Bid openings set for NKSD projects

Bid openings are set for May 30 and June 1 for the Poulsbo Middle School Building 2 Addition Project.

North Kitsap School District staff plan to identify a bidder and prepare a contract for the June 8 school board meeting, per documents. Upon approval, the contractor will start work June 26, with a proposed completion date Aug. 26, 2024.

The project constructs a two-story addition of approximately 18,000 square feet. NKSD has been working with Bassetti Architects on design since 2022. “A continual process of quality assurance reassures this project is viable, technologically relevant, and will meet the immediate and long-term needs of the district,” documents say.

Additionally, the project enhances multiple other facets of district needs, including:

• Improves operational efficiency by having all occupants in a central building, minimizing travel. Maintenance will be significantly reduced as the building envelope and mechanical systems will be new. Custodians will have what they need where they need it.

• Improves the safety perimeter, by engrossing two stand-alone buildings and bringing them together. Eliminates the potential risks to students traversing to class unescorted at the exterior unfenced areas of building 1 or building 2.

• Respects the community’s/facility committee’s desire for “getting kids out of portables and back into the building’s classrooms.” This is a renewed emphasis and focus on increasing and bettering the student learning environment. “Through purposeful designing this will majorly enhance the classroom experience for students and teachers,” documents state.

A new maker space science/technology classroom lab will be added. For numerous years, a sustained student population of approximately 25% has been housed in the older, failing portables.

Other school projects

Another project out for bid is the Vinland Elementary School Safe Walking Paths, which aims to provide a safe perimeter gravel pathway and fence around the eastern half of the school. The project is needed due to expanding housing communities surrounding the school fields. It will also improve bus access to the student pick-up and drop-off area, documents read.

The project will remove trees at the edge of the school property line and add an 8-foot-wide gravel walking path, new perimeter fence and an 8-foot-wide maintenance vehicle path.

The bid opening date is scheduled for May 30. A bidder and contract also are set for the June 8 board meeting. Upon approval, the contractor will start after June 26, with a proposed completion date of Aug. 25.

The playfield at Gordon Elementary is also set for improvements that will address excessive drainage that prevent student use of the grass playground for about half of the school year. The project will also provide ADA access with a ramp and pathway.

Due to a 12-month Kitsap County permitting delay the project has been delayed for a construction season, per documents. The project is needed due to the poor soils used in the original construction of the playfield. For half the year kids are not allowed on the upper field as the soils are soggy. Currently, the only drainage is sheet flow. “This is problematic, as this area is not only used as a playfield, but also serves as an emergency evacuation area for students and staff,” documents say.

The bid opening date is set for May 30. A bidder and contract are set for the June 8 meeting.

Upon approval, the contractor will start the project after June 26 with a proposed completion date of Dec. 31. In the event of a higher-than-expected bid or supply chain issues with pre-grown rolled turf grass, the district may approve an alternate bid to plant grass seed. If the alternate bid is selected, the completion date will Aug. 26, 2024. The extended timeline is to allow time for the grass to grow before playground use.