Toru Knives Review – Is Toru Japanese Kitchen Knife Legit or Scam?

The kitchen is the heartbeat of every home. And if you like cooking, you most likely take more time in your kitchen after work to ensure you prepare the best meal for your family. Doing this requires that you have the best tools in your kitchen. Some of the tools you’ll probably need are kitchen knives.

The choice of a knife matters because they come in different designs and sizes to serve specific purposes. Apart from the size and shape, you must also consider the sharpness, durability, and material the knife is made of. Of all the knives in the market today, Japanese knives are supreme, particularly the Toru kitchen knives.

Toru knives have a cult following by passionate cooks and chefs globally. The knives have a world-renowned reputation for their outstanding craftsmanship. Whether you are preparing Japanese or American cuisine, the knives are beautifully crafted to make a difference in your final dish.


Why Choose Toru Kitchen Knives

These knives come in a set that will make your cooking easy, whether you are preparing meat, fish, or vegetables. The reasons why you’ll love these Toru knives include:

They are authentic Japanese knives

The Japanese are known to produce the best knives. Their knives originated in the Samurai warriors’ days. In fact, Toru knives and all modern Japanese knives use the same forging methods used to make Samurai swords. For this reason, Toru knives are very authentic.

Remember that you’ll only get authentic Toru knives if you buy them from a reliable source. Today, many counterfeits are made to look exactly like the original product. So you have to be careful when buying Toru Knives.

100% Superior Carbon Steel

Toru Kitchen Knives are made of Hagane, a type of carbon steel that’s hard but easy to sharpen. Their blades are forged in two layers. The outer layer is softer iron steel, while the inner layer is made of brittle carbon steel.

This double layering results in a very sharp edge that can only be compared to Japanese swords. These knives are hand-finished on smooth whetstones to ensure their edges are consistent in terms of sharpness.

Designed by Professional Chefs

Only chefs understand what they want in the kitchen, so you can trust what they have designed. Professional chefs aren’t your ordinary chefs. They know all types of foods and the best knife design that can cut or chop them effectively.

Ergonomic Handle and Razor Sharp Blades

It’s not just about cutting and chopping; the way the knife looks is also important. Toru knives are attractive, which makes them fun to use each day. Their handles also provide a firm grip that makes cutting and chopping easy and safe because they can’t slip when being used.

Maximum Comfort, Perfect Balance

If you’ve ever prepared meals for a large group of guests, then you understand how straining it is to use a knife for long. When the knife is not well designed, it will exert strenuous pressure on your hands and fingers, affecting your cooking prep process.

Matters can get worse if you are using a knife that blunts faster. You’ll have to stop once in a while either to sharpen the knife or rest your hands. This is not the case with Toru knives, as they are ergonomically designed with your comfort in mind.

Full Set of Six Knives

When you buy Toru Knives, you can get up to six knives in the box. You can also choose to buy one knife, a set of two knives, or a set of three knives. If you are really passionate about cooking, you can opt for the six-piece set. This will allow you to choose the perfect knife for the work at hand.

For example, when cutting large chunks of meat or cutting a big fish, you’ll obviously need a big knife. But when cutting onions or tomatoes, you’ll need a small knife. This is the flexibility offered by the six-piece set of Toru knives.


Ease of Protection and Care

Kitchen knives aren’t supposed to be cleaned using a dishwasher. That is why you need knives that are easy to clean. Toru knives are easy to clean and store. To store them, you may need a magnetic knife rack.

Buying Toru Knives

Depending on your budget, you can choose to buy a single Toru knife or buy them in sets of two, three, or six knives. Buying more than one knife will reduce your cost per knife while also giving you various knives to choose from; the company also provides free global shipping on all purchases. Prices are as follows:

  • One Toru Knife $35.00 Each
  • Set of Two Toru Knives $27.50 Each
  • Set of Three Toru Knives $25.00 Each
  • Set if Six Toru Knives $13.17 Each

The manufacturer of the ergonomic Toru knives offers a 3-year warranty for an additional $9.00 at checkout, proving that these knives are of high quality. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. To contact the company, customers can reach out by sending an email to:

  • Email Support:



Knives are essential tools in a kitchen. The choice of a knife will determine how fast and efficient you can cook and determine the delicacy of your final product. Choosing Toru knives is the best way to enhance your cooking.

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