Real Life Self-Defense Review (Mike Gillette) Is It Worth Buying?

Real-Life Self-Defense is a digital program created by Mike Gillette. The program has been marketed as one that has all of the information needed to overcome the most frequent violent scenarios that abound. The program’s creator assures that even individuals who have little to no physical strength will find value in the program as it teaches intelligent fighting and self-defense. The majority of violent events are entirely unpredictable, and most individuals are completely unprepared to fight. With Real Life Self Defense, people may find ways to protect themselves in the most unexpected violent situations.

This video program has been described as being as good as having a private instructor.

Your biggest weapons against fear are knowledge and preparation. And that’s why it pays to have the world’s foremost expert in preparing you for anything on your side.

One of the human’s basic needs is the security of life and properties. No matter how secure a country is with a deficient level of crime, you could find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself against evil: from thugs or others. That said, there are so many things in real-life scenarios that are pretty different from our assumptions and what we see in movies. Handling self-defense rightly goes beyond physical ability (building body and staying strong); mental and emotional skills are essential. Then you need the correct information. On most occasions, many of us give in when we have guns pushed into our chest or loved ones; not just guns, the knife scene is another troubling one.

What to Learn in Real-Life Self Defense

As explained by the creator of Real-Life Self Defense, the primary goal is to assist individuals in defending themselves. Those who might pose a danger will be rendered helpless if people learn where, when, and how to strike back properly.

Countering the attack as soon and effectively as possible may prove the best way to save oneself from an attacker. The creator assures the program can teach the skills and techniques to do just that.

In extreme situations, people may have to use their bodies as weapons. The creator promises that the program teaches people how to cause significant damage with appropriate strikes.

The program is divided into three video series and two bonuses that cover separate areas of self-defense. These are summarized in this section.

Series 1: Protection and Targets

The creator explains that in this part, users will:

  • Learn why you are putting yourself in danger by not learning from the program.
  • Learn why understanding the concept of self-defense is critical to surviving and escaping attacks.
  • Discover how to utilize the “Vegas” method to disturb an attacker’s mentality and flip the situation.
  • Learn how and why it’s essential to fall correctly to get up on your feet and get the chance to strike back.
  • Discover assailants’ most common tactics in unprovoked attacks, as well as the surprising actions that may be used to stop them in their tracks.
  • Learn to take a firm stance and get into your best self-defense position to react to any assault.
  • Learn about two street-smart methods that will provide you with cover no regardless of who your attacker is.
  • Discover moves that help to incapacitate an assailant.

Series 2: Natural Weapons of the Body

According to the creator, in this part, users will:

  • Learn how to use an effective technique to divert an attacker’s strike and use that same strike against them.
  • Learn about the two killer techniques that involve making a body part into a weapon that shocks and stops an assailant, putting them out of commission.
  • Learn why even a simple punch may cause so much harm what you should do to avoid it.
  • Learn about the Hard-Soft Rule that may be used to overpower an assailant even without a weapon.
  • Discover the four Open Hand blows that must learn and may be used in an infinite number of combinations for lethal impact.
  • Learn about kicks and why they should not be used without caution. Also, find out what moves to use regardless of the attacker’s skill.
  • Please find out the effective way of deploying knee strikes and avoiding leaving oneself open when striking back.

Video Series 3: Controlling the Subject

It is expected that in this part, users will:

  • Find out the most effective way of using the perfect Takedown Formula so that an assailant is forced to retreat.
  • Learn how to counter and depose an attacker easily and quickly using a combination of moves.
  • Learn how to effectively utilize the Axis method against an assailant and easily counter their force.
  • Find ways to create moments that turn the tide of combat and give room for escaping an attacker.
  • Learn how to use two rapid hand motions to wade an attacker away when the attacker tries to prove too tricky.

Bonus 1

The creator discusses that this bonus teaches:

  • The threat of daggers to personal safety.
  • The importance of understanding and how to distinguish between a knife threat and a knife attack. The creator explains that this is critical to react appropriately.
  • Reacting incorrectly could lead to a potentially life-threatening condition and may quickly become fatal.
  • Three techniques are designed to help defend against an assailant who is bent on attacking with a knife.
  • Victims what to do in the case of a knife threat even with the attacker having the knife around one’s neck.
  • How to handle any knife-related attacks without sustaining any forms of injury.
  • Tips on how to protect oneself from the four most frequent types of knife assaults.

Bonus 2

This bonus is expected to help victims:

  • Please find out how to maintain the ultimate power stance to ensure that they do not fall even when confronted with a barrage of attacks.
  • Learn how to lock attackers and break them using the three power techniques.
  • Discover what is known as The Rule of Jaw and how to use the technique to get out of any predicament. This is done by turning the jaw into a deadly natural gripper.
  • Discover how to take down any sexual predator by finding and exploiting their seven most vulnerable points.
  • Learn how to quickly turn the nails into a lethal set of piercing weapons by watching the video.
  • Discover techniques that will help put an attacker on the defensive.

Real-Life Self-Defense Pricing and Moneyback Guarantee

In a nutshell, Real-Life Self Defense is a digital program available on the official website for $39. A 60-day moneyback guarantee backs this purchase. So, if you do not find the program valuable, you may request a full refund of your money


This is a digital program that may help persons derive the ability to respond to any form of assault appropriately.

With this program, you may learn how to rely on instincts and recognize the body’s inherent danger signals and take action at the right time.

This program may also teach how to be mentally tough to counter the strikes of an attacker by delving into the attacker’s head and understanding the thinking. This program may be what is needed to remain safe from assailants that abound in society today. To learn more about Real-Life Self-defense and how it works, visit the official website for more information.

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