911 Briefs

Not worth a Girl Scout dollar

A 15-year-old Poulsbo boy was arrested in Montana en route to New York in a stolen truck, accompanied by three North Kitsap High friends.

One of the friends took $500 from his home to pay for gas and food. The boy told police that the money was from his friend’s sister’s Girl Scout fund.

The boy and his friends were stopped in Powell County, Mont. The girl driving the truck doesn’t have a license.

Parents drove out to pick up the friends from the Powell County Sheriff’s Office.

Kitsap County Sheriff deputies were called to the 15-year-old boy’s home March 15 in response to a verbal domestic call. Upon investigation, the boy’s parents said they don’t feel safe with him in their home. Deputies transported him to juvenile detention for second-degree burglary. The boy allegedly used a gift card to break into a room.

Just blame Mary Jane

“It’s in my bra!”

These were the infamous last words of a 45-year-old Poulsbo woman arrested for possession of marijuana on March 15.

The woman was a passenger in a car driven by a 42-year-old Poulsbo man also arrested for possession of marijuana as well as driving with a suspended license and outstanding arrest warrant.

Kitsap County Sheriff deputies pulled the red Honda Prelude over on Silverdale Way and Randall Way because the driver’s side mirror was broken and folded against the window in violation of state law.

Upon approaching the car, the deputy smelled a heavy draft of marijuana.

The man got out of his car and identified himself and said his license was suspended. The deputy confirmed this and said he also had an outstanding warrant for third-degree theft and placed the man in handcuffs.

The deputy asked if there was still marijuana in the car. The man said there was but it belonged to him and not to believe the woman if she said it belonged to her.

The deputy then walked over to the woman and asked if she noticed a heavy smell of marijuana.

“I did notice a skunky smell,” she said. “It smelled like a stinky shoe.”

When the deputy told her the man already confessed to having marijuana in the vehicle, she told him she hid it in her bra because she was scared.

Both were taken to jail. Bail was set at $3,000 for the man and $1,000 for the woman.

The marijuana weighed 3.3 grams. It was booked into evidence.

A reckless wreck

A 42-year-old Suquamish man was arrested and booked in jail for reckless driving March 15, but he knew it was coming.

The man was driving at an estimated speed of 55-65 mph down Port Gamble Road, which has a speed limit of 35 mph. The ground was wet from rain and as he passed Lincoln Road his black Mazda went into a 150-foot long four-wheel skid and struck a dirt embankment.

The deputy pulled his car over to block traffic and walked over to the vehicle. The man was conscious, but didn’t respond to the officer. He opened the passenger side door and asked if the man was OK.

“I’m fine,” he said. “I’m going to jail.”

The officer told him he was concerned if he had injuries and the man said he was fine and said “You know I’m drunk.”

The man smelled heavily of alcohol and was slurring his speech. He fumbled for his license but couldn’t operate his hands to extract it.

Another deputy arrived and placed the man under arrest for DUI.

Bail was set at $20,000.

Same time, same place

A deputy was dispatched to a collision site March 17 at the intersection of Clear Creek Road NW and and NW Half Mile Road involving a four-door Volkswagon Jetta.

Upon arriving to the scene, he saw a red four-door Jetta with its flashers on. The driver was a 27-year-old Suquamish woman who smelled like alcohol. The deputy recognized her from an accident that occurred earlier this week, where she drove off the road in Suquamish and struck a utility pole. She had a suspended license for refusing breath or blood alcohol test.

At this time, a man with the same last name approached the deputy and said it was him who called about his Jetta that was also off the road in the same location.

The deputy went back to the woman and asked her to take voluntary field sobriety tests. She refused.

She was arrested for DUI and two counts of driving while her license was suspended.

Upon reaching the jail she spoke with her attorney and consented to taking a breath test. She registered .166 and .161, twice the legal limit.

She was booked in jail with a total bail set at $15,000.