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CBD flowers are the newest craze in the cannabinoid market. Their sudden popularity is due to their mild but extremely fast-acting psychoactive effects. Increasingly, people who want to add variety to their CBD intake inhale these flowers. The best part is that the flower is legal in most states.

What is a CBD flower? It is just that; a dried and treated flower of a fully grown Cannabis Sativa plant. However, what makes it unique is its low percentage of THC, i.e., 0.3%. Unlike other parts of the Cannabis plant, the flower has a different strain, so its THC level is lower. Likewise, its psychoactive effects are mild and controlled compared to delta-9 THC.

Many cannabis-producing brands are rushing to launch their best CBD flower versions. There are a number of options available, but be aware, though, that not all of them will be of premium quality. CBD flowers that may be cheaper may contain additives and fillers.

Thus it is wise to do thorough research into these different varieties. Get to know what goes into making premium quality hemp flowers and which brands offer a better deal.

We did our research, and we have a winner. Exhale Wellness is hands down the best brand for manufacturing the safest, natural, and most potent CBD flowers. Their flowers come in a wide range of strains and sizes. Regardless of strain, each flower variety has the same aroma and zest and provides a similarly pleasurable experience.

At this point, you may be eager to try out this CBD product. However, read on to learn more about it and how it can best suit your needs.

Who Should Use Exhale’s CBD Flower?

Regular healthy adults can take CBD flowers for recreational purposes like relaxation and daily busting stress. Several users primarily take it to combat work-related stress. This is so because the CBD flower brings on a mild euphoric feeling without intoxicating the user. Thus people take it to relax, knowing it will not cloud their minds.

Moreover, researchers and scientists have looked at the flower’s antioxidant and neuroprotective effects. They have found the flower to be especially effective in treating psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression. It targets the body’s neurological system and helps regulate its mood. It kills negative emotions that lead to such psychiatric disorders. Additionally, it is also beneficial in curing people with epilepsy.

Besides this, medical researchers recommend CBD flowers for pain management issues. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps manage inflammatory pains and neuropathic pain.

Of late, scientists have affirmed that the CBD flower may be helpful in the treatment of other medical diseases like heart disease, digestive conditions, and cancer. Though it has not been confirmed as part of a regular course of treatment, the healing qualities of the flower’s strain are promising in combating such diseases.

Brand Overview: What Exactly Is CBD Flower?


Exhale Wellness has gained a lot of popularity in a short period in the hemp industry. Their reputation is because of their A list of premium quality CBD products. With a vast and diverse product inventory and many flavors, Exhale has something for every type of smoker.

Exhale Wellness is based out of LA, California, but their supply extends to the entire US. Enthusiastic and highly talented researchers and growers formed the company. The whole team has years of experience in the organic food industry.

The brand’s fundamental aim was to center holistic health around the products. The team believes that hemp’s natural goodness and healing properties can contribute significantly to individuals’ overall health and well-being. Thus the brand focuses on harnessing hemp’s superb therapeutic qualities and infusing them with other superfoods to provide optimum benefits to the user.

Manufacturing Practices

Among the few brands that add superfoods to their hemp products, Exhale Wellness enjoys a monopoly offering natural, nutritional benefits from hemp.

The brand proudly claims all its products to be 100% organic and natural. It sources its hemp from premium hemp-growing farms in Colorado. These farms provide A-grade organically grown produce. Exhale manufactures its products in their natural form, without any artificial additives. Thus their entire range is organic, vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

The company’s manufacturing process involves the CO2 extraction method. Their production team ensures that they extract high-quality pure hemp distillate from the cannabis plants using this method. Following ethical manufacturing practices, they use back the CO2 released in the extraction process, thus minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the brand subjects all its products to third-party lab testing procedures to ensure quality and purity.

Users claim Exhale Wellness’s customer service to be supportive and friendly. Also, their shipping, return, and exchange policies are flexible and speedy. Various online reviewing platforms are filled with positive reviews of Exhale’s products by happy and satisfied customers.


  • Wide range of products catering to all types of smokers
  • Discounted prices
  • Special offers
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy return policy
  • Natural products
  • Vegan, organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, dairy-free products
  • Free from artificial additives and flavors
  • Safe extraction method used in manufacturing
  • Large variety of flavors
  • Third-party lab tested
  • User-friendly customer service
  • Comprehensive website


  • Available only in the US
  • Only available online on the official website

Ingredients In CBD Flower

Exhale’s CBD flower is made of two main ingredients; hemp flower infused with delta-8 isolate. According to studies, the hemp flower has proved beneficial in treating inflammatory pain, depression, and anxiety. Moreover, scientists have affirmed hemp’s healing properties in the treatment of acne, regulating blood pressure, and curing serious illnesses.

On the other hand, delta-8 THC is an excellent alternative to the illegal delta-9 THC. Medical research proves it to have the same desired effects as cannabis, without adverse psychoactive side effects.

Most brands adopt three different methods for infusing the two ingredients together. First of all, depending on the strain, the production unit rolls or sifts the flower buds into the delta-8 isolate. After the initial rolling, the flower is moved into another layer of delta-8 distillate.

The raw flower is dipped in the delta-8 liquid in the first method. The end product is soggy since the distillate is oily and doesn’t dry properly. This variety is, though difficult to smoke, but most potent. It may be harsh for beginners, though.

The delta-8 distillate is lightly sprayed into the flower in the second method. The end product is not as potent as the dipping method, but the smoking experience is lighter and more pleasurable. Hence flowers produced through this method are recommended for beginners.

In the third method, the delta-8 distillate is dusted or coated onto the hemp flowers. This method allows large quantities of the distillate to be added to the flower, thus making the buds more potent without being soggy and heavy.

How Does the CBD Flower Work?

Smoking or vaping the CBD flower directly releases the cannabinoid into the lungs. The effects reach the brain faster from the lungs, as the brain is connected to the lungs via large and fast-flowing blood vessels. This is unlike other CBD products. The cannabinoids in other products go through the liver before reaching the brain. The liver is known to repress the effectiveness of CBD. Since the liver is bypassed in this case, the desired effects of the flower are almost instant—however, these last for about 30 minutes to a little over an hour.

Let’s put the working of the flower into a scientific context for those of you who can deal with the technical jargon. The CBD flower works with the help of an endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for collaborating with the neurological system of the body. Thus the flower directly targets and regulates the neural processes. This helps in the maintenance of the psychological equilibrium of the user. It aids in the fighting of negative emotions like depression and brings on feelings of positivity and happiness.

The flower does not have psychoactive effects like delta-9 and other CBD products. This activates the non-intoxicating receptors such as 5-HTIA and TRPV1 in the body. 5-HTIA controls mood and regulates the heart rate, and TRPV1 handles inflammatory pain. On the other hand, other CBD products activate the intoxicating receptors such as CB1 and CB2. These receptors bring about the ‘high’ from cannabis in users.

What are the benefits of CBD flower?

  • Immediate and Non-Intoxicating Effects

The leading edge that CBD flower has over other similar products is that it absorbs into the system faster. This is because of CBD’s direct absorption into the lungs and the brain, bypassing the liver. The liver reduced CBD’s effectiveness. Thus when you smoke the flower, you can be sure to get CBD in its most potent and effective form. The desired effects you look for will be almost instant.

Though the flower comes from the same Cannabis plant used to manufacture other hemp products, it has a different strain. Due to this factor, the flower does not have psychoactive effects like other CBD products. Its effects are milder and short-lived but instant. They provide a pleasurable and soothing experience for the user. The user can comfortably inhale the flower to bust daily routine stresses without worrying about getting high or intoxicated. Intoxication leads to paranoia, clogging of mental clarity, and confusion. You can count on having a soothing and relaxing time with the flower but minus the undesired effects.

  • Lots of Flavors

The flower is the most tasteful way of consuming CBD due to its many flavors. Exhale Wellness’s CBD flower is considered the highest quality weed strain in the market. Exhale derives the tastes of its flower range from natural sources and includes cannabis-derived terpenes.

Following is the list of flavors available in Exhale’s CBD flower range:

  • Lifter
  • Zkittles
  • OG Kush
  • Cookies
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Sour Diesel
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Northern Lights
  • Skywalker OG
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Helps Quit Smoking

Consuming CBD flowers can substitute for smoking, which is a good idea for those who want to quit. Many smokers cannot stop because of the physical and mental withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking. Also, since smoking helps smokers deal with their stress and anxieties, they find it hard to break the habit. A recent study shows that a group of smokers, when given CBD inhalers, could lower their smoking by 40%. Since the flower also provides relief from stress and anxiety, it is beneficial for the smoker to adopt in place of nicotine cigarettes.

  • Combats Stress and Improves Sleep

Besides its relaxing and soothing effects, the CBD flower improves your sleep quality. Killing off stress and providing restful sleep are two of its significant benefits, which have helped millions of users maintain their work-life balance and sanity.

  • Cures Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction

CBD hemp flower’s therapeutic qualities help fight anxiety and depression. It has also proved to be beneficial in combating addiction in users. Its quick and mild relief helps tapering down tolerance levels in substance users. Most antidepressants bring a list of severe side effects and a risk of substance abuse. The flower has a high strain of CBD, which is a good substitute for many drugs.

  • Medicinal Benefits

Moreover, research shows hemp flowers to prove beneficial in treating medical illnesses like digestive problems and heart diseases. The flower eliminates toxic material from the body and lowers blood pressure. Similarly, the flower has been reported to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body. According to studies, it has also helped patients with epilepsy.

Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, the flower is also helpful in pain management and pain relief. Users commonly smoke hemp flowers when they have headaches. Interestingly, hemp flowers have also been reported to cure acne.

  • Cheaper and Legal

One of the significant benefits of smoking hemp flower is that it is relatively cheaper than marijuana. Marijuana is an expensive choice for users wanting a good CBD option. The hemp flowers have a high strain of CBD as potent as marijuana, and sometimes more so. They also come at a cheaper cost. What’s more, hemp is legal in most states, unlike THC. Therefore smoking or inhaling hemp flowers is a more affordable and legal option for your CBD intake.

CBD Flower Side Effects

Users have reported no significant side effects of CBD flowers. Though smoking anything, in general, is harmful to health; therefore we do not endorse increased use of any cannabinoid product.

Some of the minor side effects of the flower include dry mouth and feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Too much flower consumption also leads to some users’ sore throats, sleepiness, and digestive discomforts. Some users may experience vomiting during the first few weeks of inhaling hemp flowers. If you have similar issues, consider reducing your flower consumption, which should help curb your vomiting spells.

Though vaping or inhaling the flower is a relatively safer option for most, researchers have discovered that cannabinoids in any form can interact with certain medications. Therefore, consulting with your doctor is a wise option before consuming the CBD flower if you are on any medication.

Long-term and excessive use of hemp flowers can also lead to liver diseases. So if you already have liver issues, you should be cautious about your flower dosage.

In addition to this, hemp flower smoking during pregnancy is harmful to both the mother and the unborn child. Therefore, a woman should avoid smoking hemp flowers during pregnancy.

Who Should Avoid Using CBD Flowers?

Delta-8 is a psychoactive substance found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Both marijuana and hemp are derived from this plant. Hemp is a natural variety and manufactured ethically, without adding additives and harmful chemicals. Nonetheless, delta-8 products have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA as safe to use.

All cannabinoids have psychoactive effects, milder than others and thus less intoxicating, such as the CBD flower. But, it should be consumed responsibly and without excesses to avoid any kinds of long-term damage to your health.

CBD flowers, however, should be out of children’s and pets’ reach. Also, if you are on any medication, you should consult your doctor before taking the flower. This is because cannabinoids can interact with medicines in different ways.

People with liver problems should avoid CBD flower as its prolonged and excess use can damage the liver.

Pregnant women should also not inhale hemp flowers, as the flower can negatively affect the baby’s development. It also causes adverse effects to both the baby and mother’s health.

Dosage And Tips To Start: How To Consume CBD Flower?

  • Administering Methods

You can take CBD flowers in different ways, but pre-rolls are the most popular form of taking them. We recommend using the flower in a pre-roll or joint to best enjoy your hemp flower experience if you are a beginner. Exhale’s hemp flower comes in a ground state, which you can conveniently put in your pre-roll joint.

Besides this, you can also smoke the CBD flower in a bong, a vaporizer, or a pipe. It all depends on your preference and your prowess at inhaling CBD.

Fill your bong bowl with the flower if you want to use the bong. Make sure that the water of the bong should be clean. Once you have done so, put the bowl with the flower in the bong. Light the flame next to the bowl, and inhale at the mouthpiece of the bong. It may require specific sessions and practice to inhale your flower using this method.

  • Dosage

Manufacturers recommend 1g of flower intake on average daily as usual. This means you can do three sessions in a day using 0.3g of flower in each session. However, this range can change depending on your weight. If your BMI is more than the average, you may need more flowers per session to get the desired effect. Similarly, if your BMI is less than the recommended range for you, you may need to reduce 0.3g of flower per session. Typically manufacturers and experts consider an ounce of CBD flower consumption per month safe. An ounce roughly contains 28g of CBD flower.

  • Starting Tips

The flower has different strains, and it’s a helpful idea to educate ourselves on what each strain does for us. This way, we can be more aware of which strain we need at what time of the day.

The Sativa-dominant hemp strains are recommended for morning sessions. These strains contain terpenes that provide uplifting and energizing effects. We all need that mood lifter and energy booster in the mornings to help us get out of bed and have mental clarity and focus at work. This strain will be your friend in the mornings.

The Indica-dominant strains are recommended for night sessions as these have more relaxing and soothing effects. The terpenes in the Indica strain effectively eliminate stress and calm the body. Hence these are useful to take at night.

An important consideration here is the spacing between doses. The CBD flower’s effect stays for 1 to 2 hours. The dosing period should consequently be spaced between 1 to 2 hours. Anything less than that, and doing a session on the heels of the previous one will lead to increased levels of your CBD tolerance. You should thus practice caution in the spacing of your flower sessions to avoid excesses and build-up of tolerance.

Where To Buy CBD & Delta Products?


Exhale Wellness’s CBD flower is available for purchase on its official website. We highly recommend buying your flower supply from authentic and certified retailers, i.e., Exhale Wellness.

The brand has a comprehensive website with product specifications and details for each flower strain. You can also find other relevant information like dosage guides, a blog, and user reviews. All this will help you get the best flavor and strain according to your needs.

Exhale Wellness has excellent shipping policies, as the company dispatches all orders within 24 to 48 hours of order confirmation. You will get two shipping options from USPS; economy shipping and priority shipping. The economy shipping is free of charge and delivers your order between seven to eleven working days. Whereas the priority shipping is faster, promising to deliver within five to eight working days. However, the priority shipping has a flat charge of $7.50.

Buying a product from its original retailers has several benefits. For starters, you get access to value offers and bundle deals. Affordable price packages are also available, and Exhale offers a 20% discount on your first order. Plus, their exchange and return policies are flexible and customer-friendly. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you get a 30-day return and money-back guarantee. You also have a 15 day grace period to request a return and refund. Additionally, you can return unopened products to the company at no extra cost.

With such flexible and accommodating buying and shipping policies, Exhale Wellness has won many satisfied users all over the country.

Conclusion – Is Exhale Well Legit?

Exhale Wellness enjoys an excellent reputation for manufacturing safe, effective and the best CBD products in the hemp market. Many happy customers have called it “the best weed brand.” Their wide range includes delta-8, edibles, HHC, CBD, oils, cartridges, pre-rolls, vape pens, gummies, and flowers.

The company promises to deliver natural, organic, and safe products following ethical practices. Their products cater to a wide range of people with different dietary needs: vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, and non-dairy. Moreover, Exhale uses natural sources for the abundant flavors of its CBD flower range. No artificial flavors or additives are added to the flowers. So when you buy your CBD product from Exhale, you know you are getting the pure stuff.

CBD flowers have become the newest trend as they are the most pleasurable and yummiest way of taking CBD. With mild and non-intoxicating effects, the flower is a preferable source of CBD for many users. You can enjoy the soothing and relaxing effect of the flower at the end of a stressful day at work or early in the morning for that extra dose of energy. All this goodness can be had without the unwanted side effects of other psychoactive substances. The CBD flower has something to offer everybody with various strain sizes and types.

Thanks to the enormous range of flavors Exhale offers, you can choose from Northern Lights to Cookies to Hawaiian Haze. All flavors are equally potent and provide the same aroma and zest. Each strain has a detailed specification and description available on the company’s website. Besides, you also get information on dosage and user reviews. What’s more, the brand has excellent customer service and is flexible with its return and exchange policies. Thus their CBD flowers are a must-try.

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