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Feminine Frequency Reviews: Legit Manifesting Program or Scam?

Feminine Frequency helps individuals soothe their minds and make themselves quickly more available to new and innovative relationships. Dr. Stanislav Grof, an alchemist, inspired the program and later became established in institutes across Ukraine for his methods and beliefs on Breathwork. The Feminine Frequency manifestation program primarily consists of audio, with several gifts offered as bonus content.

What is Feminine Frequency?

Everyone has an idea of the way that their life will go. Some people hope to be married and in an executive position before turning 30, while others aspire to travel the world. However, the actual ability to reach that goal takes a lot of work and stress. These goals require intelligent money moves and confidence, but some people may find that the solution is to engage in the Feminine Frequency program.

Developed by Alexis Watts, Feminine Frequency is based on a manifesting secret told to her by a former best friend (who became her boss at work after four years of dedication to the job). Alexis quickly managed a significant raise at work and found herself a husband by taking on the guidance. She also started going on incredible trips.

During a trip to Ukraine, Alexis experienced an incredible upgrade. With an upgraded suite at the hotel, free massages, and free car rentals, she couldn’t help but question why all of these good things were happening to her boss Maria. While dining out, she learned that Maria was employing the law of attraction in her personal and professional lives. While Maria told her that most women couldn’t make this change work for themselves, the lack of direction led to bitterness.

There’s no need to meditate constantly to create abundance, and there’s no reason to study abroad because it works. The faith that Alexis has in this program is so powerful that she practices it herself. It focuses on deactivating the logical part of the brain and opening up the heart to a new world of opportunity.

With this activation of the right parts of the psyche, users learn about a high vibration called Feminine Frequency. Anyone can use it, and all of the work is based on the knowledge of Dr. Stanislav Grof. His work has been featured in institutes all across Ukraine, though it isn’t like any other manifestation guide on the market today. Women may be able to heal the wounds that have shut down their hearts for years until now.

To start this program, three phases break everything down easily for users.

Phase 1

During the first phase, the goal is to help users to eliminate self-doubt in their minds. The guided meditation outlines all of it for users, teaching them about the 7-7-7 technique. Users who pursue this phase will slowly unravel the person they are inside, giving them a robust confidence level.

With incredible confidence, users start to attract the people that they want in their life, as well as the opportunities that they’ve been hoping for. The phase teaches users to stop accepting what they’ve experienced until now.

Phase 2

The second phase is about sacral energy healing. This phase claims to help users to create new life from their sacral chakra. It centers around creativity and improves the user’s sexuality, making them more attractive to others than ever before.

Phase 3

Finally, the third phase is about opening the heart chakra, where the magic can begin. Only at this stage does the Feminine Frequency switch on, creating the opportunities in the law of attraction. The synchronicities that users need for change finally line up, manifesting the life that users hoped for.

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Accessing Feminine Frequency

The best part about the Feminine Frequency program is that it is relatively affordable and easy to purchase access to. The whole program is $27.

With that payment, users don’t have to worry about their actions during the program. It’s an entirely new change of pace, and users only need to spend about 30 minutes each day to make a difference. There are no massive flights worldwide to achieve this success, and users don’t have to give up frequent flyer miles. Instead, there’s just the $27 fee.

If the user doesn’t get what they want out of the regimen, they have up to 60 days to get a full refund. To sweeten the deal more, users will have access to three gifts with their order, which includes:

  • Affirmations Audio offers affirmations that reassure users that they are “enough,” supporting their need for confidence.
  • Subliminal Video, which women use before they interview with a job or go on a date to make them feel more beautiful.
  • Manifestation Art, which takes about 10 seconds to admire before attracting change in the user’s life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Feminine Frequency

Why do the creator’s only price Feminine Frequency at $27?

The creators say that pricing it higher and taking advantage of women who struggle at this point in their life would not be an ethical choice. The price is enough for the company to cover the cost of their expense to create the program.

Will Feminine Frequency work for anyone?

The whole point of this program is to work for every woman who tries it. Regardless of the user’s location, relationship status, and other factors, anyone can put in the effort for better success. The creators state that even men have used the same program successfully.

What if the user doesn’t get the results that they hope for?

A 60-day money-back guarantee backs up every purchase. The customer support team will issue a refund to anyone that doesn’t get the desired benefits.

How often do users need to listen to Feminine Frequently to get results?

The creators set up this program to listen once daily, but users have to keep up with this daily session for the first three days. After that, play the audio on an as-needed basis.

How do users access Feminine Frequency and the gifts after payment?

The page after their payment details provides users with what they need to download the audio program.

What will users need to do if they have questions or concerns?

The customer service team has an email for customer messages at


Feminine Frequency provides women (and even a few men) with the chance to unlock their hearts to manifest the love life, work-life, and travel life they hope for. The program is easy to follow, and users don’t have to work to get the results. Instead, they can improve their situation with the correct change in their mindset. The program’s success is entirely based on users’ effort, and everything is available at a relatively low cost.

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