Best Payday Loans Online: The Most Reputable Payday Loan Websites of 2022

Unlike ordinary long-term loans, you can apply for a payday loan and get it the same day. You can borrow up to enough to cover your immediate needs. However, different lenders have limits on how much they can lend. Since you are to repay these loans in a short time, online lenders often charge higher interest.

Companies offering the best payday loans issue them through a mediating website. If you apply but fail to pay, your lender will demand the amount, plus interest. Of course, you can repay your loan on or before the due date. Another aspect you should know about payday loans is the amount charged by the lender. Most lending websites charge between $10 and $30 for every $100. You should ensure that you repay your loan on or before the due date to avoid paying extra fees. The amount you can borrow varies depending on your previous financial history. The laws of your state also determine the amount an online lender can loan out.

Not all online payday lenders are trustworthy. While many websites offer quick loans, some are outright scams. We sifted through many online lenders in search of legit ones. We rated these best loan lenders, considering how fast they process the loans. Secondly, we looked at their regard toward borrowers with bad credit. Finally, we picked five of the best payday loans online. Read on to find out why we chose these lenders and how you can enjoy their instant loans.

The Top 6 Best Payday Loan Websites of 2022

To qualify for payday loans online, you should produce proof of identification. Websites will ask for your account number and income records. Online payday loan lenders ask for these documents to verify your repayment ability.

The processing of payday loans is different from how ordinary banks do it. Once an online loan provider approves your request, you get your cash the same day. You can receive the money to your account or via mobile money transfer. You will also receive a text on your cell phone reminding you of the loan’s due date. So, we evaluated each website to verify the efficiency of their services. After sifting through hundreds of them, we came up with a list of the best payday loans websites:

  • MoneyMutual
  • PickALender
  • FundsJoy
  • Next Day Personal Loan
  • BadCreditLoans
  • CashUSA



MoneyMutual has been providing payday loan services for a long time. In fact, since its founding, this website has loaned over 2 million happy customers. This website ranks as the best payday loan provider for two reasons. Firstly, MoneyMutual is trusted because it has helped millions of people borrow money online. Secondly, you will receive the funds almost immediately.

If you have a good credit score, MoneyMutual can lend you $5,000. Better still, you can still receive money on the same day even if you have bad credit. MoneyMutual has over 120 lenders from which you can borrow loans. With this extensive network, you have the flexibility of choosing a service and even get a higher loan amount. Additionally, this company helps connect you with a partner at no extra charge.

How much can you borrow? Up to $5,000 in less than 24 hours



PickALender is an online company that connects you with lenders so that you can file a loan request. You can find lots of information on the website on what the company offers. PickALender provides auto loans, credit cards, and debt consolidation services. The company also has a diverse range of loans besides payday loans. If you are a traveler in need of cash or want to renovate your home, PickALender is for you. You will find many categories of financial services on their website. Once you fill out the application form, you will receive your loan through their lending partner. It takes two minutes to complete filling out the application form and less than 24 hours to receive funds if approved.

How much can you borrow? Between $100 and $40,000 in less than 24 hours



FundsJoy is another competitive online company that offers quick payday loans. Their loan processing method is simple. Once you fill out the required forms, the company lends you quick loans from $200 to $5,000. Plus, the company has a variety of loan schemes for borrowers with different credit scores.

FundsJoy assists in linking you with their affiliates; they do this at no additional cost. The best part about this company is that everyone qualifies for payday loans regardless of their credit. Furthermore, they award you the amount you are eligible for within one business day.

How much can you borrow? Up to $5,000 in less than 24 hours

Next Day Personal Loan


True to its name, the Next Day Personal Loan company will deposit cash in your account one day after approval. Next Day Personal Loan has been consistently giving borrowers their money a day later from the date of application. So if you need a personal loan, fill out the form today and withdraw from your account tomorrow. It usually takes three minutes to apply for a loan. Visit the website and fill it out; you can have access as long you have an internet connection.

Next Day Personal Loan is an affiliate of many networks of lenders across the US. Their website has a 256-bit rate data encryption, and the lender will process your loan securely within minutes. Thankfully, this company also offers payday loans to persons with bad credit scores. They disclose their interest rates on various loan categories, so you know there are no hidden charges.

How much can you borrow? Between $100 and $40,000 and receive payment the next day



BadCreditLoans is an online company specializing in giving payday loans. As the name suggests, this company will lend you money even if you do not have good credit. BadCreditLoans connects you with many payday loan lenders without extra fees.

Visit their website to find detailed information, including the payday application form. You only need to review the various offers, after which they will link you up with their affiliate lenders. Applying for the loan and receiving it may take a couple of minutes. So, regardless of the amount you are asking for, you can rest assured to get it in one business day. Smaller amounts are processed faster, meaning you will receive the money in a couple of minutes.

How much can you borrow? Between $200 and 10,000 in less than 24 hours



If you want to find payday loan lenders in your hometown, CashUSA will do that. This website also has a nationwide network of lenders, so finding one in your area is possible. Visit the website to find out more about their lending terms. Further, you can fill out the application form on the company’s website. Like other top-rated payday lenders, CashUSA provides the details of fees charged by its lending partners.

Once you link up with the lenders, you must evaluate their terms and choose what fits your needs. Of course, interest rates vary according to the loan structure you are applying for, and it means long-term loans attract lower interest rates than standard payday loans. This company also ensures you get your loan the next working day, and you can walk into their physical offices if you reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How much can you borrow? Up to $10,000 and receive payment the next day

How We Ranked The Top Payday Loan Websites

After going through many online sites claiming to offer payday loans, we learned that not all adhere to standard lending rules. While some lack credibility, many are scams with non-existent payday loan structures. Our team used strict selection criteria to come up with our list.

Quality of Lenders

Some lenders direct borrowers to qualified partners, while others have sketchy dealers. We evaluated these online lenders and their partners’ services and the amount they can lend. Some websites claiming to offer payday loans would link you with lenders offering poor services. So, we picked payday lenders with credible affiliated networks across the United States.

Quantity of Lenders

We found some payday loan providers with a limited number of partner networks. This means a borrower may not find a lender that fits their needs. We picked the ones having a nationwide network of legit lenders with history to back up their claims. Hence, we selected those that offer more flexible terms and options.

Deposit Speed

Not all payday loan lenders will deposit funds in your account as they claim, and most would claim to deliver the cash in less than 24 hours, only to disappoint you. The best payday online loans websites would process the money and make deposits in less than two hours.

Fees, APRs, and Other Charges

Although online payday loan lenders should declare their charges, some withhold these data. Others complicate the information in fine prints, thereby confusing the borrower. We rejected online lenders who are unwilling to disclose their interest rates and other fees.


Among legit online payday loan lenders are shoddy businesses. Only those that show honesty and openness made it to our list. We only picked payday loan lenders that disclosed their annual percentage rates (APRs) and fees up front, and those who adhered to the law willingly disclosed such information.

Company Information

Genuine online payday lenders are willing to share their contact addresses, including customer care phone numbers. Similarly, their presence online must be authentic. Our team rejected payday lenders that lacked such vital information or were not transparent in disclosing it.

Customer Reviews

Further scrutinizing each payday loan lender, we considered reviews from previous borrowers. We chose the ones with the highest review ratings from independent review sites. MoneyMutual, with over 2 million customers, is our top pick. Many people are happy to borrow from MoneyMutual because it is faithful to its customers, and it has been for over a decade now.

Company Reputation

We eliminated payday lenders with little to no experience in the industry. Most of those we chose have a history dating back to over a decade. We rejected start-ups that lacked stable loaning plans.

High-Level Security Encryption

Processing these payday loans takes place online. Lenders ensure your personal information is secured. You wouldn’t like to have your credit card or Social Security Number hacked by scammers. Reputable payday loan companies transmit data via a secure, 256-bit encryption channel to enhance security. Payday loan lenders with this provision show that they care about your private information.

Accepts All Credit Scores

The best online loans companies will award you payday loans regardless of your credit status. Most Americans have poor to average credit scores, yet these lenders accept their loan requests. Our team chose payday lenders that considered borrowers with or without bad credit scores.

Ease of Use

We considered sites where people can easily navigate and find their information. Some use bots to communicate with visitors instead of a person at the customer care help desk. So, we only accepted responsive sites that offered a seamless user experience. When you want to borrow a payday loan, you probably want the cash right away to cover some emergencies. A good payday website should make it easy for you to access the loan within a short time.

Borrowable Amount

Reading from the websites above, most can only lend you money up to a specific limit. Although most online lenders may loan you from $100 to $5,000, few can lend out up to $40,000. We also picked payday loan lenders that offered a wide range of loans.

How Payday Loan Websites Work

It is not hard to understand how the lending website operates. Here are some vital aspects of a payday website:

Step #1: Applying via The Website

Websites offering payday loans provide the application form on the company’s website. The request form is usually placed strategically on the homepage for ease of access by the potential borrower. To start the application, you begin by entering your legal name. You can also view their terms and other loan structures on the same page, including partner lenders near you.

Step #2: Entering Personal Data

To qualify for online payday loans, you’ll have to provide sensitive information such as your Social Security Number. Some websites may ask for your monthly income or even ask you to verify your identity. So, you should have your cell phone with you if they send a verification code to your number.

Step #3: Browse Available Offers

Once you verify your identity successfully, the website will connect you to many lenders, including those in your area. You will see a list of various offers with amounts listed according to credit score. Whether you have a good or bad credit score, you will find a relevant category to cover your needs.

Step #4: Choose the Amount You Want

Once you select a lender, check the box next to the amount you request. Most payday loan lenders offer between $200 and $5,000, with some few lending out more significant amounts. These loans come in handy if you are a traveler and need to settle some bills.

Step #5: Entering Bank Account Information

Since most transactions occur online, payday lenders will send the money directly to your account. This method is faster and more convenient for both the lender and the borrower. The payday loan lender can only send you money after providing them with your bank account details.

Step #5: Receiving the Funds

Companies providing payday loans make a direct deposit into your bank account. The process may take one business day, while some will send you the money in under two hours. You may not believe it, but it is practical, and that is what happens with the best online loans lenders.

Step #6: Choose to Spend Money Wisely

Once you have the money in your account, spending it is your choice.

Step #7: Repaying the Loan

Most of these payday loan lenders provide two to four weeks for you to repay the loan. So, make sure to pay off your loan once you receive your next paycheck. If you pay on or before the due date, you avoid paying high penalties.

How Much Does it Cost to Access a Payday Loan Website?

Anyone on the internet can visit an online loan lending website. You don’t have to subscribe or pay a membership fee. Payday loan websites act as go-between brokers, helping to connect you with many lenders. Once you provide the needed information, the website directs you to lenders, letting them compete to lend you the money. The lender compensates the payday loan website for sending them a customer. The referring websites don’t charge for pointing you to a payday loan lender.

Different lenders charge varying fees and interest rates, while some charge annual percentage rates or APR. For instance, if you borrow $4,000, you’ll pay back $4,400 within two weeks or in one month. Good lenders provide this information up front, so you know how much you’ll have to pay back.

Why Choose a Payday Loan?

While you are free to take a payday loan any time, the best advantage is that it can cater to emergencies. It is helpful, especially if you are yet to receive your paycheck. Second, you will receive the cash fast. Other factors that can make you borrow a payday loan include the following:

  • You may be stuck in a foreign land and need to continue your travel
  • Perhaps you want to repair some broken household equipment
  • You want to settle some overdue bills urgently
  • You need cash to sustain your needs till your next payday
  • Your budget got disorganized due to accidents or unexpected visitors

Payday Loan Requirements

Payday loan websites will ask you to produce specific documents before giving you the loan. Of course, the lender will not provide a loan to an anonymous borrower. So, here are some of the proof you must provide:

  • You must be an adult, 18 years and above
  • Be a resident of the state you indicated in your application form
  • You must have a valid cell phone line and a verified email address
  • A bank account that is active for at least a month
  • Must not be in debt or have been declared bankrupt

Not all payday loan lenders will ask for proof of your income, such as your monthly paycheck, yet some do. Essentially, the higher your income, the more you can borrow.

How Much Money Can I Borrow From These Lenders?

Online loan lenders look at your credit score to determine the amount to give. Other aspects that determine how much you can loan include your state’s lending laws and the website’s terms. With a good credit score, you may qualify for amounts higher than $10,000, depending on the company. Browse the websites on our list to choose the one that would fit your needs.

Top 6 Advantages of a Payday Loan Website

Other than accessing the loan quickly when needed, there are other advantages to using these online payday loan lenders.

Advantage #1: Borrow Funds Regardless of Credit Score or Financial Past

Websites on our best online loans list offer payday loans even if you have bad credit status. On the other hand, you can gain access to more offers if your credit history is good. Reputable websites may ask for more personal documentation rather than deny you the loan.

Advantage #2: Cheaper than Credit Cards

The interest rates payday companies charge are lower than those set by credit cards. Credit cards often charge 18% to 40% as annual percentage rates, whereas payday lenders charge 5% to 30%. If you want to avoid paying high-interest rates, you should strive to repay your loan before or on the due date.

Advantage #3: Select from Different Lenders

Payday loan websites have a network of lenders to link you nationwide. It means you choose from a multitude of payday lenders. Further, you have the option to visit the lender in your hometown.

Advantage #4: Apply to Multiple Lenders at Once

Unlike traditional loans, where you must fill individual hardcopy forms, an online payday loan application is available online. Again, online payday websites let you apply to multiple lenders using one application form. It means you don’t have to wait hours to receive the money, and it can take less than 10 minutes to fill out the form. Once you click “submit,” wait for responses from lenders wanting to offer you the loan.

Advantage #5: Customizable Payment Terms

Payday loans are customizable, meaning you can ask for $30,000 or $100 and repay in a month or a day. It’s upon you to request the amount you want and pay it back before the due date. Payday websites won’t ask why you need the cash, so again, spend it as you wish; it’s yours.

Advantage #6: Improves Credit Score

If you have a poor credit score, repaying your payday loans will raise your credit status. You may also choose to offset your pending balances once you get the cash. The more you become debt-free, the better your credit status.

Do I Need Income for a Payday Loan?

If you receive your pay weekly or fortnightly, you can use part of your pay to offset the payday loans. Payday loans can help settle your immediate needs before the end-month. Some payday loan sites will ask you to upload your current pay stub so they can use it to determine the amount they’ll give you. Still, not all payday websites demand these documents. To some, your Social Security Number is enough proof to make you qualify for the loan.

Other lenders recognize income statements from self-employment businesses. Further, some lenders don’t ask you to verify your source of income. Some websites will grant you a payday loan without proof of payment if you have a favorable credit score.

Acceptable Types of Income for a Payday Loan

Here are some of the types of income accepted by payday websites:

  • Disability payments
  • Pensions
  • Employer’s pay stubs
  • Private enterprise income
  • Government payouts

Note that payday loan websites will allow you to borrow small amounts if you have no proof of income. They will keep giving you more gradually as long as you repay your previous loan faithfully. Your credit score will improve with time, and you have better chances to apply for higher loans.

Payday Loans with Bad or No Credit

Now that you know most reputable payday loan sites consider borrowers with or without credit scores, you should apply. Your credit status shouldn’t stop you from seeking a payday loan. You might have a poor credit score but have a steady income from employment or business. Moreover, you can have your payday loan approved without being limited to specific amounts.

The majority of online loan lenders use the following criteria in choosing to award payday loans:

  • Credit score above 800: Exceptional
  • Credit Score between 740-799: Very good
  • From 670-739: Good credit
  • From 580-669: Fair credit
  • Poor credit score: Below 580

If your credit score is below 580, but you have received consecutive payments in recent months, you still qualify for online payday loans.

The Difference Between Payday Loans and Other Loans Types

Unlike conventional bank loans, payday loans are unique in many ways. Below are some of the aspects that set payday loans apart:

Borrowing Terms

Payday online loans are available in multiple short-term structures. For instance, you can borrow a payday loan scheduled to be repaid within two, four, or even six weeks. However, for ordinary bank loans, repayment periods are spread from one year if it’s a conventional loan to four years if it’s an auto loan. Moreover, mortgage loans have more extended repayment periods, from 20-30 years.

Borrowed Amount

Payday loan websites came up with short-term payday loan schemes to help you offset urgent financial needs. So, it may not be logical to use a payday loan when buying a car. Payday loans cannot help you buy a home either. Whereas payday loans average between $400 and $1,000, for instance, standard bank loans range around $5,000

Speed of Deposit

Whereas it takes weeks, even months, to receive mortgage loans, a payday loan takes a few minutes to 24 hours.


Payday loans attract higher interest rates because of the risks involved. Payday loans are unsecured loans, meaning the defaulter rate is high. That is why lenders will loan you smaller amounts but payable within a short period. For instance, long-term loans such as mortgage lets you pay 4% APR, but et payday charges 20% APR. It all comes down to default risks.

Acceptance of All Credit Scores

Your credit history must be good to qualify for conventional loans. On the other hand, payday loan lenders consider your current income rather than your credit status.

The Risks of Applying for A Payday Loan: Are Payday Loans Legit?

It is safe to take payday loans from established companies. However, applying for a payday loan through a website with no lending data can be risky. Here’s are the reasons why:

  • Hidden Fees: Some of these less-known websites impose hidden charges, and they don’t disclose these fees while their APRs are high. In other words, such websites are operating illegally because the law requires them to declare any fees to customers upfront.
  • Additional Charges for Missed Payments: If you borrow a payday loan and find you cannot repay on time, you’ll pay an additional fee. Most lenders want you to repay your loan within two to eight weeks.
  • High-Interest Rates: You must know the APR the lender charges before you sign up for the loan. Some lenders, especially those who don’t disclose their interest rates, may charge you more.
  • Disreputable Websites or Companies: Some dubious payday lenders may be interested in selling your personal information. Once they know your Social Security Number, they’d probably change their address and vanish. Such are the scams mentioned earlier. Choose a reputable payday loan company that is trusted and has been offering the services for a while. You may want to read reviews about the company from previous borrowers. Moreover, you can choose any of our top-ranked best online loans websites to avoid scams.

Alternatives to Payday Loans

If your credit history prevents you from obtaining payday loans, explore other options. Here are the best alternatives to payday loans:

  • Advance request from an employer
  • Credit cards
  • Selling personal assets
  • Credit unions
  • Fundraising with family and friends

Other alternatives include emergency relief from the government, pawnshops, and creditor relief.

FAQs About Payday Loans

If you think getting payday loans is a complicated process, we have gathered some questions and answers to your queries:

Q: What’s the most accessible type of loan with bad credit?

A: Reputable payday loan companies will lend you the amount you request regardless of your credit history. You may borrow from other lenders but check out their interest rates beforehand.

Q: What is a bad credit score?

A: Your credit score is poor if it’s below 580.

Q: What comprises a good credit score?

A: You have a good credit score if it falls above 670.

Q: How does a payday loan work?

A: A payday loan is a quick cash advance that’s repayable within a short period. You can request the loan if you run short of finances in the middle of the month. Lenders expect you to repay with your next paycheck, of course, with some interest.

Q: Do I need a steady income to qualify?

A: Most payday lenders will ask you to provide proof of your income before lending you the money, and others might only ask for personal information.

Q: Can I get a loan with no credit?

A: Different payday loan companies have different lending terms and conditions. So, yes, you can.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can borrow?

A: Lenders can let you borrow from $200 to $40,000. However, different payday loan companies limit how much they can lend out.

Q: Can I borrow $10,000 with bad credit?

A: You can borrow $10,000 or more even if you have a poor credit score. Some lenders will advance a payday loan if they are satisfied with your steady income records.

Q: Will my credit score be affected when I apply for a payday loan?

A: Your credit score may be affected slightly if the payday loaner performs a credit check on your status. However, the impact on your score is less significant.

Q: What is a FICO score?

A: Some payday loan lenders use a FICO score feature to determine the interest rates to charge.

Q: What information is needed to apply for a loan?

A: You need to enter your name, contact, Social Security Number, bank account info, and income statement in the application form.

Q: Am I eligible for a payday loan when self-employed?

A: You still qualify for payday loans even if you are self-employed. Some lenders ask for verification records from your business as proof of income.

Q: How soon will the money be transferred to my account?

A: You may get your pay in less than two hours or wait to receive it the following day. It all depends on the processing and terms of the lender. Of course, payday loans, like other loans, are processed during working days, save for weekends and public holidays.

Q: Do I need a steady job and income to get approved?

A: It is easier for you to get a payday loan when you are employed, and most lenders prefer borrowers with a steady income. You can also qualify for a payday loan if you receive payment from pension or disability payouts.

Q: How will I receive the money from the payday loan website?

A: Once your application is approved, the lender will deposit the money to the bank account you provided.

Q: Do payday loans charge a lot?

A: When you borrow a payday loan, you’ll repay the amount you applied for, plus a service fee. Fees include annual percentage rates (APR) and penalty charges if you don’t pay back on or before the due date.

Q: What happens if my repayment is delayed?

A: It is against the law if you don’t repay your payday loan. Much as payday loan lenders abide by the law, so should you. Late repayment attracts late penalties in addition to the disclosed interest rates. Your lender may contact you to agree on a settlement.

Q: Are payday loan websites safe?

A: There are lots of websites that offer payday loans. However, amid genuine payday loans, lenders are dubious scammers. Legitimate payday loan sites like those listed above adhere to federal law like any other business. Real payday lenders provide contact addresses on the company’s website, and they even ask you to contact their customer care desk if in doubt. Additionally, legit online payday lenders have a live chat feature on their site where you can speak to a representative.

Q: Are payday loan websites a scam?

A: Not all payday loan websites are scams. The ones ranked on our list have proven track records for their previous services.

Q: Can I get a payday loan without an income?

A: The payday loan website will award you the loan based on your credit score if you have no steady income. Still, others may grant you the loan without giving conditions other than your data.

Q: What’s the best payday loan website?

A: MoneyMutual, FundsJoy, Next Day Personal Loan, CashUSA, BadCreditLoans, and PickALender are our best picks.

The Top 6 Best Payday Loan Websites of 2022 Conclusion

According to recent research by the US Federal Reserve, 40% of Americans cannot raise $500 in an emergency. Many people run out of finances before their next payday. Hence, payday loan lenders become your best financial option in times of need.

You have to be wary of scammers pretending to offer payday loans. Additionally, a simple payday loan website will deposit funds in your account within 24 hours of a working day. Try a top payday loan website above today!

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