OptiLookNPick Reviews – Is the Opti Look N Pick Device Legit?

Maintaining ear health should be an essential part of our daily routines. To keep them in good condition, you don’t need to brush or trim them like your teeth or toenails. Ear Wax build up is never nice and may cause hearing problems. You might wonder if earwax needs to be cleaned out or if you just need to wash your ears more often.

Earwax, as disgusting as it may be, has a purpose. Earwax is produced by the ear canal as a form of ear protection. It takes some time for it to reach the ear’s ear canal. When you wash your hair, it either falls out or is removed. If you’d like, you can use a washcloth to gently clean the opening of your ear.

It is, however, dangerous to use old cotton buds. Instead of removing earwax, these swabs push it toward the eardrum, increasing the risk of ear blockage and infection and contaminating the ear environment in the process. Using cotton buds to pierce the eardrum is a common occurrence, with thousands of cases reported annually.

When a tool designed specifically for safe ear cleaning can easily be purchased, why would you want to keep buying harmful cotton swabs? OptiLooknPick is one such ear cleaning device that does exactly that!

Cleaning your ears with OptiLooknPick very easy. It has a high-quality camera that enables you to look inside your ear canal while you perform the cleaning procedure. Your ears’ health is also better maintained with the addition of stainless steel earpicks.

This OptiLooknPick’s review aims to provide users with information on the features, specifications, and best practices for using the ear cleaning device.

So, Let’s begin!

What exactly is OptiLooknPick?

A two-in-one inspection and cleaning tool, OptiLooknPick provides unparalleled access to your ear canal. Using an endoscopic pen video camera, you can view the ear canal in real-time on your computer or smart device and improve your cleaning methods from time to time. The OptiLooknPick ear camera inspects the whole cleaning process so that users don’t end up removing more wax than necessary. With the help of OptiLooknPick, you can keep your ears clean and free of inflammation, thereby enhancing your ears’ overall health.

In order to use OptiLooknPick, you do not need to be a nurse or a doctor. It only takes 3-4 minutes to set up, and it’s straightforward to use. The ear, nose, and mouth can also be tested and cleaned with this device. Even If you are feeling ill, OptiLooknPick is an excellent tool for quickly diagnosing and treating infections. In addition to health benefits, you can also use this device to inspect various parts of your car or other things you want to thoroughly examine, especially long thin pipelines.


This device is not just developed for the ears. You can use the OptiLooknPick Ear Cleaning Device to detect early signs of germs in your body so that you can get the best treatment before they intensify and cause further harm. These are some of OptiLooknPick important features:


In order to produce high-quality images and increase exposure, the camera lens is specially designed. Pen video cameras having ratings of 0.3 megapixels and 1.5 cm focus range provide an image of high quality throughout the course of operation. It’s a quick and easy way to see if you have an ear infection early on. Using its zooming function, it provides a clear view of the body’s most difficult-to-reach areas, such as the inner ear or any other part of the body.

LED Lights

With its 6 LED lights, the device can be used to illuminate parts of the ear or any other difficult-to-reach body locations. As a result, parts of that location can be clearly seen. This type of lighting allows for the safe, healthy, and rapid removal of the correct amount of wax from the ear or any other part of the body location with clear visibility.


In-depth health guide

OptiLooknPick provides the user with superior health information. It keeps track of one’s health and can be used as a simple entry tool in households to keep tabs on everyone’s well-being and alert them when it’s time to see a doctor. OptiLooknPick is reliable, robust, and precise, allowing for use on a variety of different parts of the body at once.

Multi-Purpose Function

Other parts of the body, including nostrils, throat, and mouth, can also be cleaned via this tool. It also works great in regards to automobile engines, pipes, and holes that are difficult to access. In addition, a sore throat and other mouth and body cavity infections can be spotted early, thanks to this method. It also gives people a clear view of the sinuses and provides guidance as well.

Full-Proof Protection

This product helps prevent infection in the ears by preventing eardrum perforations and earwax buildup in the eardrum and ear canal. It protects the body from infections and prevents any future risks Additionally, it helps to keep the body healthier by spotting early signs of infection.

Easy to Carry

Because of OptiLooknPick small size and portability, OptiLooknPick can be easily carried around. In addition, the gadget’s lightweight makes it easy to use and store. Simple transportation is made possible because of its lightweight design.

Usage Guide

OptiLooknPick is a cinch to use. So simple to use that the user’s guide provided in the package is practically unnecessary. The OptiLooknPick ear camera uses cutting-edge endoscopic technology to assist users in identifying and addressing ear problems. Thanks to a USB or USB-C port, it is easily connectible to a phone, tablet, or laptop computer. You must work really hard to get the whole process wrong lol.

A clear picture of whatever the user selects will appear on the screen as soon as the camera is linked to the phone. Ear, nose, throat: It doesn’t matter where you put it. A total of six LED lights will come on as soon as the device gets connected, ensuring the highest possible quality of the image. Cleaning can then be done easily while displaying an image of the narrow location on its screen. Using this data, the user can determine how much dirt or wax they need to remove.

It is advised that only one person should use it at a time. The device must not be shared with anyone else. This is because infections and germs could be transferred from one person to another if more than one person uses it.

Why OptiLooknPick is a great choice for cleaning?

OptiLooknPick is simple to use and can be picked up quickly by anyone. You’ll be amazed at the benefits you gain from OptiLooknPick after just a few trial runs. There are several reasons why using OptiLooknPick is a good investment:

The OptiLooknPick product line provides a simple way for people to take care of ears and other body parts. This product really shines due to the high quality camera. With the OptiLooknPick camera, users can insert it into their ears and see every speck of earwax and hair in real-time.

Endoscopic electronic cameras may require cutting-edge innovation to construct, but the gadget is simple to set up. Users aren’t limited to ear inspection only because of the thin design. OptiLooknPick makes it much easier to see inside the nose, throat, and even the belly button.

Using real-time video camera video to get the most comprehensive look at your own health is surely an effective way to keep a close eye on your own health.

You can also look for infections, earwax blockage, and pain in your ear canal with the OptiLooknPick pen video camera. It also allows you to check your throat and sinuses if you’re feeling under the weather and want to catch infections before they get out of hand.

This device may become one of the most frequently used in your home due to its various accessories and compatibility with a wide range of devices via USB Type-C, PC, and mobile phone.

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Q: What does OptiLooknPick package contains?

A: Users will receive the following along with their purchase:

  • USB cable
  • An endoscopic pen electronic camera (complete with two extra ear picks)
  • guideline brochure

Q: How can I find out if OptiLooknPick is compatible with my device?

A: The C-connector used by OptiLooknPick makes it compatible with a wide range of devices. Your gadgets can be linked with this. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, or any other gadget. Both Android and Apple devices are supported without issue. Using the best cable for the best port is all you need to do to get the best results.

Q: Can the OptiLooknPick be used for eye examinations?

A: Nope. Only the mouth, ear, nostrils, and throat can be inspected. It can also be used for examining tight spaces like pipelines and automobile engines.

Q: Is it necessary to charge the OptiLooknPick before using it?

A: One of the advantages of OptiLooknPick is that it is completely usable with no need for charging. To use the gadget, you simply need to connect it to another gadget.

Q: Is there a way to maintain OptiLooknPick?

A: Sanitizing products, such as rubbing alcohol, can be used to quickly clean the tool after use. Also Isopropyl alcohol should be used to sterilize this gadget, according to the manufacturer. Concerns about the OptiLooknPick tool should be communicated to customer service.

Q: Is the OptiLooknPick safe to use in the ear?

A: Yes. They are designed to fit snugly into the ear canal. Customers, however, should first review the instructions provided to ensure that they do not cause any harm.

Q: Can the OptiLooknPick be used inspect the whole body?

A: Ear, nose, and throat examinations could be done with this device. It can give a better view of almost anything outside the body, such as plants, pipelines, or automobile engines.

Where to buy OptiLookNPick

You don’t have to see a health care expert every time your ear canal or nasal cavity needs to be examined. With OptiLooknPick, you can now do it at your own pace and convenience. It makes perfect sense to deal directly with the manufacturer via the official website if you intend to purchase the item.

If you are looking to purchase more than one unit, you can take advantage of occasional discounts offered by the manufacturers. This means that you can buy multiple OptiLooknPick examination tools at once and pay less for each one. In addition, the purchase process is simple and takes no more than a few minutes to complete.

The following offers and prices are given below:

  • One unit of OptiLooknPick: $29.99
  • Two units OptiLooknPick: $59.99 each
  • Three units of OptiLooknPick: $66.99
  • Four units of OptiLooknPick: $81.99 each

The company offers a 30-day cash-back guarantee if you’re not happy with your OptiLooknPick Ear Inspection Tool. To request a full refund or a replacement, simply return the item(s). Please contact the helpful customer service team at OptiLooknPick via following communication channels if you need any additional information about your order.

  • Email: support@getOptiLooknPick.com
  • Contact Number (US & Canada): 855 219 4892
  • Company Address: Quality Performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123 Clifton, NJ 07013


OptiLooknPick is ideal for those who enjoy cleaning their ears but are aware of the harm that cotton buds can cause or for those who want to be serious, in regards to their own health care. Thanks to the device’s design, your ear canal can be examined for earwax obstruction, inflammation, and infection. Users can clearly see their ear canals through a camera plugged into their phone or laptop.

Many smart devices, laptop computers, and desktop screens are supported by OptiLooknPick, which also incorporates a free app. With OptiLooknPick, you can get rid of earwax buildup and prevent future health issues by using the most up-to-date technology. Additionally, parents of young children will find this home-health product to be trustworthy. For some children, going to the doctor is a dreaded experience. This is no longer a concern, thanks to the OptiLooknPick! Simply ask the kid to remain still for 3-4 minutes, during which their ears are examined by OptiLooknPick’s endoscopic camera.

People around the globe have praised the product and appreciated the benefits it provides to them. Its online reviews have been top class. It has become a hot product in New Zealand, the United States, and Canada. If you’re looking to improve your ear health by getting rid of earwax, you should purchase OptiLooknPick as soon as possible. It is surely guaranteed to deliver the best results.

Get OptiLooknPick Today!

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