Birds of a feather …

Girl Scout Troop 44117 enlists a plastic pink colony of flamingos for a fundraiser at City Hall.

PORT ORCHARD — It’s not often — well, never — that a colony of flamingos takes up residence somewhere in Port Orchard. And certainly not on the lawn in front of City Hall.

But they did for a few days, courtesy of resident and businesswoman Coreen Haydock. Confused? Actually, the phenomenon isn’t so rare. This flock has been making guest appearances throughout the area to financially support Girl Scout Troop 44117 as it raises money for a 10-day trip to Southern California. According to Haydock, the troop has been raising money for two years so it can head southward next summer.

Haydock contributed money to the troop, which in turn, brought the birds — of the inanimate plastic variety, if you haven’t already guessed — to City Hall last week as a surprise for Mayor Rob Putaansuu. And it can be assumed the mayor contributed money to have the pink flock move on to the next unsuspecting victim.

Interested in having these long-legged, plastic wading birds make an appearance somewhere unexpected? Contact the troop at 360-649-3762 or

Birds of a feather …