City beefs up traffic safety at schools

State grant will cover OT for traffic patrols.

“POULSBO – Back-to-school speeders next week could be getting something other than their new books and schedules during their first few weeks in the Hostmark Street/Noll Road neighborhood. They could be getting tickets. Seeing a need for additional traffic safety measures before and after school, the Poulsbo Police Department this week announced that it had received a grant to cover patrol costs in the vicinity. The department recently acquired funding from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, which will allow it to pay for the extra officer, explained Chief Jeff Doran. This means we can have an extra officer who will work just around the high school, junior high and Poulsbo Elementary during the first two weeks of school, Doran said. The officer will be there for about an hour in the morning and an hour in afternoon – when school starts and when school gets out. According to the chief, the officer will specifically enforce speeding and crosswalk while addressing traffic safety issues as well. I think it’d be a good idea to have parents and students know that there’s going to be an extra pair of eyes and ears up there with a ticket book handy, he said. So, it’ll be in everyone’s best interest to take it slow and be careful as we get school started. “