1 public request alone cost NKSD almost $96K

Public records requests in the North Kitsap School District are on the increase, not only in number but costs.

One request, by Kim Gerlach, cost NKSD $95,933, with all but $3,600.80 in attorney fees. It was regarding the issue of sex abuse.

Another request, from an unnamed parent not explained, also took 80 hours of staff time, costing $3,600.80. It was in regard to highly capable students.

Three other requests took 40 hours of staff time each, costing in two cases $1,800.40 and the other $1,651.60. Two were filed by Alex Jacobson about COVID vaccinations and the other by Michael Deuchemin about board communications.

The total number of requests in 2021 was 54; there were 48 in 2022; and there already have been 24 in four months of 2023, which if that pace keeps up would equal 72 by the end of the year. By mid-May, that number already had reached 35.

Korinne Henry is the only public records officer for NKSD. All of their requests are posted on NKSD’s website. It lists the requestor’s name if releasable, the records they are seeking, the date it was closed and the cost of the request. The link is www.nkschools.org/departments/public_records_office. Henry says in an email that fees from requestors are typically waived if less than $2.

The NKSD Transparency Report for 2022 to the state School Directors’ Association shows 208.5 staff hours were spent on requests, for a total cost, including attorney fees, of $11,804.06. The previous year, however, 329 hours of staff time, plus attorney fees, cost $110,615.32.

The top five most-expensive requests so far this year, followed by the top five in the previous two years, are:


$958 – Unnamed parent asks for all email records between their student and another person within the last 12 months, but email may have only begun in summer of 2022.

$620.80 – An unnamed employee asks for screening criteria, questions and scoring for latest round of district tech positions.

$479 – Tyler Shuey of North Kitsap Herald asks for different types of federal COVID funding NKSD received from March 2020 to February 2023 and what the funding was used for.

$200.80 – Catalyst Financial Group asks for name, position title, years of service in district, years of service in state, building/location, district email address, personal phone number, personal email address and salary for all NKSD employees.

$191.60 – Cagdas Dirik requests employees hiring process, including details on position including responsibilities and privileges, timeline of interview process, his resume, his references, list of all candidates and their resume and referrals, NKSD board’s discussion and decision on position, board’s communication about him, feedback during his interview and his contract.

$191.60 – Joy Gjersvold for Moms of Liberty wants plan for K-12 for when a student comes home, wants to use name other than given name and wishes to use pronouns. The name of the plan, all documents when used by staff, counselors and students as well as training manual given to teachers.


$3,600 – An unnamed parent asked for all communications regarding teacher training for highly capable students from fall 2021 to Oct. 10, 2022. Records referring to AGATE program leaving Suquamish/self-contained/move to homeschool from 2021 to Oct. 10, 2022. Records pertaining to student and AGATE program, their transfer, academic and test scores, communication between teachers, principals and high capable or district staff from fall 2021 to Oct. 10, 2022.

$900.20 – Alex Jacobson asked for information on Pearson Elementary regarding: number of staff notified as close contacts with someone with COVID; also for exposure; All emails between staff and any sent to a state or county agency; Documents used to define close contact; Documents sent to state agencies related to COVID; Also records from Pearson on how they contacted staff, family and the community that there was exposure or close contact.

$721.60- Heather Ormsby asks for contract for Spencer Welch services, emails to and from Welch from anyone in the district, purchase order for services, texts with any reference to Welch, communications regarding a need for a principal consultant and how Welch has been asked to do as a principal consultant, dates and meeting times he has been out to buildings.

$721.60 – Ashley Armstrong asked for police video report that includes footage inside of bus and bus driver prior to collision, reports prepared by Transporation director at scene; Any information from director of Business, Finance and Operations; Any photos or video taken during investigation; Personnel file of the driver; Vehicle inspection form from driver; GPA mapping records; Cell phone records of driver; Any other evidence found in investigation.

$720.16 – Wendy Morrow asks for records and photos of insulation, pipes, floor tiles, ceiling tiles or any asbestos-containing materials, asbestos abatement, air sampling, NKSD policies on asbestos at Suquamish Elementary, Kington Middle and Kingston High schools from 1990-2006.


$95,533.80 – Kim Gerlach asks for all records related to sex abuse assaults or rape and allegations including policies related to the issues; emails sent and received by staff to any state or county agency on the topic; All emails received by any staff, board member or private person regarding same; any non-attorney client-privilege documents including complaints, memos, legal motions or briefs regarding same; any actual or proposed settlements that deal with that subject matter.

$1,800.40 – Alex Jacobson asks about staff vaccinated for COVID and who has not been vaccinated and why; All emails between staff and to state or county agencies regarding staff vaccinations for COVID; A blank copy of documents used for exemption for religious or medical reasons; Any NKSD document that describes process for exemption, and those sent to OSPI or other state agency.

$1,800.40 – Alex Jacobson asks for all of that same information for Pearson Elementary.

$1,651.60 – Michael Duchemin asks for board meeting notes, budget presentations or programs implemented or discontinued by the NKSD school board both from each director and any emails sent to the board, and the recipient responsible for the past 18 months.

$900.20 – Kim Gerlach asks for name, position, salary and FTE for all employees furloughed because of the pandemic.