Many candidates file for open election spots

May 15-19 was candidate filing week in Kitsap County, and many hopefuls filed for various open positions. There were also plenty of incumbents who didn’t file for re-election.

Below is a look at those who filed.

Bainbridge Island

City Council, 4-year term

Kirsten Hytopoulos, At-large (incumbent)

Dick Haugan, At-large

Brenda Fantroy-Johnson, District 2 (incumbent)

Leslie Schneider, District 4 (incumbent)

Ashley Mathews, District 6

School Board, 4-year term

Kelly Cancialosi, District 1

Sanjay Pal, District 3 (incumbent)

Thomas R. Greene, District 4

Evan St. Clair, District 4 (incumbent)

Fire Department

Bruce Alward, position 2 (2-year term)

Andrea Chymiy, position 3 (incumbent, 6-year term)

Parks and Recreation, 6-year term

Tom Goodlin, position 5 (incumbent)

Melissa Timme, position 5

Kitsap County Sewer District No. 7, 6-year term

Bonnie Harris, position 2

Jacob Johnson, position 2


City Council, 4-year term

Denise Frey, District 2 (incumbent)

Adrian Wright, District 2

Jane Rebelowski, District 4

Marwan Cameron, District 4

Anna Mockler, District 6 (incumbent)

Mike Simpson, District 6

School District, 4-year term

Karen J Bolton, position 1 (incumbent)

Lance Byrd, position 1

John Paul Hurley, position 2 (incumbent)

Jonee Dubos, position 3 (incumbent)

Bremerton Port Commissioner, 6-year term

Axel Strakeljahn, District 3 (incumbent)

Port of Illahee Commissioner

Jeffrey Rupert, position 1 (incumbent, 6-year term)

Eric Hall, position 2 (4-year term)

North Perry Water District, 6-year term

Mary Sevilla, position 3 (incumbent)

Central Kitsap

School District, 4-year term

Kristin Hay, District 2 (incumbent)

Breezy Mitchell, District 2

Drayton Jackson, District 3 (incumbent)

Rob Sanders, District 3

Jim Gross, District 3

George Campbell, District 3

Meghan Hein, District 4 (incumbent)

Eric Rolenaitis, District 4

Jason Gilham, District 4

Josh Wexler, District 4

Fire and Rescue, 6-year term

Rod Elmore, position 3 (incumbent)

Bob Muhleman, position 5 (incumbent chairman)

Silverdale Port Commissioner, 6-year term

Douglas Kitchens, District 2 (incumbent)

Rick Slate, District 2

Brennan Mayfield, District 2

Tracyton Port Commissioner, 6-year term

Bill Wright, District 1 (incumbent)

Brownsville Port Commissioner, 6-year term

Kenneth McEwan (incumbent)

Silverdale Water District, 6-year term

Marcus Hoffman, position 3 (incumbent)

North Kitsap

Poulsbo City Council, 4-year term

Zach Ellis, position 1

Rick Eckert, position 1 (North Kitsap school board member)

Pam Crowe, position 2 (Kitsap Regional Library-Poulsbo branch manager)

Britt Livdahl, position 3 (incumbent)

Doug Newell, position 4 (Poulsbo Planning Commissioner)

Reba Harris, position 4

NK School Board, 4-year term

Mike Desmond, District 2 (incumbent)

Natasha Fecteau Minger, District 2

Luis Castillejo, District 2

Drew McDonald, District 2

Terri Schumacher, District 4

Teresa Case, District 4

Beverly Godfrey, District 4

Adam Salazar, District 4

Bill Longworth, District 4

Barbara Waggoner, District 5 (incumbent)

Stacy Mills, District 5

Thomasine Bowen, District 5

Melanie Miller, District 5

Poulsbo Fire Department, 6-year term

David Ellingson, position 4 (incumbent)

Jeff Uberuaga, position 3 (incumbent)

NK Fire & Rescue, 6-year term

Stephen E. Neupert, position 3 (incumbent)

John Huntington, position 5 (incumbent)

Kingston Port Commissioner, 6-year term

Laura Gronnvoll, District 3 (incumbent)

Poulsbo Port Commissioner, 6-year term

Jay Lawrence, position 3

Indianola Port Commissioner, 6-year term

Jeff Henderson, District 1 (incumbent)

Port of Eglon Commissioner, 6-year term

David Roberts, District 2 (incumbent)

Village Green Metropolitan Park District, 6-year term

Jason Manges, position 3 (incumbent)

Port Orchard

Mayor, 4-year term

Rob Putaansuu (incumbent)

Rawlins Maye

City Council

Mark Trenary, position 1 (incumbent)

Wilbur Hart, position 1

John W Clauson, position 4 (incumbent)

Eric Worden, position 4

Cindy Lucarelli, position 5 (incumbent)

Heidi Fenton, position 5

Jessica Hallman, position 5

John Morrissey, at-large (2-year term)

Kaylan Marie O’Connor, at-large (2-year term)

South Kitsap

School District, 4-year term

Kate Espy, District 1 (incumbent)

John Sehmel, District 1

John R. Berg, District 2 (incumbent)

Jaime Cross, District 2

Megan Higgins, District 2

Paul L. Nuchims, District 2

Glenn Goddard, District 2

Jay Villars, District 5

Larry Mann, District 5

Rhonda Edwards, District 5

Fire and Rescue, 6-year term

Robert P. McGee, position 3

Mike Eslava, position 3 (incumbent)

Brent Rotter, position 3

Port of Manchester, 4-year term

James E. Strode, position 1 (incumbent)

Alexis Pappas, position 1

Waterman Port Commissioner, 6-year term

Jeff Reynolds, District 1 (incumbent)

Manchester Water District, 6-year term

Steve Pedersen, position 2 (incumbent)

Sunnyslope Water District No. 15, 6-year term

David Larnam, position 3 (incumbent)

West Sound Utility, 6-year term

Jerry Lundberg, position 2 (incumbent)

C. Skip Olmsted, position 2

— — — —

Many incumbents did not file for re-election. They are as follows:

Bainbridge Island

Michael Pollock, City Council

Jay Rosenberg, Fire Commissioner

Chris Dew, Kitsap County Sewer District No. 7 Commissioner


Quinn Dennehy, City Council

Jonathan Buesch, Port of Illahee Commissioner

Port Orchard

Shawn Cucciardi, City Council

Jeff Daily, South Kitsap School Board


Andrew Phillips, City Council

Connie Lord, City Council

Jeff McGinty, City Council

Nancy Moffatt, North Kitsap School Board

Brian Watne, Port of Keyport Commissioner

Thomas Rose, Port of Poulsbo Commissioner

Editor’s note: Kitsap News Group reporters Elisha Meyer and Tyler Shuey, and editor Steve Powell contributed to this report.