Bremerton charity giveaway includes a Corvette

Abraham’s House Charity in Bremerton is taking charity to a new level with one of its biggest giveaway events ever at the Tacoma Dome Saturday.

The Christian-based organization off North Callow Avenue has been collecting donations for the Festival of Giving for over four months. The charity does giveaways at its Bremerton location every two weeks, but executive director Kristina Munger said that the festival gives them a chance to take these giveaways on the road to people who can’t make the trip here.

“We did Cheney Stadium in 2013. That was seven semis,” she said of the massive amount of items given away. “When Lewis County flooded in 2008, we brought nine semis down.”

This year’s giveaway will feature 12 semi-truck loads of free items to the public, including clothes, furniture, household appliances, toys and much more. Munger said she is thankful for the donations.

“What’s so amazing (is) the response from Kitsap to this event, they’ve already been generous,” she said. “We’ve been doing this for so many years. These semis are packed. We’re bringing our three box trucks, the store’s packed, the charity’s packed.”

Sometimes, the organization is able to offer items of extreme value. This year is no exception, with the headline item a 1997 Corvette C5. While almost all of the free items will be available in a grab-as-you-go style, items such as the car require a bit more patience and luck.

“You say to yourself how do you make this fair to everyone, and how do you make it free,” Munger said. “So what we have done over the years is a (free) raffle.”

Tacoma Police Department will make sure things stay under control.

“When you assume the best in people, and you let them take what they need without limiting everything and telling them what they can and can’t have, I think you see the best in people come out,” she said.