Scooch Wingback Reviews – Pop Up Phone Grip Stand Worth It?

Smartphone investments do not end with purchasing the phone itself. Irrespective of how much a mobile phone costs, people often spend more on making the smartphone suitable for personal use. Most smartphones are ready for use when bought, but some accessories could be added to them to make them even more worthwhile, more convenient for use, durable, and long-lasting.

Even though a phone case is flaunted as a suitable means of protecting smartphones against cracks, not everyone wants this option because of their bulkiness. One of the many beneficial phone accessories you can choose is the Scooch Wingback.

Scooch Wingback is a small device attached to the back of your phone case for sleek and firm gripping, car mount, hands-free streaming, and more. Scooch Wingback stands out because of its unique features, mainly because it does not create the usual bulkiness of traditional phone cases. This review will give you more information about the Scooch Wingback and why you should purchase it to enjoy your phone’s maximum use and capabilities.


What is Scooch Wingback?

Scooch Wingback is a multifunctional accessory added to your phones and tablets to offer tons of functionality, and you can enjoy your device to the fullest. It is a super-strength gadget that gives you several hand-free usages and ensures a better grip on your phone. Unlike many other phone gadgets, Scooch Wingback is flat-sided and provides a multitude of uses. It offers the combination of a kickstand, phone grip, and car mount, ensuring streaming that is hand-free and safer for drivers while using the phone. With a Scooch Wingback, you will be able to pick up your phone in such a way that it will seldom fall out of your hand. On the other side, Scooch Wingback does not create any protrusions, allowing you to slide your phone into a pocket easily.

Scooch Wingback is designed with a rigid adhesive material that keeps it in place when in use. It contains a metal spring and kickstand made with shatterproof polycarbonate plastic and durable rubber; this lets the Scooch Wingback last longer. It fits easily on most phones, and it does not cause any scratches or leave marks if you want to remove it. Scooch Wingback offers you a super grip for one-handed selfies.

What are the Features of Scooch Wingback?

Scooch Wingback is a phone gadget that adds more practicality to your phone to maximize the phone’s usage. It is a manual device; does not require charging or a battery. Scooch Wingback has a range of unique features that make it outstanding and necessary for all users of smartphones. Below are some of the features of this device.

Patented Design: the Scooch Wingback design is patented and a unique idea with high durability. Because of the uniqueness of the concept, Scooch Wingback design is legally protected; this prevents any other company from producing a replicate of this device unless a completely different and transformed idea is introduced.

Tight Grip: Scooch Wingback lets you grip your phone tightly, preventing it from falling. With this device attached to your phone case, you can multitask on your mobile without fearing that it will fall off as you hold it effortlessly. The tight grip feature of the Scooch Wingback lets you quickly take a selfie with one hand.

Hands-Free Viewing: This is one of the top services Scooch Wingback promises to offer efficiently. This device lets you enjoy using your phone for different viewing activities without needing to support it with your hand. Once you open the kickstand on the Scooch Wingback at the back of your phone, you can enjoy watching videos, or favorite movies on Netflix, or movies in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Scooch Wingback allows you to maintain a clear and complete viewing.

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Safety: you can enjoy safer driving with a Scooch Wingback. For people who want to make calls, use GPS or Google Maps services while driving, Scooch Wingback would be your best option. It offers a car mount service that allows you to seamlessly hang it in your vehicle’s air conditioning/heater vents. This car hand-free service helps promote safety while driving.

Extra-Strong adhesive: according to the sales page, the producer confirmed that Scooch Wingback has an extra-strength adhesive that allows it to stick firmly to all phone cases and prevent it from being pulled off; hence giving users more confidence while using it to grip their mobile phone. Nevertheless, the extra-strength adhesive will not damage your phone case when you are ready to remove it.

Slim: Scooch Wingback is very thin and flat, measuring less than a quarter-inch thick, so it will not form any bump on the back of your phone when not in kickstand mode. It is very portable in that it will easily slide into your pocket. Scooch Wingback is designed so that it is almost invisible on your phone case when returned to its normal position.

General Compatibility: Scooch Wingback is universally compatible with phone cases. It can work perfectly with androids and iPhones. It will fit flawlessly on the phones and will not cause any damage. As shown on the sales page, below is the list of phone that Scooch Wingback perfectly supports.

Android: G7 ThinQ, G8 ThinQ, V40 ThinQ, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Galaxy 10+, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra, etc.

Apple: iPhones 6, 7, 8, (plus versions), XS/X, XR, 11 XS Max, 11 Pro Max, SE, 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro, Pro Max, etc.

Scooch Wingback FAQ

Q. How long will the spring in the Scooch Wingback last?

Scooch Wingback is designed with durable material to be long-lasting. According to the manufacturer, the spring in Scooch Wingback may last up to seven years.

Q. Can I remove Scooch Wingback from my phone case?

Scooch Wingback can be removed from your phone case. As said earlier, the removal will not cause any damage to your phone case.

Q. How long will it take to install the Scooch Wingback?

It takes barely five minutes to install Scooch Wingback on the back of your phone case. First, it would be best to clean the phone case with a damp cloth; make sure there is no moisture on the case. Then, remove the Adhesive from Scooch Wingback and stick it to your phone case close to the bottom for about 10 to 15 seconds.

Q. What colors of Scooch Wingback are available?

You can get Scooch Wingback in either clear or black color.

Scooch Wingback Pricing

Visit the official sales page of Scooch Wingback to purchase; there, you will be sure you are getting the right product at the right price, and the company states the Wingback is backed by a one-year warranty. There are two color choices, black or clear, with various offers for purchasing the Scooch Wingback depending on the quantity you want to buy. Below are the available offers.

  • One Scooch Wingback $19.99 USD + Small Shipping Fee
  • Buy Two Scooch Wingbacks Set One Free $16.66 USD Each + Small Shipping Fee
  • Buy 3 Scooch Wingbacks Get Two Free $14.99 USD Each + Small Shipping Fee

Additionally, there is a 30-day money-back policy for a guarantee of satisfaction. If you are not pleased with the device, you can return it and request a full refund. Also, the Scooch Wingback is made in the US and ships to over thirty countries, with free shipping to US customers. To contact the company behind the Scooch Wingback, customers can reach out by email or in writing to:

  • support@scoochcase.com
  • 15540 Herriman Blvd Noblesville, IN 46060 United States

Final Words

Although, the idea behind Scooch Wingback and the purpose it serves can be found in other products that have been in the market for quite some time, especially on phone cases. However, Scooch Wingback stands out because of its ability to stay flat when not in use. This makes it convenient. You can benefit from Scooch Wingback in several ways; try one today.

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