CBD Cream for Pain: Top 5 CBD Lotions 2022

As a wise man once said: Everybody hurts — sometimes. Whether it’s muscle soreness from work or exercise, wear and tear with age, skin issues, joint and ligament pain — it’s painful, uncomfortable and can seriously affect your quality of life. And that’s where CBD pain cream comes in.

Just as the ever-expanding CBD hemp product market has helped millions with sleep, calm relaxation, anxiety and other issues, CBD cream for pain is targeted for helping you feel your best through topical use. The good news: There are a ton of options for CBD creams, lotions and other CBD topical products. The bad news: There are a ton of options for CBD creams, lotions and other topical CBD products.

So, to help you weed through the huge selection of CBD creams for pain, we’ve done the research to help you narrow down your product search. Our product choices are based on brand reputation, hemp processing standards, and CBD product effectiveness and safety. So, here they are:

CBD Cream for Pain: 5 Best CBD Lotion Products of 2022

1. CBDfx CBD Cream for Muscle & Joint: Cooling Formula

cbdfx us muscle joint cream mg

CBDfx has established itself as a leader in the CBD market due to its vast selection of top-quality products made with effective, natural ingredients. CBDfx uses only American-grown, organically farmed hemp in all of its CBD products. And its hemp oil is always tested by an independent, third-party laboratory to ensure quality, potency and purity. That goes for CBD creams, as well as a fantastic assortment of other CBD hemp products, including CBD gummies, CBD vapes, CBD oils, CBD capsules and even CBD for dogs, such as CBD dog treats. Their products are also medically reviewed, with reviews from licensed medical professionals right on every product page.

With that in mind, CBDfx CBD Cream for Muscle & Joint: Cooling Formula is our choice for best CBD cream of 2022. Specially formulated to help relieve aches and pains from overwork, sports, exercise and more, this pain relief cream soothes and relaxes with a stellar lineup of ingredients, including broad spectrum CBD, white willow bark, caffeine and menthol. The salve feels cool on your skin, and then works its way into your muscles and joints, easing pain and discomfort along the way, and leaving you relaxed and ready for your next workout.

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2. CBDfx CBD Balm Stick Muscle & Joint: Cooling Formula

cbdfx us balm stick cooling formula muscle joint mg

Following at a close second, CBDfx Balm Stick Muscle & Joint: Cooling Formula offers the incredible relief of a good CBD sports cream and puts that relief in a stick form that’s easy to toss in a gym bag, and is mess-free to apply. Simply rub the topical CBD balm on the affected area(s) to feel the camphor, wintergreen and peppermint oils heat and cool your aches. The broad spectrum CBD works its way below the skin and targets pain receptors to help your body feel better and more relaxed.

This CBD pain relief product also features shea butter and coconut oil to help nurture your skin while it gets to work on your muscles and joints. Plus, CBDfx CBD Balm Stick for muscles and joints is cruelty free, and even vegan-friendly, so there’s no guilt to be had while bringing relief to your body.

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3. cbdMD Recover Inflammation CBD Cream

CBDMD Topical Pain Relief Recover

cbdMD Recover Inflammation CBD Cream takes the next spot on our best CBD creams list. This pain cream offers a wealth of natural anti-inflammatories to help reduce your body pain and get you back to doing what you love. Those healthful ingredients include broad spectrum CBD, vitamin B6, and an assortment of powerful botanicals, such as organic aloe leaf juice, chamomile flower oil, cinnamon leaf oil, lemongrass oil, and many more.

And cbdMD CBD Cream comes in a wide range of CBD strengths for your specific needs: 300 mg CBD, 750 mg CBD, and 1500 mg CBD. This allows you to tailor your regimen to your body’s pain-management needs, metabolism and tolerance to CBD. Plus, the CBD content is independently tested for purity and potency, so you know you’re getting a quality CBD cream product.

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4. Nightingale Remedies Relief CBD Cream

Nightingale Remedies Relief Cream mg

Nightingale Remedies Relief CBD Cream makes our best CBD creams list with this high-quality topical CBD cream. This potent cream features a fast-acting topical formula made from powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredients, including white camphor bark oil, black pepper essential oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, turmeric root extract and, of course, hemp-derived CBD. As with all water-based cream, Nightingale Remedies Relief CBD Cream offers excellent absorption into the skin to achieve a faster, deeper CBD effect.

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5. Social CBD Muscle Rub

Social Muscle Rub mg

Social CBD Muscle Rub rounds out the list of best CBD lotion products of 2022. With quality ingredients that pamper your skin, ease your aches and leave you feeling relaxed, this CBD cream is formulated to help you feel better in no time. Social CBD Muscle Cream features 250 mg of CBD, as well as aloe, vitamin E, potent botanicals, such as tea tree oil, arnica Montana flower extract and more. This quality CBD cream also has excellent absorption and isn’t greasy when applied, so there’s less mess to worry about after you’ve applied your topical pain product.

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Why Use CBD Creams for Pain?

The simple answer to that is, obviously, to feel better. The CBD creams we mentioned above are formulated to help ease the pain that can come with exercise or overwork. And while these creams won’t cure arthritis or heal injuries, they can help aid with inflammation and discomfort to help get you back to full speed and feeling great. To understand CBD and its potential benefits for pain relief, it’s important to understand the science behind the compound known as cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of more than 100 compounds called cannabinoids, which are found in cannabis plants — in this case, hemp. Other notable cannabinoids include CBG, CBN, CBC and, the most famous, THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid most commonly associated with marijuana. However CBD products, by law, cannot contain more than a trace amount of THC — less than 0.3%.

Your body actually makes its own version of cannabinoids, which operate inside what’s known as your endocannabinoid system, or ECS. It’s a sort of monitoring and policing network of cell receptors and signallers that runs throughout your body and helps with several vital tasks, including brain function, pain management, sleep regulation, memory and organ function.

So, by adding the hemp-derived cannabinoids to your ECS, you help increase its functionality. That, in turn, delivers a calming effect as your body undergoes a boost in homeostasis and internal balance. It doesn’t get you “high” like marijuana, but rather promotes a relaxing wellness sensation, kind of like a good massage.

The Difference Between CBD Creams and Other CBD Products

When you consume CBD gummies, CBD oil or capsules, the cannabinoids have to be broken down by your digestive system, and then sent out accordingly into the endocannabinoid system. Topicals, such as CBD cream for pain, however, do a bit of bypassing and target pain neurotransmitters directly. The result is that the pain or discomfort is relieved in a short period of time. And, unlike opioids which are often used for pain management, a topical such as CBD cream doesn’t produce any psychoactive effects or risk of addiction.

Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate

There are three main categories when it comes to CBD products: Full spectrum, broad spectrum and CBD isolate. These spectrum designations refer to the breadth of cannabinoids and other compounds found within the CBD oil used in the product.

Full spectrum CBD is the kitchen-sink spectrum. Full spectrum oil contains everything that comes off the hemp plant, including all cannabinoids, as well as terpenes and flavonoids, which contribute to the plant’s smell and color, respectively. This spectrum of CBD oil also contains trace amounts of THC (again, less than 0.3% — so full-spectrum CBD cream is legally compliant).

Broad spectrum CBD can be thought of as the slightly filtered spectrum. Broad spectrum products contain the majority of the cannabinoids of full spectrum CBD, but the THC content has been removed. Despite the fact that some of the other hemp content is removed in the process, this is still a robust form of CBD and a favorite for many CBD companies when it comes to topical CBD products.

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD. As the name implies, this is strictly CBD, stripped of all other hemp compounds. The main benefit of the 99% pure form of CBD is that there’s no smell or flavor (which can be a benefit in some CBD products, such as vapes or CBD bath products). However, CBD isolate is not necessarily the most effective form of CBD for topical products — nor does it deliver the Entourage Effect.

And what is the CBD Entourage Effect? Unlike many compounds, supplements and medications, which work in parallel with each other when consumed together, CBD and other cannabinoids synergistically work together, actually improving one another’s performance as they’re absorbed into your body. So, the more cannabinoids present in your CBD cream for pain, the deeper the CBD experience and the better your chance for pain relief.

How to Find the Best CBD Cream for Pain

The CBD market has grown exponentially in recent years. That means both a wealth of fantastic cannabidiol product options for consumers, and also a massive influx of less-reputable CBD brands trying to make a buck at the expense of your health and wealth. So, it pays to know how to find the best CBD brand and product options available.

First, know what you want. Just being able to narrow down your CBD product needs to, say, joint support, will weed out a lot of white noise in the market. And from there, you can start looking at specific CBD products.

Stick with CBD companies that have outstanding reputations in product quality — from the hemp farm to your door, and all steps in between. Look for CBD brands that farm their hemp organically, which eliminates the possibility of pesticides making their way into your CBD creams or other hemp products. And also make sure your CBD company extracts the hemp cleanly, such as by using carbon dioxide instead of caustic solvents which can leave residues behind in the CBD oil.

Does Your CBD Cream Come With a Third-Party Lab Report?

In order to verify these practices, also look for companies that have all their CBD creams and other CBD products tested by an independent, third-party laboratory. Those lab reports should be made publicly available so that you can access them easily.

These lab reports will show if the stated CBD content is accurate, as well as the presence of any pesticides, heavy metals or other harmful chemicals left over from non-organic farming or solvent-based CBD oil extraction. This type of lab report is the gold standard in product transparency, as it gives you complete access to the CBD potency, purity and safety of your hemp product.

If you find yourself on the fence between a couple of different CBD cream products for pain, it helps to look at user reviews. While there are always outlier cases in the case of any product, find reviews — from real users — that lean overwhelmingly positive. They’ll be able to tell you how the CBD cream really feels, smells, works, etc.

Possible CBD Cream Side Effects

As with any new vitamin, supplement or medication, it is possible to experience side effects from CBD use. However, CBD side effects are rare, and the vast majority of cases of negative effects and experiences are a result of taking doses far beyond the product recommendation. That said, it is possible to experience dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue. CBD can also interfere with certain medications, so be sure to consult your doctor before starting a CBD regimen. And be sure to always adhere to the manufacturer-recommended dosage.

The Last Word on CBD Pain Cream and Other Topical CBD Products

Now that you’ve gotten a primer on CBD cream for pain — how it works with your body and its potential benefits for pain relief — take some time to explore the high-quality brands and topical products listed above. All of these topical CBD creams are designed to help you feel relaxed, happy and pain-free, so you can improve your quality of life and move without discomfort. And who wouldn’t want that?

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