Weiss Ratings “Collapse of 2022” Safe Money Report Review

Markets have plummeted tremendously throughout the first half of 2022 and from the looks of it, we have yet to reach the bottom. As per the founder of Weiss Ratings publishing, Martin D. Weiss, PhD, what we’re faced with today is the “worst destruction of wealth since the Great Depression.” This isn’t surprising seeing how investors have lost roughly $15 trillion in value and counting. Although government leaders have asked everyone to remain calm, ignoring what’s truly going on is beyond difficult! Big retailers like Wal-Mart and Target have witnessed dropping revenues. The same even goes for Netflix and Meta (or formerly known as Facebook).

The expert further expounded upon the devastating outcomes yet to come, insisting that the plummeting effect has not only been witnessed in stocks, but also in bonds, real estate, and banks. So, now what? Martin appears to have put together a presentation to provide a glimpse into:

  • 6 simple steps that guarantee safety in times of uncertainty
  • Land-mine stocks that need to be eliminated from any model portfolio
  • A list of assets likely to promote immediate protection
  • Special kinds of trades called Crash Profit Trades for a consistent track record

Has he gotten your full attention? Because he had our editorial team glued to our screens! Before delving into each one of these topics, individuals must first familiarize themselves with the Safe Money Report.

What is the Safe Money Report?

The Safe Money Report is a one-year investment letter managed by editor, Mike Larson. His goal is to walk everyone through the 6 steps to potentially protect one’s assets, whether it be stocks, mutual funds, 401(k), real estate or savings. A service of this nature is imperative as the Fed’s excess printing of money, increased debt, and the monstrous inflation rate is burning the economy alive as this is being written. Bearing everything in mind, let’s proceed onto the perks of the membership.

What does a membership to the Safe Money Report guarantee?

As a member of the Safe Money Report, individuals will be granted immediate access to the 6 steps for utmost safety. Each one of these steps include a guiding report or resource as seen below:

Report #1. The Weiss Ratings Endangered List

The first step is to avoid what Mike and Martin refer to as the “endangered stocks”. Also known as the land-mine stocks, this list comprises the biggest names ranging from Airbnb, American Airlines and Boeing to PayPal, Prudential, Roku, and Walt Disney. To our surprise, there are over 9,000 stocks at risk of reaching their ultimate rock bottoms, expected to fall by over 90% in value. Inside The Weiss Ratings Endangered List, members will find a comprehensive list of stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds to sell off promptly.

Report #2. Crash Profits: How to Hedge and Make Money in Down Markets

The second step entails using the same list of endangered stocks for maximum benefit. As explained by Martin, “the faster and deeper the market falls, the more profits investors stand to make.” Also known as Crash Profit Trades, on the first day of the market crash, Martin and his team supposedly identified 27 trades that returned gains ranging from 100% to 419%.

On the second day, the gains ranged between 100% and 809%, and on the third, between 100% and 1,130%. This goes to show that not all assets that hit bottom remain at the bottom! The tricky part is being able to distinguish between the weak and strong amidst down markets. Fortunately, this is taken care of through the Safe Money Report.

Report #3. Instant Income Revealed

From there, members will discover how to give their incomes a boost. Specifically, the third report provides details on an investment strategy that gives investors an opportunity to generate roughly $1,000 in extra cash every Friday. At the time of writing, very little has been disclosed on its mechanism besides it being real.

Report #4. The Weiss Guide to Prudent Gold & Silver Investing

As with any down-market event, a safe haven that remains a top contender gold investment. The fourth report dives deeper into formulas that help to identify the strongest companies to invest in, how to invest in gold and silver bullions and coins and many more.

Report #5. The World’s Leading Resource Companies

It goes without saying that not all companies are shaken by a crisis. What is it about these particular companies that allows them to withstand economic shocks? For one, they have abundant capital. There’s also the mere fact that such companies typically minimize debt and ensure stellar earnings. Martin and Mike both have their eyes set on winners within the resource sector. Their names, ticker symbols and a thorough analysis on each one can be found in The World’s Leading Resource Companies report.

Premium Access to the 56,000 Weiss Ratings!

Finally, to make Safe Money Report more attractive to interested parties, potential members will also gain access to the 56,000 Weiss Ratings. This service, offered through the Premium Membership, provides ratings on 10,000 common stocks, 2,400 ETFs and 26,000 mutual funds and safety ratings on 4,800 banks, 5,000 credit unions, and 3,600 insurance companies. Access to such well-rounded knowledge gives power to investors to independently decide which ones to avoid and which ones to favor, all while keeping tabs on safety and profit potential.


How much does it cost to get started with the Safe Money Report?

It depends on the subscription plan. Currently, the Safe Money Report comes in two options: the Standard Membership ($39) and the Premium Membership ($68). Below is a breakdown of the incentives by membership type:

Standard Membership:

  • 1 full year (or 12 monthly issues) of the Safe Money Report
  • Reports 1 to 5 listed above
  • 1 year membership to the Weiss Ratings Daily e-letter
  • Automatic renewal of membership at the lowest regular renewal rate available
  • 365-day money-back guarantee

Premium Membership:

  • Includes everything in the standard membership
  • 24/7 premium access to 56,000 Weiss Ratings
  • Power tools to create one’s own buy and sell lists and watch lists

To speak to the Weiss Ratings’ customer support team regarding the refund policy, consider one of the following methods:

  • Phone: 1 (877) 934 7778 domestically or 1 (561) 627 3300 overseas
  • Email: contactus@weissinc.com
  • Mailing Address: Weiss Ratings, LLC, 11780 US Highway 1, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408-3080

Meet the Editor

Having joined the Weiss Ratings team in 2001, Mike Larson is the editor of the Safe Money Report and is widely recognized for implementing conservative investment strategies. Using the safety-oriented Weiss Ratings as a guide, Mike managed to make this letter a go-to for investors looking for consistent dividends, growth, and asset protection during market turmoil.

Aside from his 20-plus years of career-related accomplishments, which also include his Weekend Windfalls, Weiss Ratings Daily and Heat Maps services, the editor also triumphed in the following ways:

  • Provide education on savings, mortgage market and means of improving finances
  • Graduated from Boston University
  • An alumnus at both Bloomberg News and Bankrate.com
  • Garnered the attention of millions of readers through his services
  • Was featured on financial news channels like CNN, CNBC, Fox Business, and BNN Bloomberg
  • Spoke on dozens of radio shows across the U.S.
  • Quoted by AP, Reuters, the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many others

To learn more about Mike Larson, visit here.

Final Thoughts

From the analysis above, investors should have gathered that the Safe Money Report is a conservative investment letter whose mission is to help protect assets amid financial crises. The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the excess printing of money, geopolitical concerns and hikes in inflation and interest rates are now proving to be a concern on a global scale. People are restricting their spendings, and companies are starting to see tightening profit margins. Put differently, we are now at a point where the dominos of disaster are ready to topple over one another, and this could have devastating effects on different asset classes and one’s standard of living.

As a member of the Safe Money Report, individuals will learn protective measures from someone who has been educating the masses for over two decades. This is not to say that all recommendations will be winners, instead, investors should see this as a learning opportunity to understand and act according to market sentiments and trends. The latter tactic provides more reassurance in terms of securing existing profits as opposed to doing absolutely nothing. For more information on how to get started with the Safe Money Haven, click here! >>>


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