We’re looking for a few good stories from vets

In future editions of Veterans Life, we’re planning to feature you. We’d love for you to share your memories and your photographs from your days in the service with our readers.
Topics we plan to cover include: taking liberty… military lingo…and of course those special MREs.
Do you have a memory of a very important liberty you took with your weekend pass?
Just what exactly does AT, CHU, BCGs, jarhead and all the other abbreviations and slang that the military uses mean? Do you have a humorous story about the military lingo that you’d like to share?
And how about your best memory of military rations…what was the best or the worst meal you ever ate while serving our country?
These are just some examples of the kinds of stories we hope you’ll share with our readers. We’re always looking for something from you. And we always need special memories from any veteran for our monthly The Bond column. These stories can be sentimental, humorous, or just plain sweet.
Please submit any contributions — stories, photos, poems, letters — to lkelly@soundpublishing.com, or call the editor, Leslie Kelly at 360-308-9161, ext. 5050.
As always, we appreciate your readership and your participation.