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Life can be very confusing, especially when we are unsure about so many things in life. Have you ever been in a life situation that tore you apart? A condition that you needed a solution to and needed a quick answer? Yet, it felt like no answers were coming? You are not alone. You and many others are in this situation, and they also need and want answers as you do.

Sometimes, it is a very tragic or life-changing situation that makes us decide to take a bold decision that will change our lives for good. It could be a divorce or the death of a loved one. It is almost like our bodies become tired of storing trauma and pain and need somehow to be done with it.

It is common knowledge that our bodies store pain and other memories. Whether they are happy or sad memories, has it ever occurred to you that the cells of your body also hold trauma? And these traumas do not end with you but are passed from one generation to another. That means that you have the trauma of your ancestors stored inside of you.

In an experiment to prove that traumas are in the body’s cell, a group of researchers took a group of mice and paired a scent of cherry blossom with a mildly painful electric shock. Eventually, when these mice smelled cherry blossom, they freaked out from just anticipating the trauma. The researchers did not stop there. They went ahead to test the descendants of the mice down to the sixth generation. Every generation of these mice, even though they never experienced shock, freaked out from the scent of cherry blossom.

What Is BioEnergy Code?

The Mice and the scent of cherry blossom is proof that some of the trauma that we experience, especially the small ones that may be overwhelming, are due to past traumas. These traumas may be ones that were experienced in our generation and have nothing to do with us. Our ancestors experience trauma, and these traumas are passed down to us.

BioEnergy Code does not just deal with past or present traumas but works to help you find balance and happiness from the energy within you. Research out of the University of Vermont Medical Centre confirms that there are energy centers within the body. That is where different types of bioenergy are stored.

These Bioenergies are called Chakras. The ancients believe that there are seven chakras or bioenergy centers. These energies in these chakras are what enable us to live our best lives. But sometimes, traumatic experiences, loss, and painful events block this energy and prevent us from manifesting the life we truly want. Bioenergy code is the code that teaches you how to unblock this lack of energy flow. It helps you to live your life to your fullest.

How Does BioEnergy Code Work?

BioEnergy Code works with something as simple as a switch! There is a switch that quickly unleashes the full power of your body’s bioenergy. For many years that gurus and spiritual leaders have known about the seven chakras in the body, they have created methods to unblock bioenergy and release energy to the body.

These methods are yoga, meditation, and crystals. People have sworn by these methods and their efficacy. Unfortunately, these methods are lengthy and time-consuming. They may even require you to become a follower of a guru or spiritual leader. It is also complicated and requires skills that ordinary people may not have.

With BioEnergy, the switch from slow to fast is now possible. This switch is possible with the latest neurological brain wave programming. Bioenergy code combines the traditional chakra teachings with guided meditations and powerful visualizations. It is powerful audio that does not bother you with knowing the chakra that needs balancing. It also eliminates the need to master strange techniques or devote your life to a guru.

What Do I Get With BioEnergy Code?

The BioEnergy Code is an audio that teaches you how to switch up your chakra as fast as possible. It doesn’t require that you have any skill or technique. In the BioEnergy Code, you will get nine phases of energy:

Welcome to the energy phase

This phase is the first phase of the bioenergy code. It is the phase that teaches you how to meditate without the fight that comes with changing your mind. Have you ever tried to meditate and have your mind drifting? The proprietary neuro frequencies in the bioenergy make it easy for you to meditate.

Foundational Energy

This energy is associated with the root chakra. This phase helps you to identify areas in your life where you require stability. It helps to clear the blockages through curated visualizations and affirmations.

Relational energy

This is also known as Sacral Chakra. It is the energy center that helps you with emotional intelligence. It also supports meaningful relationships and promotes feelings of pleasure. The BioEnergy Code will help you find a new sense of balance in your relationship by honoring your wants and needs.

Personal power energy

Another name for this is the Solar Plexus Chakra: this is the power core of your being. Blockage of this means blocking your truthful and most powerful self. The BioEnergy Code helps you to do away with that.

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Heart Energy

The heart energy is the Heart Chakra. That is the center of love in your body. This energy gets blocked because of unmet expectations and disappointment. In this phase, you will have your barriers to receiving love rolled away. All your disappointments will also fade out.

Expression Energy

Throat Chakra is another name for this. It is the energy of self-expression and spoken truth. To own and to say your truth can be near impossible. It is hard when that truth is bound to the expectation of other people. That is the phase that helps you to be free from what others may think of you.

Intuition Energy

This is called the third eye chakra. You will learn how to trust your intuition and get rid of self-doubt. This phase will introduce a new kind of confidence to you. You will also begin to see with clarity and wisdom.

Oneness energy

This is also called the Crown Chakra. The oneness energy will remind you of the positive energy you share with the universe and how you can balance it. You will learn to recognize the divine around you and within you.

Power extension

This is the last and final phase. It is the phrase that reminds you that you are worthy and whole. You will begin to look at yourself with a new sense of expansive peace and warming love.

Where Can I Buy BioEnergy Code?

You do not need to look too far for where you can find the BioEnergy Code. You can get it here today for only $37. That’s $160 less than the original price.

A 365-day money-back guarantee will back this system. For further information, customer service can be reached via::

  • Email: jv@selfhelppublishing.com.
  • Address: 111 Somerset Road #03-00, Singapore 238164


BioEnergy Code Conclusion

The BioEnergy Code is what you need to put your life back together. Take a bold step today and stop wallowing in self-pity and frustration. There is feedback on how this Bio-Energy Code has changed a lot of lives. It can change your life too.

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