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Best Delta-8 Companies – Compare Top Delta-8 Brands in 2021

D8 or Delta-8 THC has become quite popular in the broad cannabis sector due to its calming effects and is relatively mild high. D8 seems to offer similar benefits to taking CBD, but with only the minor difference of causing a slight intoxication effect. Many companies and hemp farmers are researching and formulating new D8 products to offer cannabis consumers a healthier and safer experience.

Top Delta-8 Brands in 2021

Learn more about the top Delta-8 companies here below:

Delta Effex

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Delta Effex offers consumers a great way to deal with the daily stresses of life with its range of D8 products at excellent prices. There is a broad selection to choose from here, including gummies and vape cartridges, which are both quite popular due to their sweet and appealing flavors. To ensure that consumers get safe and high-quality products, all Delta Effex products are tested by third-party laboratories. Customer reviews about this company are mainly positive, with most consumers hailing the delicious flavors, affordable pricing, and the great online learning section, among others.

Blue Moon Hemp

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The main goal of Blue Moon Hemp is to enhance everyone’s overall health by providing powerful, natural, and highly effective hemp-based products. The brand has been featured in leading publications within the cannabis sector due to its outstanding products. Blue Moon Hemp’s D8 products include gummies, daps, gel caps, and vape cartridges are all extensively tested to confirm that they adhere to the best quality standards. Additionally, orders above $100 come with free shipping along with a 30-day refund policy for all orders.


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3Chi has carved out its place in the premium D8 space by producing potent products with organic, vegan ingredients. The firm offers different customizable delta 8 blends that allow consumers to control the desired effects like calmness, happiness, or promoting better sleep quality. The D8 THC gummies sold by 3Chi are pretty popular due to their ability to enhance your creative thinking and relaxation. Consumers can choose between different flavors like watermelon and raspberry. Besides delta 8 gummies, 3Chi also sells cartridges, tinctures among others. Additionally, 3Chi uses discreet packaging when shipping to protect the buyer’s privacy.

Premium Jane

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The Premium Jane brand name is widely respected in the wellness and health space. This company is well known for its top-notch CBD products that are effective and quite tasty. Premium Jane has also ventured into the delta-8 space and is now offering several D8 products made from organic hemp. Some of the reasons to try out Premium Jane products include tasty flavors, strong potency choices, top-quality processing methods, and various other features. Even though they may not have the most appealing packaging in this list, Premium Jane offers effective D8 products at reasonable prices. Consumers can choose between pure D8 gummies or D8 infused with CBD Oil.

Diamond CBD

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If you are in search of the best variety of top-quality Delta-8 products and flavors, then you should consider checking out Diamond CBD. As one of the premium brands on this list, you will undoubtedly get any D8 product you want on their easy-to-use website. The firm offers numerous flower strains, D8 gummies, mixed bundles, and various other products. Furthermore, they have also provided access to their lab reports to confirm that their CBD and Delta-8 products are safe for consumption. According to customer reviews, Diamond CBD D8 products are ideal for promoting relaxation and relieving common body pains.


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Like other top brand names included on this list, PureKana started by producing CBD products. However, the firm has also ventured into the delta-8 scene, and it offers several options for D8 enthusiasts. First-time users of Delta-8 THC will appreciate the user-friendly and low-dose gummies from PureKana. Each bottle comes with 25mg D8 and 20 gummies. Alternatively, you can opt for the PureKana D8 tincture as it offers a mixture of delta 8 THC and CBG for extra benefits.

Boston Hempire

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The Boston Hempire brand features potent, highly effective Delta 8 products, including gummies, cats, wax, flower, and carts. All these products contain over 90% D8 THC, and they come in multiple flavors and sizes. A popular product is their D8 coated flower that comes in different strains and the extra benefit of 15.7% CBD. Boston Hempire has everything for all buyers, ranging from 15mg sour kids’ gummies to 250mg D8 chocolate bars. In general, buyers looking for more diversity and variety of Delta 8 products should certainly consider Boston Hempire.

Bearly Legal

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Bearly Legal was initially created as an indoor hemp producer, but the firm has since made Delta 8 hemp products. The company offers a comprehensive range of D8-rich product lines that contain either narrow-spectrum and broad-spectrum D8 THC. Some of the various D8 products available here include soft gels, hemp cigarettes, hemp joints, gummies, disposable vapes, vape carts, daps, hemp flowers, and even bulk D8 distillate.

Vida Optima

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The Vida Optima company offers users unique alternative remedies that contain both Delta-8 THC and CBD. Consumers are advised to use these products every day for maximum benefits. In addition, the firm also provides helpful education for buyers, including listing the differences between Delta-9 THC and Delta-8 THC. Vida Optima tests all their hemp plants before processing to ensure they are contaminant-free and potent. The best-selling D8 THC product here is the flower, which goes for less than $25 and it is available in numerous types and strains. The other notable product at Vida Optima is their Elev8 tincture line that features user-friendly and effective tinctures. Besides flowers and tinctures, Vida Optima also sells cartridges, pre-rolls, and candies to suit different customer requirements.


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JustDelta has a straightforward selection of Delta-8 products, including cartridges and gummies. The gummies come in either sour burst or peach flavors, and every jar goes for $20, which makes it one of the more affordable options on this list. Likewise, the $24.99 price for the D8 cartridges is also affordable, and buyers have three different flavors, including Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cough, and Zkittlez. Consumers who wish to be sure about the quality of their products can review the lab results on the JustDelta website. Overall, JustDelta is another solid option for buyers looking for cost-effective D8 products.

Area 52

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The next D8 company on this list is Area 52, which offers potent gummies in strawberry, green apple, and pineapple flavors. Each product here passes through comprehensive tests to make sure they are delivering the required potency and purity. In addition, the benefit of Area 52 D8 THC products is that they do not offer any lousy aftertaste, which is quite common in similar products. Other notable products here include D8 tinctures and cartridges. Overall, all these products contain completely natural ingredients.

Botany Farms

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The Minnesota-based Botany Farms is an innovative cannabis company specializing in Delta-8, Delta-10, CBD, and CBG products. The firm sells gummies, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, and flowers, which gives consumers a wide variety of consumption styles. The company also works with local independent farmers, providing them a revolving selection of top strains to ensure their clients always have different options. Botany Farms offers 30mg D8 THC in each gummy with a nice mix of flavors, including mango, peach, and pineapple flavors. The 30mg serving per gummy makes it one of the more potent gummies on this list.


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Moonwlkr is a reasonably new entrant into the Delta-8 THC market, and it seeks to bring in aromatic and refreshing flavors. Like other premium vendors on this list, Moonwlkr also uses extensive third-party testing to verify its products. Their D8 gummies come in four unique flavors and are remarkably soft. Even though Moonwlkr used vegan ingredients across all their products, some buyers claim they experienced an unappealing aftertaste. Meanwhile, the vaping cartridges also come in four flavors, and buyers can even buy vaping kits from this seller. Moonwlkr vaping cartridges contain 800mg D8 THC that is made using full-spectrum hemp.


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EMPE is an excellent resource for formulas and products that combine D8 THC and CBD. It is a perfect choice for beginners that are not ready to use the full potent strength of Delta 8. EMPE provides sour gummies, tinctures, soft gels, cartridges, and more. Similar to other top brands mentioned above, EMPE is 100% made in the USA. New Delta-8 users that might be overwhelmed with the numerous options on this site can choose to get the Pack D8, which contains all the core products of this supplier, in a single package.

Finest Labs

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Organic hemp is considered an excellent source of Delta-8 THC. In that regard, Finest Labs has used the best quality organic hemp in all its products. This company also uses extensive laboratory tests to certify all its products. Some of the notable options here include the strawberry-flavored gummies that contain 25mg D8 THC. These gummies are not only tasty, but they also have trace amounts of D9 THC, which reduces the potential of experiencing any side effects. With AI optimization processes and innovative extraction technologies, Finest Labs prioritizes top-notch remedies without side effects.


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Budpop is another new entrant into the Delta-8 space selling high-quality, non-GMO, organic hemp products. If you seek that calm or euphoric feeling after a busy day, you should consider their carts or gummies to relax on some exotic sweet flavors. Alternatively, you could get the Budpop flower for a significantly potent weed-like feeling. All Budpop products are tested to verify their excellent quality, and the company upholds its transparency by publishing the lab results on their site to give buyers more confidence. If you are uncertain about which Budpop product to buy, a simple buying guide for new buyers will recommend the perfect products based on various factors like gender, weight, age, and more.


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Vybba offers D8 THC infused strips that are designed to induce better high feelings than comparable products. The strips deliver a mixture of full spectrum D8 and CBD. Consumers often report feeling the effects in as little as 10 minutes, while the maximum outcomes will start showing up after around one hour. Vybba specifically markets its D8 THC products to people looking for total focus, energy, comfort, relaxation, appetite, and laughter, among other positive effects. The firm sources all its hemp from local farmers in the USA. The prices for Vybba Delta 8 strips start from $35, and each bag comes with 4mg CBD and 8mg D8 per strip.

Delta Munchies

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Safety and quality are the two main concerns at Delta Munchies. Hence, all Delta-8 products are manufactured under a strict quality control process and full panel laboratory tests to guarantee product safety. Delta Munchies are also invested in D8 research to establish new and exciting ways for consumers to safely, effectively, and legally enjoy this vital ingredient. The firm currently offers four unique flavors of D8 THC vapes and gummies, including sour bites, peach, gummy bears, and watermelon, among other products. Delta Munchies provides fast shipping to all legal states, and it is among the top D8 companies committed to natural production processes.

The Hemp Doctor

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This company made its name as a premier source of organic, full, and broad-spectrum CBD products. The Hemp Doctor has also released a new D8 cartridge that promises to deliver a refreshing and uplifted feeling that increases your performance and creativity. The 1ml D8 THC vape cartridges contain US-grown organic hemp, and buyers can choose from different strains like hybrid, Sativa, and Indica. Unlike other D8 distillates, this particular one is not suited for dabbing, and it tends to be quite harsh. Nevertheless, you can always opt for the chewy Delta-8 gummies and candies at the Hemp Doctor’s store if you don’t like vaping.

NuLeaf Naturals

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Since 2014, the NuLeaf Naturals company has produced premium cannabinoid-based products focusing on purity and high potency. All the Delta-8 THC products from this firm contain no extra artificial additives or chemical ingredients. This company even offers lab results for all their D8 products. Buyers are advised to visit the official site and search the unique batch tag of their product to bring up the related lab results. Their full-spectrum D8 capsules come in a $15.99 bottle with 20 pills, delivering different potencies of D8 THC, ranging from 150mg to 900mg.

Eighty Six

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Consumers interested in premium cartridges and potent Delta-8 dosages can find some excellent products at the Eighty Six company. The cartridges feature customized heating elements to produce flavorful clouds for a better D8 experience. It offers a relaxing effect and other unique health benefits. In addition, these cartridges are completely maintenance-free since you can discard them after usage. Some flavor options include orange soda, fruity pebbles, blue dream, and others in different dosage choices.


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ATLRx is best for topicals, tinctures, and oils. This D8 THC firm is based in Atlanta, and it sells optimized D8 flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and other products. However, their D8 oils are quite noteworthy since they offer nearly instant relaxation. Additionally, the ATLRx site features an updated blog site that contains beneficial information about the latest cannabis-related news. Consumers can also learn quick tips about using D8 products like cartridges. Shipping is typically processed in less than three days, and buyers can track their packages easily. Finally, a secure refund policy allows buyers to initiate refunds within 30 days if unsatisfied with the products.


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Caliva is a renowned retailer of cannabis products that also runs an efficient delivery service. The company makes their own Delta-8 products and also supply other premium third-party cannabis products. Like other brands mentioned above, Caliva maintains its focus on pure, unadulterated D8 infused products designed to enhance your well-being every day. Caliva sources its hemp from a group of trusted local farmers where they can get top-quality flowers before extracting and reintroducing terpenes into their D8 products using cryo-distillation. The effects of Caliva products are long-lasting and deliver a calming high for the whole body.

Delta 8 Pro

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The Delta 8 Pro brand name is also one of the top D8 companies in this sector. The firm sells different D8 THC items like vape cartridges and gummies, among others. Nevertheless, Delta 8 Pro has sought to differentiate itself from other companies shown above by offering shatter or moon rocks. All these products are vegan friendly, and they are available on their user-friendly website. Consumers will be happy to discover that the Delta 8 Pro lineup features a wide variety of products, including syringes, pre-rolls, and other items.

Important considerations when buying Delta-8 products online

All the top delta-8 brands featured above are an excellent place to start your search for high-quality, reliable D8 products. However, if you are considering buying these products from various other online retailers or manufacturers, then check out the following key factors before you make your order:

Hemp source

The first important factor is to check whether the D8 product you wish to buy is sourced from safe, non-GMO, organic hemp plants. It is advisable to check whether the manufacturer has included any additives or chemicals in their ingredient list.

Customer feedback

Research what other consumers are saying about a particular Delta-8 brand or its products. The internet is an excellent place to check out testimonials and product reviews. Simply search the brand names on the top search engines and read through the result to determine whether that D8 brand is worth considering. Buying from established, reliable, and well-known brands is always recommended.

Personal preferences

Another critical factor that could influence your purchase decision is your personal preferences. If you like edibles, then you should consider buying Delta-8 gummies rather than trying D8 vape cartridges. Determine what works best for your needs and stick to that judgement.

Advertised benefits

Even though there are regulations in places that guide manufacturers on how to market their products, it is worth investigating whether there is enough proof for their promises. Reputable companies should now promise medicinal cures or instant miracles after using their products.


When shopping for Delta-8 products, it is worth remembering that the extraction and formulation processes for such products can be pretty costly. Hence, if the prices are too low, then it means that the quality of the product may have been compromised. The ideal option is reasonably priced D8 products that also offer lab test results.

After taste

Although there are numerous flavors of D8 products available today, most companies haven’t found the perfect balance of the right tastes. Even with great flavors and potent D8 dosages, having an unpleasant aftertaste can lead to a poor user experience.

How to use D8 THC

D8 THC is typically produced in an easy-to-use distillate form. That is mainly because this compound occurs in trace amounts in hemp and cannabis plants. Most manufacturers will generally distill their Delta-8 into a translucent, thick liquid that resembles CBD distillate. The extraction involves a multiple-step process where the plant is refined in various stages, such as winterization and decarboxylation.

Users can easily vaporize Delta-8 syringes and carts using conventional dab rigs or weed pens. You can also opt to mix the D8 with flower, which helps to boost the overall potency of this compound. In addition, since D8 distillate is theoretically edible, it means you can consume it orally without any issues. There are plenty of D8 gummies and D8 tinctures available today for straightforward sublingual use.

Here is a summary of the top ways to consume Delta-8 concentrates:


Dabbing could be classified as smoking or vaping, but the only difference is using dab rigs. Hence, you can ingest your D8 concentrates through dabbing.


Some buyers opt to smoke D8 products just like the regular joints. Most people use D8 flowers that have been infused with CBD when smoking. Alternatively, some manufacturers offer pre-rolled Delta-8 joints that are ready for use.


Another effective and easy way to consume your Delta-8 THC is via vaping. There are several options here, including D8 carts and vape cartridges that offer potent, on-demand delta 8 compounds. Meanwhile, you can also use CBD flowers with extra D8 to smoke or vape.


A discrete method of taking delta-8 THC is sublingually placing it under your tongue. There are several benefits of choosing the sublingual delivery method. For instance, sublingual use bypasses your digestive system and guarantees faster absorption of D8 into the blood. If you wish to use this sublingual method, you must buy your desired D8 THC oils or tinctures.


Edibles are, by far, one of the popular options for most buyers. D8 gummies are relatively straightforward to use, and it is easy for people to control their consumption and dosage. However, since these gummies are often quite tasty, it is relatively easy to discover that you have used more D8 than you intended. Hence, you must be cautious about the usage instructions on all D8 edibles, focusing on starting with low doses and then adding gradually with time.

Top reasons to take Delta-8 THC

Even though more research on D8 THC is necessary, the current results are pretty promising. Furthermore, there are numerous patents for the different ways of extracting and producing D8 concentrates. Listed below are the top reasons to consider using Delta-8 THC today:

Anti-tumor benefits

The NCI institute recently cited research about D8 THC, which was tested as a critical cannabinoid for preventing or stopping tumor growth. The data shows that various cannabinoids like CCBN, D9 THC, and D8 THC could block the development of tumors.


According to research from 1995, scientists found that D8 THC had a solid ability to minimize nausea symptoms in kids without causing side effects. The D8 THC was administered in doses of around 18mg to several kids between three and thirteen with various hematological cancers undergoing antineoplastic treatment. The D8 stopped the vomiting symptoms in the kids, along with providing negligible side effects.

Boost your appetite

A Pharmacol Biochem study discovered that low doses of D8 helped increase cognitive function and appetite in mice. The Delta-8 THC caused a significant improvement in food intake and the tendency to improve mental performance without any cannabimimetic adverse reactions. That means low doses of this compound may offer a possible therapeutic benefit in treating weight disorders and weight gain without the side effects linked to using cannabis products.

Analgesic properties

In a relatively recent study published in a respected medical journal, scientists found that topical application of CBD and D8 THC had significant potential for dealing with inflammation and pain. The scientists summarized that phytocannabinoids like CBD and Delta 8 had anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive properties, which were ideal in preventing pain in the body.

Neuroprotective effects

Several studies show that consumption of Delta-8 may help improve neuroprotective health, based on a review of brain activity during those studies. In one specific study, the researchers tested the numerous cannabinoids and their effects on brain activity. The researchers reported that delta-8 THC stood out from other cannabinoids due to its ability to produce significant effects from small dosages.

More research is still needed to discover new uses for Delta-8 THC both now and in the future. However, if you are currently consuming or considering purchasing this product, the benefits mentioned above make it a worthwhile investment.

FAQs about Delta-8 THC

Q: Does Delta-8 THC have any side effects?

A: Multiple researchers say that they observed insignificant or minor side effects when using Delta-8 THC. This is quite important, particularly when comparing D8 to the widely used pharmaceutical drugs that often have several side effects. While more research on this subject matter is necessary, D8 seeks to offer the numerous benefits of using hemp and cannabis, with considerably lower adverse reactions compared to D9 THC.

Nevertheless, Delta-8 is still one of the forms of THC, and any product with THC is typically known to possess psychoactive effects. That means that you should always practice caution when using D8 THC. Even though D8 might have less psychoactive effects than other forms of THC, you can still experience severe psychoactive effects, mainly when you consume it in large doses. Hence, it is best to start slow by taking low doses of D8 and then reviewing how your body is reacting to this cannabinoid. The other thing to remember is that more potent doses of Delta-8 will give you massive highs and lead to red eyes.

Q: Is Delta-8 legal?

A: This question does not have a straightforward answer, particularly after a recent ruling. The DEA rule states that all synthetically produced cannabinoids are illegal. As mentioned above, Delta-8 naturally occurs in low concentrations and is generally made by converting CBD to D8 THC using a particular chemical catalyst. Even though CBD is a naturally occurring ingredient in the hemp plant, applying a catalyst means that the resultant D8 THC is classified as a synthetically derived narcotic product.

Meanwhile, the 2018 Farm Bill classifies hemp as any plant’s derivatives with a D-9 THC concentration of less than 0.3%. Many people consider this bill to be a loophole since it was meant to help in legalizing hemp. Hemp has long been used for producing CBD, which comes with multiple health benefits without getting high. That means manufacturers are advised to create compliant D8 THC products by using hemp rather than marijuana plants.

Nevertheless, it is essential to know that each state can have its own restrictions and rules about the production or sale of Delta-8 THC. Some drug tests cannot distinguish between D8 and D9 THC since they are pretty closely related. That means consuming delta 8 THC could result in a positive test result for marijuana or cannabis even if you have never taken any D9 THC.

Q: Does Delta-8 THC offer a high feeling?

A: D9 THC is associated with an intensive high feeling, while D8 THC causes a moderate-high. Remember that Delta-8 is still a type of THC, which is a potent psychoactive compound. Different strains of D8 THC will cause high varying reactions. Some people report feeling more productive and creative after taking D8, while others feel sleepier and more relaxed. Most consumers of D8 prefer that calm high rather than the anxious and worried feelings associated with ingesting D9 THC. However, since every person is unique and strengths and products vary, it is better to be cautious when taking Delta-8 THC.

Q: What is the recommended dose for Delta-8 products?

A: Generally, the D8 dosing recommendations will vary based on the ingestion method. Vaping or smoking will release a different quantity of D8 THC in the body than ingesting THC edibles or oils. Likewise, the D8 effects will also last for either a shorter or longer time, depending on how you decide to consume this compound.

If you plan on blowing substantial vape clouds, then you should use the low settings when vaping. Start with short puffs and give the body enough time to absorb the D8 THC. In most cases, inhalation delivers quicker effects compared to other methods. After you become more comfortable about your body’s reaction to D8 oil, then you can keep taking it based on your unique personal preferences.

When using edibles as the consumption method, it is vital to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions. They usually offer the best dosage directions customized to that product and its overall potency. The general rule here is to start by consuming one gummy of at least 20mg to 25mg D8 THC and then give your body time to check the effects. Once you feel the buzz, you can decide whether to add more or wait for the effects to die down.

Lastly, if you bought pre-rolled D8 smokable products, ensure you take things easy and avoid rushing them. You should consider sharing it with friends rather than using it yourself to avoid getting too high, resulting in a bad experience. Generally, you should always be ready to put it out once the effects kick in, and then you can come back later to finish it.

Top Delta-8 Brands in 2021 Conclusion

Delta-8 THC is a useful hemp-derived product that can get users high, but it remains legal. There is a significantly high demand for these products, and many companies have been created to fill this need. The manufacturers featured above are reliable, trustworthy and produce good quality D8 THC for all your needs.

Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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