We Tested the Top 4 HGH Supplements, Here Are the Results

For those looking to add a little “punch” to their workout results, using supplements is the typical route athletes and fitness enthusiasts go. Most people don’t start with supplements when they are first beginning a new sport or workout program. Once you have your training and workout program being executed consistently, and have cleaned up your diet, the next logical “bang for your buck” to increase performance is taking supplements. Most people start with a a good multi-vitamin and protein shake as their first step into the world of dietary supplements for performance. Fish oils, joint health supplements, and even CBD are common off-the-shelf supplements for people of all kinds of body types and athletic goals. Once those basics are covered most people start to head down the supplementation path most relevant to their fitness goals and interests. For strength-trained athletes, or those engaging in competitive sports, muscle and recovery become primary goals. These athletes tend to gravitate towards supplements that promise an increase in muscle mass. Far and away the most popular “starting” supplement for strength-focused athletes is creatine. Creatine is inexpensive, easily absorbed, and backed by hundreds of clinical studies. Creatine is a safe no-brainer for a starter supplement for athletes of any age or sport, but its results are still going to be limited.

For many people that aren’t quite satisfied with the results of creatine, protein powders, or pre-workouts, the next step up is usually to look at HGH supplements. HGH supplements are popular for their effects both on adding more muscle mass from the same input, and also for recovering from workouts faster, so more time can be spent working out and less time-off to recover. HGH supplements contain L-group amino acids, the body’s building blocks of its own natural growth hormone. Most of these are essential amino acids, meaning the body can’t produce them internally, so they must come from food or supplements. The primary L group amino acids that form the building blocks of your body’s own natural human growth hormone molecule and help to form muscle-building proteins are:

  • Ornithine
  • Isoleucine
  • Arginine
  • Lysine
  • Valine
  • Tyrosine
  • Arginine

Now, when looking to supplement HGH levels, it is critically important to understand the difference between injectable Human Growth Hormone (which is a controlled substance and should never be administered without a physician) and HGH supplements (also called releasers) which are off-the-shelf nutritional supplements designed to spur your body into releasing more of its own natural growth hormone. These two substances are very different, both in form (injectable vs swallowed) and in results. Injectable human growth hormone is used by doctors to offset pituitary issues, and sometimes under strict controls as an anti-aging regimen. It is not a supplement that the average amateur athlete should be using.

By contract, oral HGH supplements are a convenient and safe way to boost your body’s own processes by stimulating natural production of more of your body’s own levels. They are far more limited in their effectiveness than injectable medications and steroids however. Since most men know that their body’s natural production of its own HGH falls over time (especially once they hit 30!), supplementing with an HGH releaser becomes a common way to stave off aging and hold on to more youthful levels of fitness and strength.


The main biochemical channel that human growth hormone works through is via the release of Insulin-Like Growth-Factor 1, or IGF-1 for short. The body’s own GH stimulates the liver to release this hormone, which is critical in anabolic muscle building and repair. It works in conjunction with growth hormone, and is the “worker bee” that actually promotes more muscle growth and stimulation when acted upon by HGH released from the pituitary gland. When the body produces and releases more HGH, that in turn stimulates the liver to release more IGF-1. This occurs naturally during puberty, and is responsible for the growth spurts and development of masculine characteristics in young men. True to its name, IGF-1 is chemically similar to insulin, but promotes growth of muscle tissue directly.

So, to recap:

  • More growth hormone release = more IGF-1
  • More IGF-1 released by the liver = more anabolic activity from the same training
  • More anabolic effects = more muscle growth and faster recovery

So, now that you know a little about the chemistry and science behind legal anabolic supplements like HGH, are you ready to see what some of the top HGH products on the market are? While our review isn’t entirely comprehensive (there are hundreds of products claiming anabolic and HGH-releasing effects out there, with new ones released every day) the following presents a good starting point of trusted products available without a prescription. We focused on products with proven ingredients (e.g. L-group amino acids) that utilized additional botanicals and nutrients to supercharge their anabolic effects. We also gave preference to HGH products with a track record, products that had proven themselves over time through their results and customer reviews. Last of all, we looked at the companies behind them. Were they focused on customer service, did their products deliver measurable results, and did they back their product with a money-back guarantee?

The following is our own “Top 4” HGH products to consider taking if you are looking to naturally boost your strength, recovery and performance. All of these products are available online, and can be ordered discreetly by adults anywhere in the U.S. Be sure to check back as we update this list periodically as the science of HGH becomes more developed, and new products and advances reach the market.

Top Choice: Sytropin


While the voting was not unanimous, the majority of the reviews we received from Sytropin users found it to be the best overall HGH product tested. A complete blend of all the essential amino-acids, Sytropin also adds some of the best natural muscle building ingredients like Alpha-GPC, Dopa-bean extract, and GABA. This complete formula combined with proven growth factors comes in at a $60 per bottle price that won’t break the bank. The company also offers substantial discounts on multiple bottle orders. Easily absorbed with a pleasant, citrus-like flavor, Sytropin scored high marks for its results, convenient oral spray delivery method, and iron-clad 90 day money back guarantee. If you are new to using HGH supplements, Sytropin is a well-established brand that represents good value and positive results.

Runner-Up: GenF20


Our first runner-up in our HGH product survey was GenF20, from Leading Edge Health. A Canadian manufacturer, Leading Edge is a well-established, well-respected member of the dietary supplement industry and their HGH product lives up to that reputation. Containing the critical L-group amino acids and Tribulus and Astralgus, two potent herbal performance enhancers, the formula is a well-rounded combination. They offer both an oral spray and capsules depending on your preferred usage method. Formulated and manufactured in a GMP facility, GenF20 remains a popular choice for young and old users alike.

Lean Mass Choice: Crazy Bulk HGH X2


A product aimed at the purely bodybuilding crowd, Crazy Bulk’s formulation is geared towards mass and strength, rather than any recovery benefits. While its marketing is a little over the top, and sold at a premium price, these are minor flaws considering its first-class ingredients. All the common HGH-boosting amino acids are in each bottle, as well as Tribulus Terrestris and Ginkgo Biloba to contribute to energy levels. If your goals include putting on as much lean muscle mass as possible while getting all the protein synthesis possible, this is a good choice for your workout program.

Best Value: HGH Energizer


The least expensive formula at just $48 a bottle, HGH Energizer is a solid choice for value-minded consumers. All the usual L-group amino acids, plus Vitamin B6, tribulus, and and added boost from colostrum make this a solid (though non-vegan) option for both men and women alike.


When looking for a boost to your performance and recover, HGH supplementation offers an attractive option to take your workout to the next level. While these supplements will never take the place of injections or anabolic steroids, they represent a far safer and more convenient way to achieve your fitness goals. As with any supplement, you should consult a physician before beginning any HGH regimen, and these supplements are not suitable for people with pituitary issues and are not intended to treat or cure any disease.


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