Marketing your brand

As military spouses who want to have careers of our own, we are constantly presented with new situations that require us to sell ourselves in order to get that new job at the new duty station. That process can be tedious. However, we can take some hints from the world of product marketing to help us sell our own “personal brands.”

Marketers study their target population, and then create a plan to attract that audience to want their product.
Whenever the target population changes, marketers also make changes. A minor change such as a different color of font, may be all that is required to keep their product in high demand. This methodof constantly finding new ways to sell your product is one that goes beyond the business world. As often as we move, military spouses who are looking for connections and careers can benefit from this practice as well.
Each of us has a personal brand and, whether we admit to it or not, that brand is based on how others see us. Every time we move, our target population changes. So that means we may have to change the way we market ourselves.
Know what your brand is, and exude that clearly so that others see you as you see yourself. It’s also about knowing who you are selling to, and what that target population views as a great product.
How can you do that?
No one can accomplish a task without focus. So decide and be consistent in who you are.
Find your target audience by becoming well-versed in your field, and attempt to connect with other like-minded people.
Be willing to listen and make changes if necessary. Ask people you know, and strangers (if you’re brave enough), to provide information on how they see you.
When it comes to your career, if you are tired of “staying on the shelf” and watching other people get chosen instead of you, you have to know your product and work to sell it — and sometimes that means making a change.
— LaPora Lindsey is owner of High Caliber Resumes. A Navy spouse of eight years, she and her husband have two children. She has a master’s degree in administration and a bachelor’s degree in organizational communications from the University of West Florida. She enjoys volunteering in her free time. Contact her at anlectalindsey@highcaliber