Strongest CBD Oil & Most Potent CBD Tinctures For Sale – Compare CBD Oils from the Top Brands

No matter what health supplement you take, there’s different potencies, options and dosages to choose from. CBD is no different. 

Everyone reacts differently to CBD oil and each of us use the supplement for different reasons. Some use CBD oil for chronic pain support or more severe health conditions. Others use it for stress and anxiety. Relief is shown to occur as fast as in 20 minute, but other effects need more time to work, especially for more mild health concerns. 

With the popularity and reviews of CBD soaring, more users are on the lookout for strong CBD oils. High potency oils provide stronger relief, but they are also better for your pocket. You simply take less Рyour bottle of a higher milligram product will last longer than a lower milligram product. 

Due to overwhelming demand our team of medical professionals has compiled a list of the strongest CBD oils to buy in 2022. We’ll help you understand the importance of high-potency CBD, the pros, the cons and everything else you need to know! 

Top 10 Strongest CBD Oils & Potent CBD Tinctures to Buy in 2022 [Ranked by a team of Medical Doctors]

CBD oil potency is arguably the determining factor when selecting your CBD oil. Different CBD brands develop different potency types and some formulate much higher potency CBD than others.

The stronger a CBD oil is, the more effects you will experience. It’s also important to note that Isolate CBD will never produce as much effect as Broad-spectrum or Full-Spectrum CBD. There is less than 0.3% THC in Full-Spectrum CBD.  

Below, we provide our top 10 recommendations for the strongest CBD oils in 2021:

  1. Balance CBD
  2. Dani Pepper
  3. Nanocraft CBD
  4. Medterra
  5. NuLeaf Naturals
  6. Fab CBD
  7. Cornbread Hemp
  8. Golden CBD
  9. NYC CBD
  10. Golden CBD

Top 10 Strongest CBD Oils In 2022

#1. Doctor’s Pick: Balance CBD Oil Tincture -Natural 5000mg and 2500mg


  • One of the strongest potency CBD oil options available¬†
  • Much more affordable than other high-potency at oils
  • GMO-free, plant-based, gluten free and vegan¬†
  • Lasts much longer than other CBD high- potency CBD oil tinctures


  • 5000mg tincture sells out fast

Balance CBD’s 2500mg and 5000mg tinctures are two of the strongest, most potent, effective and premium CBD oils on the market.¬†

In fact, Balance CBD was one of the very first CBD brands to release extra strength 2500mg and 5000mg CBD oil tinctures. At such a high potency, the Full-Spectrum tincture enhances daily wellness and balance with every drop.

They company sells CBD oil in 500 mg, 1000 mg, 1500mg, 2000 mg, 2500 mg and 5000 mg. 

Balance CBD’s extra strength range contains therapeutic benefits and is developed from 100% plant based, GMO-free, vegan and gluten-free ingredients to ensure each user’s safety and satisfaction.

These tinctures are the gold standard in high-potency CBD oil tinctures. 

It is extracted from organic hemp plants and suspended in MCT coconut oil for ultimate absorption and health advantages. 

Balance CBD Oils are optimal, natural support supplement for users that need strong CBD daily and high quantities of it. Even if you don’t need a dose this strong, it’s the cheapest product per milligram of CBD on the market. Simply take less! 

All Balance CBD products are rigorously tested in a third-party lab and have COA certification to ensure product safety and potency. This CBD brand is committed to continuously formulating products that support the individual and unique needs of their customers. 

Potent and Effective CBD Tincture

#2. Dani Pepper Full Spectrum CBD Oils


  • Full- Spectrum CBD oil tincture which helps with more pain support and therapeutic wellness than Isolate CBD
  • Highly affordable
  • Vegan, third party- lab tested and made in America
  • Easy to use for daily administration¬†


  • Higher pricing than Balance CBD

Dani Pepper also offers some of the highest potency CBD oils available on the market. 

Dani Pepper’s strongest CBD products are formulated with CBD as well as terpenes and supporting cannabinoids including CBG, CBN and less than 0.3% THC. This formula allows the CBD users to experience the entourage effect for therapeutic wellness of the mind and body. 

This high-potency CBD oil fortifies daily wellness and supports specific pain and discomfort needs especially for chronic pain, anxiety, stress and inflammation.

Dani Pepper products are developed using only two ingredients: CBD and MCT coconut oil. CBD that is all-organic will not interfere with your body and mind but help restore it for ultimate, comprehensive relief. The Full-Spectrum CBD oil tincture helps support a sense of calm, manage daily stress, promote relief and restore focus in the mind. The easy-to-use tincture dropper makes administering the CBD daily even easier.

Dani Pepper products are award-winning, third-party lab tested and COA certified. The brand develops only plant-based, vegan products that are made in America. If you desire complete health and wellness support for chronic pain or specified needs, this strong CBD oil tincture is a great option.

Potent and Effective CBD Tincture

#3. Nanocraft CBD


  • Non-psychoactive / THC-Free for those who prefer CBD without THC
  • Lower high- potency dosage which is makes it more accessible¬†
  • 30 Day money- back guarantee and affordable pricing¬†


  • Much lower high-potency than other CBD oil tinctures on the list¬†
  • Broad Spectrum CBD with No THC which may not appeal to some
  • Does not claim to be plant- based, vegan or gluten-free

Nanocraft CBD Broad Spectrum 1000mg oil is a part of the brand’s Gold Series Tincture collection. Crafted with CBD and THC to create the entourage effect, this Broad Spectrum CBD oil is designed for everyday wellness support and specialized recovery. CBD oil is a quick and effective way to enjoy the complete therapeutic benefits of CBD in your daily life. Although this tincture potency is much lower than the rest of the list, it is still considered a high potency CBD oil with a powerful force.

Packed with cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other essential nutrients that make up the “entourage effect”, this Gold Series CBD oil is an ideal option for those that desire daily wellness support with an extra kick! All Nanocraft products are lab tested and made in America.

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4. Medterra


  • Isolate tincture which contains 0 THC/ is non psychoactive for CBD users who prefer that
  • Higher potency level which makes up for lack of the entourage effect
  • Developed with 99% CBD and MCT Coconut Oil


  • Only an Isolate/ Non Psychoactive product
  • Completely unflavoured¬†
  • 85 1-Star Reviews

Medterra’s Isolate 3000mg tincture contains 100mg of CBD per drop. This CBD oil is an ideal alternative to high-potency full-spectrum CBD oil without THC. Not only are Medterra CBD oils high-quality and strong, they are reasonably priced as well. The brand uses a CO2 extraction process to completely remove THC and leave you with pure CBD and MCT oil.

The 3000mg CBD Isolate is the strongest THC-free high-potency CBD oil we found. Medterra uses a hemp grown formulation and organic farming practices to develop their CBD. The tincture is developed with 99% CBD and Organic MCT Coconut derived oil. 

5. NuLeaf Naturals


  • Full Spectrum CBD oil tinctures made with synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Whole- plant Extract
  • Uses CO2 Extraction


  • Expensive; priced at just under $150 for single bottle
  • Some users experienced headaches with use
  • Product effects take some time

NuLeaf Naturals 1800mg Full Spectrum CBD oil tincture a lower potency but still a strong, full-spectrum CBD oil. Made from organic hemp and extracted from supercritical CO2, the full-spectrum CBD oil contains non-psychoactive cannabinoids and a single dose of 60mg of CBD. The brand’s CBD is a whole-plant extract made with naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes. 

The CBD company offers the oil tincture either as a single bottle or in a pack of 2, pack of 3 or pack of 6. Sourced from non-GMO hemp in Colorado, the full spectrum CBD offers an effective dosage for users especially those that prefer to buy in bulk.

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6. Fab CBD


  • Range of flavors for more variety to choose from and for those who flavored CBD
  • Full Spectrum CBD designed for daily wellness support
  • Award – winning CBD hemp¬†


  • Does not claim to be plant- based, vegan or gluten-free
  • Sits at just under $100, may still be unaffordable to some
  • Some users did not experience any therapeutic benefits or took awhile to experience any

Fab CBD Oil 1200mg is a full spectrum dietary supplement that works as a quick, easy and convenient addition to a fortified, daily health regimen. Available in a variety of flavors including Natural, Citrus, Mint, Vanilla and Berry, the 1200mg tincture is an award-winning CBD hemp oil flavor. Crafted from organically grown Colorado hemp, Fab CBD oil also contains naturally occurring terpenes and other cannabinoids.

The easy-to-use dropper system helps you take proper servings of your CBD. The Fab CBD products are completely GMO-free and pesticide free. Enjoy the 1200mg bottle for under $100!

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7. Cornbread Hemp


  • Excludes lower- grade hemp plant parts¬†
  • Specialized sleep support
  • Vegan, USDA Organic and gluten-free


  • Not a whole- plant extract, does not use leaves, stems and roots
  • Solely for sleep support and insomnia
  • No flavoring

Cornbread Hemps Nighttime CBD Whole Flower Oil 1500mg formula is strictly developed from high-grade parts of the hemp plant. This excludes lower-grade parts of hemp including the leaves, stems and roots. The oil is not diluted from any of those plant parts. This 1500mg CBD oil is designed for sleep support for CBD user’s that struggle with insomnia or restful sleep. All Cornbread Hemp products are free of preservatives.

At 50 milligrams of CBD per 1 milliliter dropper, the CBD oil also contains up to 2mg of THC per serving. The oil is flavorless, preservative free along with being gluten free, vegan and USDA organic. 

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8. Golden CBD


  • Full Spectrum CHD with 83ML CBD in each ML of liquid
  • Developed with MCT coconut oil and CBD for ultimate absorption
  • Third party texted and CO2 extracted


  • Expensive, priced at just under $200
  • Designed for bulk purchase
  • Limited as a high potency CBD oil¬†

Golden CBD’s Full Spectrum Natural 2500mg ranks as a good option. The full-spectrum oil is slightly more expensive than Balance CBD and Dani Pepper sitting $195. Basic strongest 2500mg tincture boasts 83 mL CBD in each mL of the liquid. Their products are formulated from organic hemp plants and MCT oil for ultimate absorption and benefits.

The 2500mg Full-Spectrum CBD oil tincture is suitable for users that desire a stronger CBD oil but not the highest potency there is. You can also purchase the product in bulk as a 2-pack and 4-pack. All of the Golden  products are third-party tested and extracted with supercritical CO2.



  • Suspends formula in MCT oil and natural terpenes, CBD and flavonoids
  • Full spectrum CBD oil for entourage effect
  • High-potency and flavor options in natural and kiwi


  • Lack of flavor variety
  • High potency only bottle
  • Developed with sweetened honey

The NYC CBD Full Spectrum 2400mg oil tincture offers 80mg of CBD for the complete bottle. The CBD company suspends their oil in MCT oil and infuses it with natural terpenes to enhance the synergy between CBD and other cannabinoids and flavonoids. Only 100mg less in potency than the Royal CBD 2500mg tincture, Gold Bee makes up for this in flavour variety. You can choose from natural or kiwi.

The Colorado-grown hemp brand’s products are non-GMO and extracted from supercritical CO2. The oil is also naturally sweetened using organic honey. All products are third-party lab tested for potency and purity.

10. Penguin CBD


  • Designed to rejuvenate body and mind without overwhelming it by being Isolate spectrum CBD
  • ¬†Wide variety of flavors
  • Affordable pricing, single bottle for $75


  • Does not create entourage effect¬†
  • Significantly lower dosage than others on the list¬†
  • Some users did not experience any difference from using the CBD oil

Penguin CBD’s 600mg broad-spectrum CBD oil is refined and extracted from Oregon grown hemp. Developed with 0% THC, this product will not induce the entourage effect. This CBD oil supplement is designed to help rejuvenate the body and mind long term without being too overwhelming for daily use. 

The CBD oil 600mg is available in a variety of flavors including Natural, Mint, Citrus, Strawberry and Cookies and Cream.A single bottle is $75 or save on a 2-pack bundle for under $72 or 4-pack for $67.5 each. All Penguin CBD products are third party lab tested for safety and potency. 

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How We Do the Ranking

It’s not easy to rank CBD oils. Every company says they’re the best, most potent or most effective. They use words like pure, lab-tested, organic, certified, USDA, GMP — as a customer you don’t know if they’re telling the truth. We get to the bottom of the claims CBD companies make through detailed testing. The products on our list are ranked by a team of medical professionals.

We look at the following:

Transparency and Lab Testing

We look at how transparent a company is when they reveal the ingredients of a product. All reputable companies list what is in their oils on their product labels. You should stay away from companies that do not do this. 

We also look at lab testing. Lab testing by third parties is another way of being transparent, reputable labs are ISO-17025 compliant, they also have professionals carrying out the lab tests. For example, the top 2 companies on our list use a company that only uses staff that have a Phd degree to carry out lab tests. 

Organic Ingredients

We make sure that companies use organic ingredients that are certified. We check their label, and then vet their supplier to make sure companies meet organic standards. 

Company Team and Reputation

The top oils on our list are developed by doctors, pharmacists and leading scientists. Companies that have certified professionals are more reputable than others. 

Some companies are founded by real medical teams. Other companies are found by people who are into marketing and are after making a quick buck. For example, when looking for CBD oil you’l see companies that talk about focusing on gen-z, stay clear of these brands. They simply white label products of other brands.¬†

Carrier Oil

Its vital that your CBD product has a good carrier oil as this will improve the efficacy of your product. Carrier oils such as organic MCT oil improve the quality, absorption and delivery of your product. 

Growing Location

Most CBD companies are open about where hemp is grown. Others obtain their hemp from overseas – in the USA this is not allowed.

Make sure the hemp that is used in your CBD oils is grown in the USA.

Full Spectrum Products

Trusted CBD oil companies use full spectrum. Full spectrum allows users to experience the entourage effect. Full spectrum CBD oil contains other specific cannabinoids such as CBG, THC, CBN and more. The companies on our list all offer full spectrum CBD oil. 

Read more to see the best full spectrum CBD oils for sale. 

Complimentary Ingredients 

Many companies do not add complimentary ingredients into their CBD oils. They add artificial or synthetic ingredients to increase the products shelf life. This is not good for you. The top products on our list only add the best natural complementary ingredients, they also do not contain any synthetic or artificial ingredients. 

For example, Balance CBD and Dani Pepepr offer CBD oils with additional terpenes that have been backed to provide better benefits. 

When choosing a CBD oil, make sure you consider what other ingredients are in the bottle.

Customization Options

Everyone has a different need, this means that companies with bigger product lines can better meet the needs of people in need. Top manufacturers have a range of products for their consumers such as:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Gummies
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD Lube

We chose brands that have a range of different products available. 

Promised Health Benefits

The FDA does not allow CBD companies to advertise health benefits. So if you see a company doing this, stay clear of them. The companies on our list do not claim that CBD cures anything. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using The Strongest CBD Oil


  • You do not have to take as much oil to achieve support
  • Strong CBD is much more effective for severe symptoms and larger adult individuals
  • The strongest CBD oils are usually the most affordable and last much longer
  • Higher doses of CBD are more suitable for certain situations, e.g. when using CBD for sleep or pain


  • The strongest oils may cause you to experience mild side effects, such as dry mouth.¬†
  • Higher doses of CBD can have a sedating effect on the user

What’s a Low Potency CBD Oil 

(300 mg to 1000 mg)

Anything less than 1000 mg of CBD in a 30mL bottle is a low potency product. We do not recommend buying a product that is less than 1000 mg. These products are more expensive, and not as effective. However, it is common to find low strength CBD in topicals.

Medium Potency CBD Oil 

1100 mg to 2400mg

A medium potency oil lets users take a stronger dose. Many people that use this dose find little or no benefit from the smaller does. People use medium potency CBD oils for: 

  • Moderate or mild pain
  • Inflammation
  • Digestive issues
  • Anxiety (Mild)
  • Insomnia (Mild)
  • Headaches¬†

If you are taking large amounts of medium potency CBD oil, then you need to level up to a higher milligram such as the ones we have talked about on our list. 


Q: What are CBD Oils?

A: CBD Oils are derived from hemp plants. They contain high concentration of CBD, this CBD is then infused with a carrier oil such as organic MCT oil.

Q: Will I get high?

A: CBD Oils do not contain more than 0.3% THC. Make sure you buy lab tested CBD as this will ensure your product contains THC that is less than the legal limit. CBD itself does not make you high. 

Q: What does a CBD Oil do?

A: CBD Oils can interact with your body’s ECS. The ECS is your endocannabinoid system and is responsible for maintaining homeostasis. CBD has been studied for its effects on pain, anxiety,¬†sleep and inflammation.

Q: How To Determine The Strength of CBD Oil?

A: There’s a simple calculation that will help you. We’ll show you how with an example.

This is it:


Look at the total concentration of the CBD in the tincture you’re looking at. After, identify the number of milligrams of CBD per serving of the oil. 

First-grade CBD oil products will clearly have the dose labeled on the product and written clearly in the product description to avoid confusion. There should also be follow-up information on exactly how much to take for the support you need.

If you want to figure out how much CBD is in your oil per serving consider the complete potency and divide. 

For example: 5000 mg √∑ 30 mL = 167 mg/mL which divides the total strength of CBD by the number of serving.

Q: What CBD Dosage Makes The Oil Strong?

A: Every individual is different and the way they respond to CBD will also be unique to achieve certain effects. It is recommended that you start off with a lower potency CBD product first to gauge your body and mind’s reaction. Then, you can work your way up in potency from there if you find the dose ineffective or not strong enough. Smaller individuals or children will require much less CBD oil to help manage their condition. 

The general consensus is that stronger CBD oil starts at around 33.33mg of CBD per serving and the strongest is 83.33 mg per serving. This is most suitable for larger, adult individuals or those with more serious health conditions. 

Comparing The Strongest CBD Oils At A Glance

Brand Key Points
Balance CBD
  • One of the strongest and best CBD products on the market.
  • Lab tested by PhD Samantha Miller
  • Best Priced quality on the market.
Dani Pepper
  • Developed by the world‚Äôs best female scientists.
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Vegan, third party lab tested.
Nanocraft CBD
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Does not contain THC.
  • Isolate.
  • Higher dosage makes up for lack of entourage effect.
NuLeaf Naturals
  • Now owned by the Canadian High Tide.
  • Good range of products.
  • Also owned by High Tide, similar products to NuLeaf Naturals.
Cornbread Hemp
  • CBD is grown in Kentucky.
Golden CBD
  • Designed for bulk purchases that save you money.
  • Available in a Kiwi flavor. Makes them unique
Penguin CBD
  • Sister company of Verma Farms. Lower dosage than others on our list but they have a wide range of flavors.

Final Thoughts: Strongest CBD Oils & Most Potent CBD Tinctures

The strongest CBD oil in 2022 is ideal for individuals that require more support. They’re also ideal for users looking to save money. Remember, a little can go a long way. We hope you found our article informative, until next time thank you for reading!

This article contains information from materials that have been medically reviewed by Eloise Theisen, RN, MSN, AGPCNP-BC, Domique Fontaine, BSN, RN, HNB-BC, HWNC-BC and Bindiya Ghandi, M.D on a range of different websites.

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Before using CBD please consult your doctor. Information in this article should not be taken as medical advice.

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