A ‘senseless’ loss

A tragic accident leaves a community grieving with Will Huck’s passing

PORT ORCHARD — It’s often difficult to make sense of a person’s death, no matter how expected it might have been. In the case of Will Huck’s passing, the word that comes to mind for friends and acquaintances over social media is “senseless.”

The young man’s death was senseless, unexpected and tragic. Huck lost his life when he drowned while in Horseshoe Lake Monday afternoon. Firefighters were called to the South Kitsap lake just after 3 p.m. to search for a missing man believed to be Huck. When they arrived, according to South Kitsap Fire and Rescue, he had been pulled from the lake by onlookers. Attempts were made to revive him and he was taken to a Tacoma hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

But as senseless as was the recent high school graduate’s passing, his short life was appreciated and lauded by those posting on Facebook Tuesday.

Taylor Neal wrote: “If you were blessed to meet Will Huck, I’m sure you’d agree that he was always overflowing with joy, love and excitement for life …”

Kristi McGee offered a heartfelt tribute: “Farewell, sweet boy. Your unexpected and tragic death will leave a hole in our hearts forever …”

Someone wrote a statement for the Annapolis Association: “The community has lost an amazing young man to a senseless accident. He was a good kid. And I don’t say that in the general sense. Will embodied goodness, everything the world needs more of, certainly not less. His family mourns and the community mourns with them.”

A large gathering of people is expected to participate in an 8 p.m. candlelight vigil at his father Chuck Huck’s establishment, Whiskey Gulch CoffeePub in Annapolis, to pay their respects to the recent Vashon High School graduate.

According to a Facebook post, Huck, who was a talented, versatile athlete, had been accepted to attend the University of New Hampshire and become a sports journalist. He worked at the Whiskey Gulch as a server. His mother, Kate Lay, is a manager at another Port Orchard restaurant, The Dock Bar and Eatery. Huck also leaves behind his sister, Skylar.