited to start my college career where I can develop skills to better serve the world and those around me.”

Influenced by: “My family, my friends, and my teachers have had the biggest influence on me. My parents have really taught me what unconditional love is; they have supported and encouraged me throughout everything and have served as models of what I want to be when I grow up. Even though a lot of people stereotype “smart kids” as nerds, my big sister Kate was the first person to teach me that being smart is actually super cool. My friends and my cheerleading family and coach have all kept me sane, having fun, and have taught me so much about life. Lastly, I am so lucky to be able to honestly say that I have never had a bad teacher. All of my teachers have inspired me so much, have taught me to work hard, and have shown me what it is to truly love learning.”

Best memory: “One of my favorite memories was from this year’s cheer season when we achieved our goal of qualifying for state. We were at the last chance qualifier, and it really was our last chance to accomplish this goal. The routine we did at this competition was so special and is one of my best memories because of how we pulled together as a team to accomplish this. We have had good performances before, but we have never had one that was so heartfelt and spirited.”

What motivates you? “What motivates me most is my love for learning and service. I have always loved to learn new things, and this passion for learning drives everything I do. I also hope to give back to the world and this motivates me to work hard in and out of school every day to achieve this goal.”

Favorite motto: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “The best thing that I learned in high school is balance. It can get hard to juggle six-day-a-week cheerleading practice, several hours of homework, working and time with family and friends. This intense schedule forced me to learn how to manage my time, get things done efficiently and prioritize, all while keeping a balance of working hard and having fun.”

Valedictorian: Bryce Martz, 18

Parents: Holly and Steve Martz

College: University of Washington

Post high school goals: Pursue a major in computer science.

Influenced by: “Mr. Ahmed because he’s been my calculus teacher for two years.”

Best memory: “I think our homecoming skit last year with Batman was pretty cool.”

What motivates you? “Family with their support.”

Favorite motto: “Don’t panic.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “Time management — it’s helped me to find the balance in academics and (time with) friends.”





Salutatorian: Keith Christen, 18

Parents: Marcia and Glen Christen

College: Wesleyan University

Post high school goals: “My goals are to do well there, find what I want to do, have fun.”

Influenced by: “Lady Gaga, no questions. She’s been in my life since seventh grade.

Best memory: “Probably just Mr. West’s class in general. That was probably my best high school experience for sure.”

What motivates you? “Curiosity. Just a thirst for knowledge. I just love learning.”

Favorite motto: “I really like, “You do you; I do me.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “That you have to hit a wall before you learn how to learn.”



Salutatorian: Steven Johnson, 18

Parents: Mark and Lisa Johnson

College: Rice University

Post high school goals: Major in sports management and/or mathematical economic analysis.

Influenced by: “My parents—they’ve instilled my work ethics and made me the person I am.”

Best memory: “In my sophomore year, my soccer team went to the state championship. We lost, but it was probably my favorite memory.”

What motivates you? “I always want to do my best and be the best.”

Favorite motto: “Genius is one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “You get what you put in. Just reaffirming hard work.”


Salutatorian: Dylan Heber, 18

Parents: Betsey and Kari Heber

College: University of Washington

Post high school goals: Undecided major.

Influenced by: “Probably my dad or my teachers. Pretty much all my teachers I’ve always loved.”

Best memory: “Every night I always spend with my friends it’s always different.”

What motivates you? “My parents have told me to do my best. Make sure you do your best possible, don’t be ashamed of that.”

Favorite motto: “Don’t forget to enjoy life.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “How to procrastinate. Being able to put everything off and still manage to turn it in on time.”


Salutatorian: George Liu, 18

Parents: Yin Zhou Liu and Shiyan Ma

College: Vanderbilt University

Post high school goals: Study pre-med or engineering. “Adopting to that (Vanderbilt) environment is one of my goals. I want to study abroad somewhere in Japan.”

Influenced by: “Probably my parents because we’re first generation immigrants from China. Since we  had to start from the ground up, seeing them work hard for my sake has made me want to work hard as well.”

Best memory: “In my junior year when we had a fun project in U.S. History where each of us had to pick a historical figure with a super power… I won that competition for our class.”

What motivates you? “To be honest, money. I know that sounds kind of bad, but I want to be successful in the future. The reason I want to study abroad is I want to see the world. Money is part of that.”

Favorite motto: “Take opportunities. Don’t force them.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “Probably just to ignore the social cliques and high school drama and just really try to be yourself and have fun doing that. Be confident with yourself at school.”


Salutatorian: Alexandra Murray, 18

Parents: Michael and Marie Murray

College: University of San Diego

Post high school goals: “I plan to probably major in chemistry and pre-med for medical school.”

Influenced by: “My mom just because she works so hard every day and has been very successful. She is always encouraging me to be successful.”

Best memory: “I’d have to say going to dinner before prom with my best friends is probably my best memory.”

What motivates you? “I think just always thinking of my future has motivated me, and I think about my choices now and how it will affect me in the long run.”

Favorite motto: “Dance every performance like it’s your last.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “In high school, learning how to balance homework and extracurriculars like dance has definitely taught me a lot in time management.”


Salutatorian: Alex Lund, 18

Parents: Mark and Darcy Lund

College: Pacific Lutheran University

Post high school goals: “Trying to be an orthopedic surgeon.”

Influenced by: “My grandpa. He has a very strong work ethic. He always inspires me to make him proud.”

Best memory: “Playing in the pep band and cheering on my brother while he plays football.”

What motivates you? “Other people. I like doing things for other people and making other people proud. Any selfless act I kind of enjoy.”

Favorite motto: “Some people live for 80 years; some live for 20. It’s not the time, it’s the person.”

Best thing I learned in high school: “Definitely that procrastination is an awful way to get work done.”