Bremerton proposes “pocket park” in front of Navy yard tunnel

The city will hold an open meeting on October 9 to discuss the project.

Bremerton has proposed building a “pocket park” in front of the refurbished Navy yard pedestrian tunnel on Park Avenue, closing off the road to traffic.

“This area has high-pedestrian usage given the Navy’s pedestrian tunnel proximity,” a Monday statement reads. “This closure is being considered to improve pedestrian safety.”

An average of 3,300 shipyard employees use the Burwell Pedestrian Tunnel each day, Naval base spokesperson Jake Chappelle told the Kitsap Sun.

In August, the stretch of Park Avenue in question reopened after more than a year, during a $1.64 million renovation to the pedestrian thoroughfare, which dates to 1912, according to Navy archives.

On Monday, the city of Bremerton released a survey to gauge public interest in the project.

In renderings of the proposed plan, a half-block portion of Park Avenue just north of Burwell Street is shown with planters blocking vehicle access, while outdoor seating, tables, decorative lights and a vendor cart is shown.

The city said the closure “would be configured with movable objects to facilitate restoration to vehicle traffic in the future if needed or desired.”

A public meeting will be held on October 9 at 5 p.m. at the Norm Dicks Government Center in Bremerton to discuss the proposal. The survey can be found here.