Research Paper Writing: The Best Services and Websites Available Online in USA

Starting college, for the most part, is a dream come true. But there’s also that one part of this dream we all wish never came true. And that’s having to deal with research paper writing. The reason we all would love to avoid writing such isn’t far-fetched! It’s so not like the time you only had to write five pages of paper for your high school teacher. Now, in college, you’d have to prepare yourself for papers that include almost 30 pages!

It gets even sadder knowing that you won’t have to write this once while in college. And in fact, you’d probably end up writing more as you keep going in life! However, it’s not just your cross to bear. Millions of students all over the planet have to deal with the same. And when a seeming problem becomes a collective concern, solutions are bound to come up quicker! So, there is hope for you!

Research paper writing in the world today is a lot easier. And how is that? Today offers you general tips on how to complete your paper. The length of the paper and how much time you have on it don’t matter. These tips are sure to get you on a good start right through till you finish. In the end, nothing would beat your first-rate work! That’s if you follow the tips to the letter.

However, these tips are not all you have as help in the world today. There are also samples available online that help students prepare their papers. These are generally there to help the students with ideas and formatting styles that save a lot of time. It comes in handy when you’ve only got a few days to submit your work. But it’s also risky as there is the temptation to copy not just the idea but the content. And you know what happens when your professor figures out you’ve plagiarized? Yes! It could be a failure you’d never wish to reflect on your scores. So, while using sample papers save time, you also want to be careful with how you use them. But what happens when you only have some days to submit, and you’ve got other assignments to handle? That’s where these writing professionals come into the picture.

Today, you can rent the service of research writing experts. These will help write you custom papers to suit your goal and your professor’s! It gets even better knowing these writers are the best research paper writers the world currently has. Not only are they good at what they do, but they also have the experience. And when they write for you, getting good grades isn’t a thing of dreams again, but of reality!

Now, if you fit into this category of students who need a professional writer, this next section is for you. We understand the dilemma of choosing from the myriad of writers out there. Hence, we’ve researched and have brought out our TOP 9 websites in the United States. These, we are sure, won’t let you down. Ready to find out what they can offer you? Then read on!

  1. PaperHelp – premium quality research papers

It’s not just enough to get help for your research papers. That help has to be the best of the best. And when it comes to the writing service market, no other beats PaperHelp in quality and early delivery times!

We all know how demanding some professors can be. You’d rather submit the best to them to avoid being at risk of low grades. And with PaperHelp, you only get the highest quality there’s to find out there. These, you’d see proof to so readily as you visit their website. As of the time of writing this, PaperHelp has completed over 680 000 papers. When you see a writing service grow this fast, then you know they are the real deal.

image 5

The process of getting help from them is pretty straightforward. It starts with filling their form of what you need. And just so you know, your journey with them will involve 1-on-1 support from a research paper writer who’s at the Ph.D. level. Imagine having someone just as good as your professor helping you with your paper. Such an excellent assurance, isn’t it?

After filling the form, you can track the progress, and you also get to see samples that put you at peace. When it comes to PaperHelp, there’s no paper you can’t write with them! In fact, they call themselves your universal writing solution. Whatever paper you want, they help write it. And you don’t have to only take our words for it. Sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber also feel the same way about PaperHelp. On these third-party websites, PaperHelp maintains proud scores over 4.5/5. And trust us, when it comes to such professional service as in research paper writing services, it’s tough to have such a high score.

Prices at PaperHelp can start from as low as $12. But depending on how many pages you order for, you are liable to get a discount as high as 20%! Besides, there’s also a money-back guarantee that keeps you secured about getting only quality value in exchange for your cash.

Now, here’s to the best part! PaperHelp boasts of being able to complete papers in 3 hours! What?! Imagine getting your papers done in such little time, and you still get quality like no other. Yes! That’s precisely why PaperHelp tops our list. They commit themselves to producing quality and ensuring you get it done as at when you want it. So if you’re a student with only a little time to spare, PaperHelp has you covered.

  1. 99Papers – U.S. based writing service

Recall we stated earlier the whole issue of writing research papers is a global problem. Now, imagine working with experts who provide global solutions? Yes! That’s right! 99Papers take their reputation from being a world-classed writing service. And if you work with them, you’d be enjoying world-class services.

image 1

99Papers is well aware of the growing need to maintain this reputation of theirs. And they stop at nothing to ensure they provide only the best. They work with freelancers all over the world. These, they confirm, are of the right educational level to help you with your research papers. Not only are their writers qualified, but they also have the experience. And given the broader area of writers, it means you can get essays written in formats known to different parts of the world. They also offer you free services that include:

  • Inquiry
  • Plagiarism check
  • Proofreading
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Title page
  • Bibliography page
  • Outline

With these out of the way, you can focus on paying for only the best content. Their prices start from as low as $9.95 for 275 words. And they also have an option for you if you wish to get it delivered within 3 hours.

Moreover, you don’t have to get scared of ordering more words from them. They offer discounts as high as 15%, so you’re covered. In all, 99Papers are the real deal when it comes to international expertise. They’ve got the speed, quality, and experience to maintain their world-class service. Getting help from them would be at one of the market’s lowest prices. And yet, you get the best quality!

  1. EssayPro – the best at a budget for American students

When it comes to being college students, our finances take a huge chunk of that. You’d rather go for the cheapest and best quality you can get. And that’s really what EssayPro offers you. With EssayPro, you get to have the best writers work on your research paper and still save some money. In other words, you are not only saving time and energy, but you’re also saving money!

image 3

So you don’t miss the point, EssayPro stands shoulder to shoulder with the best writing services around. They have a league of writers that can help you out. And they cover a broad spectrum of jobs from college to doctorate level. Besides, you get to have access to their writers’ ratings. That way, you can choose only the best for your work that works perfectly for your goal.

Their prices start from as low as $11 for a page. But you also get to enjoy some freebies. These include:

  • Originality reports
  • Formatting
  • Unlimited revisions within seven days of submission
  • Outline
  • Title page.

Their delivery time runs to as fast as within 6 hours. Of course, that’s not the shortest on our list, but still, a perfect deal if you’re on a budget and you’ve got little time. With their popularity among college students given their prices, we couldn’t help but have them as third on our writing services list.

  1. PaperCoach

Being only a rookie in the business, PaperCoach is a good choice if this is your first time. Like the other services, they have their selling traits which put them off as a good writing service. And not just that as they provide their service at one of the lowest prices ever.

image 4

However, while the cost of working with them is perfect for a student, there’s a slight risk attached. Being a rookie also means not being as experienced as the rest. Hence, while they do give you quality, they are yet to stand out as the best of the best.

Ordering from PaperCoach is an easy thing to do. It all happens online with a few clicks. And the price? You can get a page for as low as $7.99. They also offer free packages, which include:

  • Revisions
  • Outline
  • Title page
  • Formatting
  • Bibliography

In all, PaperCoach is an excellent place to consider if your work isn’t so demanding. Also, it’s the perfect place while on a tight budget.

  1. EssayBox – another good website from USA

When we talk of writing services that stand out, EssayBox is one we can’t leave out. With outstanding writing experts, EssayBox is one to work with. Not only do they have good research paper writers. Their customer service is one to love. They make themselves available to you via a live chat function on their website. Also, via calls and emails. All these are the perfect options for a student with a hectic curriculum.

image 2

Right down to details, EssayBox offers you writing services that span several paper types. Besides, they are well skilled not only in college papers but are just as experienced up to doctorate level. And they boast of being stellar in any discipline your college has to offer.

Their prices start from as low as $12 per page. They keep a transparent pricing policy and also offer money-back guarantees. What more? You also get to pay in installments. In fact, their freebies also help you save cash. These include such additions as unlimited revisions and adding the bibliography page. In all, this is the perfect place for stellar content and reliable customer support. You might, however, want to watch their costs

  1. SpeedyPaper

When it comes to selecting a writing professional, you can’t exclude two things. Quality and experience are almost all that make the best experts around. And SpeedyPaper is another one worthy of such praises. With its team of qualified writers, they’ve spent years gaining experience. So, compared to rookies, they know exactly what you need per time and give you exactly that.

When it comes to research paper formatting, SpeedyPaper makes it all perfect. They understand the importance of these and ensure it’s nothing short of good quality.

As with other services, their price also starts at $11 per page with money-back policies that keep your mind at rest. Working with SpeedyPaper gets even better with their on-time delivery, complete confidentiality, and many more. If you’re still finding it hard to trust their quality, then you should also know SpeedyPaper has maintained a 4.7 rating from review sites. Trust us, that’s hard to come by, especially in professional services such as research paper writing services.

  1. 1Essay

Our list continues with 1Essay, another to stand tall among our list of the best 9. If nothing else, 1Essay commits itself to making everything easy for your customers. Right from the primary service of producing quality papers for you, the customer service and payment channels are just the best. They even have a bitcoin payment option!

To return to the primary service, you should know their writers also stand as one of the best in the market. With academic backgrounds that come close to your professors and experience in writing, you can be sure of getting only high grades! Besides, they go beyond native English speakers to ensure you get not just local standards but international recognition! It gets even better as they make life better even for high school students, and their price starts from as low as $9 per page! Talk about quality and relevance! They know what works for the world today and give their customers that — at the lowest price possible.

With 1Essay, you can get started right now with a free inquiry. And their delivery time depends entirely on when you need your paper. They can even make it available as fast as in 3 hours! Moreover, they boast of submissions even before the agreed deadline. This gives you enough time to vet the work and have enough time for revisions. Just the perfect space every student needs to submit the best job.

  1. EssayFactory – UK based website

If you’re in the UK, then you definitely want to check out the EssayFactory. They only work with native UK writers and editors. These ensure you get only the best papers that help you stand out among your peers in any school in the UK.

Their services also go beyond research paper writings. And these can be for levels as high as doctorate degrees.

Pricing starts from £ 11.50 per page. And they also offer freebies that help you save as a student. These include such things as inquiry, title, and bibliography pages, among others. We must, however, mention their poor website speed that might not come in handy when in a hurry. Still, with their superb quality, they are worth being patient with — if you’ve got the time.

  1. IvoryResearch

Ivory Research is another writing service you can’t but try out if you’re in the UK and USA. With the best writers the UK has to offer, Ivory Research ensures all their papers pass all UK academic needs.

Their writers help you because they enjoy it. So, you don’t have to get bothered about receiving lousy work. They give it their best, and you get to have a good grade. Moreover, with their years of experience, they know exactly where to go to get the specific content for your paper.

However, their pricing details might be a bit confusing with their website quote always showing a sum of £90 on all orders. But we are sure their customers’ service is always there to make all things clear.

There you have it! Nine professional writing services that will make your college experience stress-free. Now, we know you might have other questions regarding research paper writing. So, we’ve dedicated the following sections to clear all your doubts.


What is a Research Paper?

As a college student, it’s one sure thing you can’t escape writing one. And why must that be? It’s so you can be a contributor to the body of knowledge. You also get to enhance your understanding of the topic. So, what exactly is this research paper? We will answer this by stating what it is and what it’s not.

What is it?

A research paper is a product of the following:

  • Stellar research,
  • Critical thinking,
  • Source evaluation,
  • Content organization, and
  • Professional writing.

Hence, it is a form of academic writing that provides your analysis, interpretation, and argument on a topic after in-depth research.

As we’ve earlier stated, it serves two purposes. These are to advance the body of knowledge and also to increase your understanding of the topic. With these, we can easily discuss what a research paper isn’t. A research paper isn’t:

  • Your summary of a topic
  • Your summary of what others have written
  • A book report.

Now, it’s a given that while writing your paper, you might end up including any of the above points. But the primary message in your writing should give a unique perspective. In other words, your professor is expecting a new contribution from you to that topic. And if your paper fails to achieve this, it might affect your grading adversely.

Something else to note about research papers is that they can be any of two types. They can be:

  • Argumentative, which is when you take a stand as the writer on an issue. You begin this by making your stand clear. And you end with a persuasion of your reader towards your stand.
  • On the other hand, you can also write an analytical paper. This is to answer a question. It requires a lot more of your critical thinking. And also your ability to support your answer.

Research Paper Writing Guide

Before now, writing a research paper has probably been scary. And now that you’ve seen what it is, you might be more perplexed as to how to go about it. That’s where the following guidelines come into play. Ready? Let’s go!

Take Time to Understand the Assignment

The first step to creating every perfect solution is understanding the problem. If you hope to submit your best work yet, you need to take time out to understand your assignment. This is the time to write out your deadline, goal, formation, paper length. Also, here’s another tip to make your work easier as you move on. Create a checklist of key points from your assignment. Tick this off as you continue with writing.

Decide on a Research Topic

The next step is to choose your topic. You can reach a conclusion on this yourself. Other times, you might need to discuss with friends and your professor. And the trick is to go with ideas that are both original and specific! Save yourself from the stress of broad concepts. A good way to start with your topic indeed is to first decide on a wide area of interest. But, always narrow this down to something original and specific!

Start with a Research

What you end up writing depends mainly on your research! The tip here is you don’t focus on resources that support your argument. Also, search for those than oppose it. This way, you’d be a master of your topic and can successfully erase all doubts about your argument as you write.

Write Your Thesis Statement

The next thing is to write your thesis. This is bound to keep changing as you carry out more research and write. But still, it’s a good guide as to what your central argument is. It’s there to ensure your paragraphs all align with your argument. It’s the part where you make your claim. Your paper will then go on to prove this claim.

Create Your Outline

This is how you roughly determine how your paper will look like. It contains all you plan to include in your paper arranged into sections and headings.

Start with Your First Draft

The next thing then is to write! Now, writing your first draft isn’t about perfection. It’s about writing something that clearly explains and supports your claim. You might decide to leave out your introduction and conclusion till after the main body. And that’s really where your outline comes into play. With your outline, you can easily start your writing from your best section. Also, try not to delete your mistakes. They may come in handy later.

Then, Your Second Draft

Your second draft is there to confirm if your first draft aligns with your goal. Over here, be open to rearrange your ideas. And if you find any part that requires more information, be quick to add more. Ensure there’s no question left unanswered.

The Final Revision Process

Finally, you can now move to reconfirm all you confirmed with the second draft. But this stage also includes some fine-tuning. Here, you should check through the grammar, formatting, sentence structure, among others. This is the part you ensure it’s perfect work!

With these steps, you’re ready to take on your next project. But if you need help, don’t forget there are professional writing services out there.

Research Paper Formats

How your format your research paper depends on the style you’re following. Currently, we have different styles of formatting. These include:

  • APA Guidelines
  • MLA Guidelines
  • Chicago formatting guidelines

These are important in deciding how you’d put down certain things in your paper. Depending on the style you’re using, a guideline exists for:

  • Font choices
  • Headings formats
  • Reference page formats
  • Layout of pages

APA Guidelines

The essential guides of following the APA style are:

  • A standard font like 12pt Times New Roman
  • 1-inch page margin
  • Double line spacings
  • Paragraph indent of a half inches

Also, the APA dictates other things as how the title page will appear, the running head, other headings, and the reference page layout.

MLA Guidelines

The essential guides of following the MLA style are:

  • A readable font like the 12pt Times New Roman
  • Double line spacings
  • 1-inch page margin
  • Title case capitalization for heading
  • Half inch indentation for paragraphs

Other guides include how the first page will appear, the headers, and the works cited page.

Chicago (Turabian) Guidelines

Finally, the third style also has the following guidelines:

  • A standard font like 12pt Times New Roman
  • One or more inch margins
  • Double line spacings
  • Half inch indentations for paragraphs
  • Page numbers must appear in the top right or bottom center.

The title page and reference list also have a defined style when it comes to the Chicago style.

The best research paper topics

When it comes to choosing your research paper topic, it can be as daunting as the writing itself. However, there are easy ways to go about this. First off, you must have understood your assignment. You know your goal, and you know exactly what you want.

Then the next thing is to consider specific key points under three broad categories: location, person/thing, and time period. Mix keywords from these three categories and put them into your search engine. You’d see the topic ideas that will come out on the engine pages. These, you can tweak to better fit your goal, and that way, you’re on your way to choosing the perfect topic. However, we’ve also prepared for you a list of the best topics to write in some disciplines. But before that, what are some of these keywords you can mix?

From the location, you can have such words like:

  • Italian
  • French
  • English
  • American
  • Greek

From Person/Thing:

  • Royalty
  • Morality
  • Agriculture
  • Scientific advances
  • Fashion trends

From Time Period:

  • 17th Century
  • Ancient World
  • Dark Ages
  • Renaissance
  • Colonial Period

By mixing these words, you can derive the best topics ever. Now, let’s see some of our examples:

In Sciences:

  • The Study of Constellations in Astronomy
  • Geologic Ages that Created Coal
  • Structure and Actions of Tsunamis in the 20th Century

In Humanities:

  • Historic Architecture of the Netherlands
  • Theatre Trends of Ancient Rome
  • The Thin Line Between Science Fiction and Science Fantasy.

Current Issues:

  • Issues Faced By Adopted Children in their Teen Years
  • Lack of Ethical Practices in Drug Development
  • Environmental Management for Sustainable Living.

These examples are a good starting point for any student to dive deeper and form topics that win.

Research paper iIntroduction and outline writing tips

The introduction is a crucial part of your paper. This can either make or mar your work. In fact, it determines if your professor will have interest in reviewing your work. Hence, you can’t rush it, and we usually advise you to put it off until you’ve written your main body of text.

So, what makes up the introduction? Simply, the purpose of the introduction is to answer what, why, and how. After reading your introduction, the reader should know:

  • What your paper is about
  • Why they should keep reading
  • And how you plan to present your arguments

The way to go by this is simple. First, start by writing your topic clearly. Also, present your background and hold nothing back about your key terms and concepts. This tells your reader what you are about to discuss.

After this, you go on to the critical part of your introduction. This is stating the reason your reader should keep reading. It should answer such questions as the following:

  • What new insight will your paper provide?
  • What essential issue will your paper help answer, or at least define?

By giving answers to these, your reader develops an interest in the whole of your paper.

For the last part of your introduction, let your reader know what to expect next in chronological order. It should be a text map that prepares your reader on how you plan to prove your claim.

Regarding your outline, recall that this is how you guide yourself through your paper. To create one, start by first writing out your thesis. Once you have your thesis, then follow these steps:

  • List the major points that support your thesis and label them. You can use roman numerals for this.
  • Next, list supporting ideas or arguments that prove these points. You can label these with capital alphabet letters.
  • From these, you can keep creating sub-sections depending on if you have supporting points for your supporting ideas.

Is it legitimate to use research paper services?

The simple answer is yes! Why not? Daily, students have to combine several curricular and non-curricular activities. With these going on, it becomes hard sometimes to give assignments their best. At these times, it’s best to ask for help from professional and legit paper writing services. These will help you write a really good paper that earns you high grades. And at the same time, are original content without any plagiarized page. Besides, all these papers get customized to fit individual buyers. So, you don’t have to worry about buying an essay they had earlier sold to someone else.

However, the real problem here is finding professional help. With it being an online service, it becomes hard to differentiate the legit services from the fake. By using the wrong service, you could be facing some real plagiarism issues. So, to be safe, we’ve provided you with our own top 9 writing service providers. With these ones, we can at least promise you nothing will go wrong.


When it comes to research writing, college students have long sought solutions. The process can indeed require so much time, effort, and experience. Yet, most times, the students never really get enough time to work on these. Hence, it became necessary that such things as online samples and templates come to be. However, none has proved as useful as asking a professional for help. Some professionals are capable of helping you out within 3 hours. And you still get to have the best quality. You just can’t but consider buying your next research paper. And as earlier discussed, it’s legal to buy custom papers. These are original content that is free for you and only you to use.

So, the next time you feel swamped in school work. And you still have to work on research papers. Don’t forget this unique option of buying one. You would be saving yourself time, energy, and money! And better still, you get to have papers written by qualified and experienced writers. With their work, your grades will be nothing short of being the best!

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