2 Fast Ferry fare hikes OK’d for next 2 years

Westbound Fast Ferry travelers will have to pay more to cross Puget Sound beginning in October, just one of the price increases approved by Kitsap Transit’s commissioners July 2.

Fares from Seattle to Bremerton, Kingston and Southworth have remained at $10 since the passenger-only service began in 2017, as well as the $2 fare to travel eastbound on those routes. Eastbound travel will remain the same, but starting Oct. 1 westbound fares will increase to $12 for regular fares and $6 for reduced fares. Fares will increase again to $13 for regular fares and $6.50 for reduced fares on Oct. 1, 2025.

KT executive director John Clauson clarified that routed buses are not a part of this increase and monthly bus and foot ferry-only passes are still available. He added that public comment was relatively neutral on the topic, a fitting comment given the public hearing came and went with no public testimony.

Those who use monthly ferry passes for their commute will also see a change. The agency will no longer offer the option between a “Fast Ferry only” pass or “Bus and Fast Ferry” pass, but will offer a single pass that will grant its user access to the Fast Ferry routes as well as routed bus service, local foot ferries, ACCESS and On-Demand/Dial-a-Ride services. The price of the pass will be $196 for full fare and $98 for reduced fare, a $28 increase. Prices will increase to $210 full fare and $105 reduced fare in the second round of fare increases next year on Oct. 1. PugetPass prices for the combined eastbound and westbound service will also increase in two phases.

“The idea is that we would encourage people to use the bus to get to the ferries to help, again, reduce the impact on the communities where the ferries operate and reduce the number of vehicles” on roads, Clauson said.

Meanwhile, on land, increases for daily parking fees at Annapolis’s Park and Ride lot and parking fines will also see increases. Daily rates for the Annapolis lot will increase from $5 to $7. A monthly permit will cost $80 to $115.

“These parking fees are for people that park their vehicles, and they’re by themselves,” Clauson added. “We have the ability to monitor the occupancy of the vehicles that are coming in, and if you come into that lot with more than one person in your vehicle, there’s no charge for parking.”

Parking fines for a general violation are being raised from $25 to $35, with higher fines for rideshare and RV camping/overnight parking. Handicap parking violations would leave the driver with a fine of $450.