Best Private Instagram Viewer In 2022: Top 4 Instagram Profile Viewer Sites Online

Instagram is a place where people post their activities, lifestyles, and ideas. You can view other people’s profiles, but if the account is set in private, the social media platform requires you to follow their accounts. This way, you view their content – but at a cost – they can also surf through your profile.

How can you get to see other people’s posts without them getting a wind that you viewed them? This article shows you the top four best private Instagram viewers, which helps you stay invisible on the social platform.

Going online is one primary way people connect nowadays, and as more people join social media, people get concerned about their privacy. This issue arises because the internet is relatively public, and anyone can easily access information about others.

In this 21st century, social media remains one of the bedrocks on which the internet lies. Instagram is a social media platform where many people can contact and interact with their followers and loved ones. The relative ease of connecting with others makes Instagram the favorite of many age groups.

Using Instagram has some downsides – one of which is that your online footprint is not invisible or as private as you want. As a result, other users may see the stories and posts you view and like. In addition, they may also see pages or private instagram accounts you interact with and monitor your interests.

For those who are privacy-conscious, this feature may pose some concerns. That is where you need the best private Instagram viewers. These services allow you to view other people’s stories and private instagram accounts anonymously. This way, you can maintain an invisible footprint when surfing through Instagram content.

They also come with other perks that enhance your experience on the social media platform. Here, you will see the best private Instagram viewer and why you should choose them over others.

Top Private Instagram Viewer Apps That Work

After hours of research, we came up with the best private Instagram viewers that give you the features and benefits you need – and even more.

Let us take a detailed look at the features each private Instagram viewer offers.

  1. Glassagram – Overall Best Private Instagram Viewer On The Market
  2. uMobix – Most Popular Site to View Private Instagram Profile
  3. mSpy – Recommended Instagram Private Account Viewer
  4. eyeZy – Exclusive Private Instagram Story Viewer App

#1. Glassagram – Overall Best Private Instagram Viewer On The Market


Developed in 2017, Glassagram is one of the oldest private Instagram viewers in the market. This service has proved that it can help people monitor events on the popular social media network in stealth mode.

Glassagram has several features which offer you some of the best options to view private Instagram profiles, stories, and activities. This app started with a team of five developers and has since expanded to include more talent.

This service lets you view more details about any Instagram profile you desire. Glassagram has many applications – one is that you can use this app and follow your kid’s activities on Instagram.

This feature helps you check who they interact with and ensure they do not get groomed or cyberbullied. Glassagram enables you to confirm your kids are safe online.

In addition, Glassagram saves you the stress of peeking at your partner’s phone or stalking them if you suspect they’re cheating. You can review their activity on Instagram in stealth mode and discover the account they follow. This feature helps you see who they interact with most of the time.

Business owners and marketers are not left out at all. Glassgram helps them get very detailed analytics on their audiences. One can quickly check out the profiles of people who interact with their posts or ads and find common interests. This way, entrepreneurs can design advertisements that target the right audience with laser-point precision.

The great thing about this service is that you can try a free demo which helps you appreciate the features before choosing a subscription plan. TheIslandNow recommends Glassagram as the private instagram viewer that places more emphasis on delivering value, so you get to check out how this service can improve your Instagram marketing or social media activity.

In addition, the free trial helps you select the subscription plan with the features that matter most. You can cancel your current plan easily if you no longer need the service.

Product Highlights

Easy Access: Glassagram is one of the best private Instagram viewers for its ease of use. You don’t need an Instagram account to check analytics on the social media network. All you need is the target’s Instagram ID, and you’ll receive precise details on the stories they like, the IGTV feed they follow, and lots more. In addition, you can also use the free demo options to check other people’s activities quickly.

Customer Support: Glassagram offers 24/7 customer support, so you can get any issues sorted out as quickly as possible. There is a form on the Contact Us page where you can leave a message and get a reply in a few minutes. Glassagram also offers an email address so that you can send the support team a direct email.

Pricing: This private Instagram viewer has one of the best pricing available. There are several subscription plans – each with its unique features and perks. This way, you can pinpoint the best offer. Plus, there are additional discounts for yearly and quarterly plans.

Features: Glassagram has many features that improve analytics for marketing and monitoring purposes. These include direct message tracking, so you can monitor who sends messages most to the target account. Also included in the package is IGTV and Instagram reels tracking that enables ones to see the content the target account likes most. You can also see comments made by the target account and even deleted stories.

Stealth Mode: The impressive thing is that you get all these features in stealth mode. Glassagram offers 100% anonymity which means that the people you’re targeting on Instagram have no idea that you’re viewing their account activity.

Versatility: Glassagram works on Android for now, but you can also target users with an Instagram account on any platform – including Android and iOS. As a result, you don’t need to worry about which phone your target account uses.


  • 100% anonymity
  • Provides detailed analytics
  • Reasonable pricing with discounts
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Targets accounts on any platform
  • Lots of customer reviews
  • Helps prevent cyberbullying
  • 24/7 customer support


  • No live chat feature yet
  • Only available for Android

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Glassagram

#2. uMobix – Most Popular Site to View Private Instagram Profile


This service is not an Instagram viewer, but it comes in handy when finding mobile devices around your area. It can also function as an indirect Instagram tracker – provided you have the number of your target account.

While uMobix might not be a pure Instagram tracker, it locates mobile phones and user locations. This software comes with a map that gives a user’s location precisely.

uMobix can help with parental control – especially if you need to monitor your kids while they are away from home. You can see their travel history in real-time and discover places they visit frequently.

This app is also helpful for surveillance purposes, where you can use it to monitor suspicious activity. For example, if you get calls from a random number claiming to be a service agent or bank staff, you can use uMobix to verify if their claims are valid based on their location.

Assisting in locating stolen or lost devices is another area where uMobix is very helpful. This service can aid law enforcement agents in tracking stolen gadgets with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, they can also use it for hunting down scammers and criminals in minutes.

One downside to this service is that you need location and location history to be active on the target device. If the user switched off their location history, you might not get any results.

uMobix fetches location data and other details about the user’s phone in a few minutes so that you can take action in less time. This service is anonymous, and you get all these details in stealth mode. As a result, your target audience will not know you checked their location history.

Regarding Instagram marketing, this service also helps business owners identify trends based on location and demographics. This additional info helps create more effective marketing campaigns that yield more excellent results.

Product Highlights

No Installation Required: uMobix runs online through the official website. You can access location info with a web browser and internet connection. As a result, you do not need to download or install any app. This feature removes software compatibility issues, which means you can use it on any device.

Multiple Network Support: This service gathers location info from every network provider worldwide. You don’t need to worry about what network they use since you can target anyone regardless of which network they are under. As a result, you can track phone numbers worldwide in real-time.

Versatility: uMobix works with any device – it doesn’t matter if your target uses an iPhone or Android device. This app can effectively gather location data and share them with your device in a few minutes. Since it works through a web browser, you can also use it on your Android or iPhone.

Anonymous Footprint: This service does not share your geo-data at all. With secure encryption, you can quickly locate numbers without getting detected. In addition, they do not collect or store your location data.

Easy-To-Use: uMobix gives all these data on a map in real-time. This information makes locating the number super easy. The service also indicates if the numbers stay around your area, which is super helpful for surveillance.

Location Sharing Feature: This service also has one additional feature to help you get location info in case the target phone has its location history turned off. This case may happen with friends or family members. You can send a text to the recipient’s phone, which prompts a location history. Your phone will receive real-time information about their location once they accept the prompt.


  • Precise phone number tracking
  • Useful for parental control and surveillance
  • Shows location on a map
  • Location prompt feature available
  • Does not share your location data
  • Works on a web browser
  • Supports different mobile network providers
  • Can be used from anywhere in the world


  • Not a pure Instagram viewer
  • Does not give detailed analytics
  • Needs a phone number

⇒ Visit the Official Website of uMobix

#3. mSpy – Recommended Instagram Private Account Viewer


Next on this review comes mSpy – one of the best picks for monitoring Instagram messages, photos, and chats. The great thing with this app is that it is not only one of the best private Instagram viewers available but also has features that help you monitor many other apps.

With mSpy, you can monitor everything from Snapchat, Tinder, WhatsApp to Telegram, and calls and messages without getting detected. This service gives you flexibility and a wide variety of options when checking what your kids do – if they are constantly online and texting on their phones.

The service gives you peace of mind that your kids are safe and not being manipulated by strangers. mSpy gives you every detail about their conversations, so you don’t need to grab their phone or peek into their screens while they text.

You can check their Instagram stories, chats, posts, and who they follow on the social media network. mSpy gives you total control over your kids’ phones – in stealth mode, which means your kids don’t know you are watching their online activity.

The pricing is affordable, coming in less than the cost of a cup of coffee. In addition, you have options for a quarterly or yearly subscription. There are discounts available with more extensive plans, which makes them cheaper. mSpy gives you the information you need, and you get updates on your kids’ Instagram activity every five minutes.

mSpy is not just suitable for monitoring your kids’ online activity; you can also use it for your siblings or partner. If you suspect suspicious activity or that they might be cheating on you, mSpy helps you get the information you need without going through their message history.

This app does not have an icon, so they will not know that you installed it on their phones or that you’re using it.

Product Highlights

Secure Platform: mSpy has encryption around it, protecting users from any external interference. This safety net is like the ones used by banks and makes everything you do on the app super private. In addition, it also provides anonymity for the devices and accounts you monitor. This way, only you can see any data transmitted to your phone.

Easy Installation: You can use the app on Android and iOS, with each version optimized for maximum performance. Both versions are identical, and the app runs in the background in stealth mode. The installation process is super quick and takes less than three minutes. You can create a free account, but that has limited functions.

One App, Many Options: mSpy excels at monitoring Instagram activity which helps keep your kids safe online. Also, this app has more functionality than what you’ll get with other apps. You can review their activity on almost every app – including Snapchat and Telegram. The app blocker feature helps you identify potentially harmful apps on your kids’ phones and block them from your device. You can also prevent them from downloading these apps in the future.

Customer Reviews: mSpy has a four-star rating on Trustpilot, which is very good. This app helped thousands of parents monitor their children’s activity stealthily and help them develop healthy relationships. This way, they also get peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe. With thousands of positive reviews, this app is one of the popular options among parents.

Customer Support: There is an in-app customer support option available round the clock. You can get help anytime, anywhere in a few minutes. mSpy has a dedicated customer care team that delivers the best solutions to your inquiries and problems. Many billings, payments, or app setup issues get resolved as soon as possible.


  • Comes with a screen-recorder feature
  • Very ideal for parental control
  • Approved by relevant agencies
  • Lots of functionality available
  • Stealth mode keeps you safe
  • Bank-grade encryption
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Supports local sync for data transfer
  • Apps works in the background


  • Free account has limited functions
  • No live chat feature available
  • Physical access to the device is required in some cases

⇒ Visit the Official Website of mSpy

#4. eyeZy – Exclusive Private Instagram Story Viewer App


This app is another one of the best private Instagram viewers you can use to monitor what your kids do online. eyeZy comes with a unique feature – the Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework automatically filters and detects any potentially harmful words.

This AI framework also reviews their activity constantly and sends you a notification whenever your kids try to do something wrong. As a result, you can monitor their activity without having to go through tons of text messages or screenshots – especially if you’re short on time.

When someone sends these kinds of words in a text chat, the system filters them and sends a notification with the text containing the harmful word. This list of potentially dangerous words gets reviewed constantly, and you can add more to the list.

eyeZy helps you monitor what they are doing online without holding their phones physically. It reads the contents of messages, pictures, and videos in several apps like Instagram, SMS, Phone, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, and even Tinder.

You can also restrict access to some apps or the kind of content your kids get on these apps. eyeZy gives you an insight into your kids’ online activities – all their private chats and conversations – without getting detected. As a result, they won’t even know you’re monitoring them.

This app works on various devices, including Android and iOS phones and tablets. There is a device compatibility checker, so you can determine if the app supports your device before downloading it. The installation process is simple and quick; you can get it running in less than five minutes.

eyeZy is a favorite of many parents who are thrilled that the app allows them to access their kids’ phones without physical contact. Many pointed out that the stealth mode feature gives them extra privacy. In addition, the AI feature delivers precise information to their phones in real-time.

Product Highlights

Social Media Monitor: eyeZy helps you monitor what the kids do on Instagram and other social media platforms. You can get a real-time alert when your kids follow inappropriate accounts or view harmful pages. This app also allows you to block their access to any such pages.

Extra Privacy: This platform has several layers of security which ensure that you are the only one viewing your kids’ data. The bank-grade encryption also protects you and ensures your account doesn’t suffer a security breach. eyeZy prioritizes security and ensures you do not get harmed by using the service.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support: The customer support team is there for you if you have any questions or issues. They remain committed to providing the best support and comfort when using the service. You can get a response throughout the day for 24 hours, seven times a week.

Browser Surveillance: With eyeZy, you can block your kids’ browsers from accessing harmful pages. This app uses AI to detect harmful content and also allows you to include more websites. So, your kids will get a redirect if they try accessing such websites.

App Blocker: Some apps are not healthy for kids, and the developers at eyeZy know this fact. As a result, you can also block your kids’ phones from using these apps. The great thing is that you do not need physical access to their phone. After installing the app on your device, you choose what app they can use and which they cannot. In addition, you can also prevent them from downloading those apps in the future.

AI Recognition: The cool thing about eyeZy is its AI filter feature. Once enabled, the app uses this option and sends intelligent alerts to your phone every time a message containing potentially harmful words enters your child’s phone. This way, you can potentially identify, restrict, and delete such messages. As a result, you’ll create a safer online environment for your kids.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Safe browsing feature
  • Responsive customer support
  • AI message filter
  • Comes with an app blocker
  • Industry-grade privacy features
  • Verified customer reviews
  • A great option for parental control


  • May not support older device models
  • No live chat support feature yet

⇒ Visit the Official Website of eyeZy

How We Chose The Best Private Instagram Viewer App

There are several services out there that promise total anonymity when using Instagram. They offer that anyone using them can go through Instagram profiles and view stories or posts without leaving being seen.

While this promise might seem enticing, we left no stone unturned by reviewing each service individually. As a result, we tested these platforms and selected the ones with the features that appeal to your needs. These best private Instagram viewers here also have extra features that make them an excellent choice for parental control, which helps prevent unwanted contacts and cyberbullying of your kids.

In addition, we ensured that each service lived up to its promise of providing absolute confidentiality and secret monitoring of the target account.

Things We Looked For:

  • Security: These platforms need multiple layers of secure encryption to give the protection you need. We ensured that they provide safety for all users and do not collect data in any way. This way, you can easily use it and view Instagram profiles or stories without a trace on the network.
  • Features: Apart from just viewing Instagram stories, this list highlighted the best software with options that help you do more than viewing Instagram stories. For example, the viewers here have features that allow you to review the activity of select devices, like your kids’ phones. They also help you monitor who is following you and apply the necessary privacy settings.
  • Pricing: We also ensured you’ll get fair pricing for the features available. This list covers some of the best price ranges – from premium to budget. Also included in this review are billing methods, and we ensured there are no hidden fees. They also come with discounts for annual or quarterly subscriptions.
  • Installation: This service also comes as software you can download; hence, we also reviewed the setup process. Before selecting the best private Instagram viewers, we looked at how to install them. In addition, we made sure there were no bulky files or stressful procedures. You can also use them on Android or iOS.
  • Credibility: This review also assessed the developers of these private Instagram viewers. We checked the background of the firms in charge, their experience, and how well they’ve developed other apps. Since privacy is a sensitive issue, the efficiency of this software is critical. Last but not least, we also made sure software has not suffered a cyber attack in the past.
  • Usage: The User Interface (UI) matters like all other things reviewed here. This list selected easy-to-use and attractive platforms with everything you need to make your social life private. We ensured you could quickly locate important buttons and settings when using the app. As a result, using these private Instagram viewers makes you comfortable and at home.

What to Look for While Selecting How to See Someone’s Private Instagram

With the many options for protecting your visibility online, one might get confused about which one is the best. These services have a lot of applications, from spying on a partner who might be cheating to improved analytics for marketing.

Choosing the best private Instagram viewer also ensures you can monitor how your children interact online without getting spotted. They help provide a safe online environment for the kids so they don’t get manipulated. In addition, one can use these Instagram viewers to determine the real-time location of a specific device.

This review is handy in this case and provides tips and insight on what you need. In this section, you’ll see what to look for when selecting the private Instagram viewers so you get maximum comfort and privacy online.

  • Customer Reviews

These include feedback from people who used these services recently. Checking the customer reviews helps you gather info about how well these services perform. You can also get hints on the features and benefits of using one option over another. Customers also drop feedback on the pricing and how it relates to this service – and this feedback is something you won’t want to miss.

Another thing customer reviews point out is how effective these services are. They help you understand how using one of the best private Instagram viewers feels. Trustpilot-verified reviews come from customers who have genuinely used these services. As a result, always take time to check and analyze them.

  • Budget and Pricing

Your budget determines how much you can afford. Generally, these private Instagram viewers here have different subscription plans that provide you with other in-app benefits. Ensure you need most of the features in your chosen subscription plan. In addition, annual and quarterly subscriptions include discounts that reduce the amount you pay for the service.

The options highlighted in this review have very affordable pricing with subscription discounts. Generally, most cost less than a cup of coffee for one month which is way cheaper than that of competitors. In addition, they offer great value for the services offered, which makes them a great deal at that price point.

  • Customer Service

This feature is essential since the customer care team resolves any complaints or issues you have when using this service. Ensure there are enough handles or means where you can reach the company – for example, valid email addresses, social media accounts, and even telephone contact. This way, you can quickly get help when it matters as fast as possible.

You should ensure there’s someone ready to take your calls or reply to your emails as soon as possible. The best private Instagram viewers in this article have a 24-hour support team available throughout the week. In addition, they are responsive, dedicated, and committed to delivering the best service possible.

You can also contact them via the customer support hotline or verified email address.

  • Available Features

Every service has different offers and benefits, which may give it an advantage over others. When choosing the best private Instagram viewers, put your needs first. In addition, always check if the service has the benefits that matter most. You can make a list of features you need and select whichever service you want. This way, you have software that gives you the most benefits when viewing Instagram stories and profiles.

Our top best private Instagram viewers have some remarkable features. Apart from giving you unrestricted access to the kids’ Instagram profiles, stories, comments, and chat, these services also come with several add-on features. The safe browsing option prevents your kids from accessing any websites that may pose some harm to them.

You can even block your kids from using or downloading any app you don’t deem fit for their age. Some private Instagram viewers see your smart notification every time your kids want to access certain restricted apps.

  • Demo Versions and Free Trials

These factors are one more thing you should look for when choosing a private Instagram viewer. These demos help you feel how this software works without committing to payment or subscription. This way, you can quickly determine if an Instagram viewer suits your needs.

The best private Instagram viewers reviewed here come with demos or a free version where you can check all their features for a limited time. As a result, you’ll better appreciate how much control they give you over the kids.

Before choosing one service, try out the free version and see what features are available. Note the points above and ensure the app you choose performs them satisfactorily.

  • Installation and Setup

Some private Instagram viewers only work on Android, while others work on Android and iOS. Before selecting one, always check that your device is compatible with the app. Some services provide a free compatibility checker so you can do it at no cost. All you need is your device model and the operating system version; the website runs the checks.

The services highlighted in this list are easy to install, with most averaging five minutes of setup time. They do not have bulky files, so they don’t take up space on your phone or tablet. These apps can also monitor Android and iOS phones, so you don’t have to worry about the target phone’s platform.

These services run on an internet connection, meaning you need stable data or WiFi. Some offer local backup and sync. These private Instagram viewers also run in the background and do a screen capture when your kids are active online.

These files get updated to your phone in a few minutes so that you can check them out at leisure.

  • Privacy and Encryption

Last but not least, privacy is essential when using these services. The stealth mode feature means you can monitor the phones of your kids or partner without getting spotted. As a result, check and confirm that the service you’re going for has a stealth mode feature.

Encryption keeps your data safe on the internet and ensures your account does not get breached. The private Instagram viewers reviewed above have bank-grade encryption that prevents hacking or data breaches. Staying safe online is one reason you should try them, as they’ve proven trustworthy.

They also offer 100% anonymity and do not collect your data. Most offer the option to use them without an account bolsters your online stealth profile.

FAQs about Instagram Profile Picture Viewer

Q1. How can I choose the best private Instagram viewer?

There are many services out there that claim to be the best. Always do some research before selecting a service. Look at the features they offer, privacy, your budget, and how much access they allow to the target phone. They also allow unrestricted access to Instagram activity, making them suitable for parental control. Some of the top ones available include Glassagram, uMobix, mSpy, and eyeZy.

Q2. Can you monitor a phone without an app?

Monitoring Instagram and other activities on the phone require special software. Some of these come as apps that you can install on your phone. These apps help monitor the target phone remotely and offer period backups and data sync. Other types do not require installations, as you can get detailed Instagram activity via the website. This type of service is called a web app and requires an internet connection.

Q3. Do these private Instagram viewers monitor phone calls?

Yes. Apart from delivering detailed analytics on the target Instagram account, these apps also monitor text messages and phone calls. As a result, they are great options for parental control. You can also see frequently contacted numbers, incoming calls, and the duration of each call.

Q4. Can these private Instagram viewers help reduce cyberbullying?

Yes, to an extent. These apps help you understand any challenges your kids may be facing. The AI and screen capture feature alert you of potentially harmful interactions your kids may have with others. They also help you restrict their access to platforms where they might get bullied online.

Wrapping Up: View Private Instagram without Human Verification

This article reviews the best private Instagram viewer available online and what makes them unique. These apps are handy for monitoring what the kids do online and protecting them from potential danger.

They also have an application to check on a partner and ensure they’re not cheating on you. In addition, one can get detailed Instagram info which helps in marketing and advertising campaigns.

These apps have an affordable subscription model with several perks and bonuses for annual and quarterly plans. You can use them on Android and iOS devices and target several types of devices.

Another thing that makes the four highlighted in this review unique is their excellent customer service that works round-the-clock. This way, they can attend to your questions and resolve any issues you may encounter.

Finally, you can try the demo version before installing this app and learn how it works. The setup process for these private Instagram viewers is simple and doesn’t take much time.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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